Kai has caught the attention of Juniper City's major crime boss and is quickly swept away into the mafioso's orbit. Between the beatings and hardcore sex, will Kai every escape this tangled nightmare or accept his fate with Matthias Kingsley?

Table of Contents

Chapter I

"Yeah ... suck it, bitch!" “Fuck, Kai! Your bitch-ass maneuver just tossed half my platoon to the horde!” “Told you I was t... Read Chapter

Chapter II

Though he was Matthias Kingsley’s consigliere, the man’s primary advisor in his vast network of crime, Gregory never once considered ... Read Chapter

Chapter III

Two days later… Kai’s ass was gradually healing from his numerous punishments at the hands of Gregory and his Master, and althoug... Read Chapter

Chapter IV

Although Gregory had mentioned the blonde man would come and check in on him, he did not. He did not later that day, nor the next, or the... Read Chapter

Chapter V

Fumbling fingers sweeping across the blonde’s right wrist, which was attached to the hand practically tearing the tresses out of the to... Read Chapter

Chapter VI

‘I kissed him. I actually kissed him! What the fucking fuck is wrong with me?! I do not kiss my slaves!’ Matthias irately stewed in h... Read Chapter

Chapter VII

The three men declared the meeting was concluded after Kai bred the female slave. They each enjoyed one more cocktail, while the girl who... Read Chapter

Chapter VIII

Arching a dangerous brow, Matthias narrowed his eyes at the man and Jake wisely dropped his gaze and turned to the side, thereby allowing... Read Chapter

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