Tall Tales

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just a short tale about the future. Or is it the past? --- Ah, maybe both(?).

To spare the reader relentless hours of reading technical data, I shall summarize.

The exact year is unknown, but in all probability it is somewhere between 2,800 and 3,000 AD.

The human population has shrunk astronomically, mainly do to airborne viruses that were supposed to gradually eliminate infectious diseases. Small doses build immunities, so they told them at the time.

The population has decreases from a record 8,000,000,000 people, in the year 2030, to an estimated 100,000 people at the time of this written account. And most of the losses were due to the inability to reproduce.

There are now three main groups of the former human race, the Flat-landers, they are farmers and non-migrating livestock producers, for the most part.

Then there are the Nomads, traveling bands of cattle-keepers.

And then there is my group, those that live underground.


The Flat-landers and the Nomads have set aside most of the technologies of the past, choosing to live their lives with nothing more than radio transmitters and receivers as their means of communication. And they seem happy in doing so.

Both groups often trade with each other and we, underground, purchase some supplies from the Nomads. In turn, we provide them with communication radio equipment, precious metals, and needed minerals.

All communication between the underground and those on the surface is done with the use of Bio-Transitional Communication Tools; they are manufactured underground and left at Trading Stations for the Nomads to communicate with us.

You see, we, underground, have not abandoned our technological roots of the past. We have embraced it to the point of total integration.

Each time a child of the underground is born, an integration implant is connected.

The implant, in turn, sends electric signals to the brain where they are interpreted as sound. So you see, speech, and the hearing of actual sound waves, is a thing of the past for Under-Grounders.


There is a training period for the babies and their mothers, after that, the child no-longer has the instinct to cry, or make any other audible sound. All communication and learning comes by way of the integration implant.

Under-Grounders do not attend traditional schools, any and all information they require can be obtained by mental request.

Ours is a world of audible silence, in fact, our bodies are beginning to adapt to the underground, and the lack of audible sounds.

Over a few hundred years, all skin tones have changed due to the limited and controlled amount of sunlight we encounter.

In fact, all human skin tones, down here in our glass-domed underground world, have become a muted sort of gray.

Our overall structure is the same, but our height and size have shrunk.

Also, our ears have all but disappeared and our vocal cords may soon be gone; time will tell.

I would venture to say that we look nothing like our surface dwelling cousins.

We are a science driven people, and technology with science guides our way to the future.


But there was a leftover problem from the past, a reproduction problem. The airborne viruses that were supposed to gradually eliminate infectious diseases and set humanity on a more sustainable future are still causing a reduction of babies to be born; our females were producing less and less embryos every generation. And at the same time, our males were producing less sperm. This was not supposed to happen! After a period of no-births, everything was to return to normal, but it didn't.

We needed embryos and sperm that were healthy, having never encountered the airborne viruses. And they told us that the past was the place to find them.


Well, our scientists proposed to solve the problem by building time machines. And our engineers have developed the needed craft to hold the time machines and to transport our time travelers once they arrived in the past.

So, after much Hoo-pah-la, off they went to save us from eventual extinction.


Our social media updates have indicated that all has went well, although arriving in a set time period hasn't been as planed; but we did manage to land in one century.

I guess that was good enough, some sperm from the early nineteen hundreds, and some embryos from mid-century did the trick; the birth rate is up and seems to be rising steadily.

It's a good thing, too, our time machine transports have been damaged and our people have taken losses.

Those ships that made it home have been placed in historical museums. It is in doubt that we will need them again.


Boy, those 20th century humans are afraid of everything, or so it seems. They attacked one of our Craft in a place know as Roswell, New Mexico.

The scientist, and pilot that were aboard were killed, and they destroyed our craft. That is just one example, and thank goodness most of the others made it home.


I understand, from our social media database, that humans from the 1900's have given us a name, and they tell all sorts of wild stories about our visits.

The stories are not very accurate, they say our transportational time machines are spacecraft from other planets, and they think the people inside the crafts are space aliens; they call them, "The Grays. "

Boy, talk about Tall Tales.




D. Thurmond / JEF


Submitted: November 08, 2020

© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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88 fingers

My great uncle was a cop in Hoboken NJ in the in the 1950's. A family story went that he gave a parking ticket to a funny looking vehicle. He thought it was a foreign car. The ticket was never paid. Was it you guys?

Mon, November 9th, 2020 12:52am


Sorry, the genetic makeup of those in Jersey didn't meet our needs, besides, Yonkers was closer to our landing site.

Sun, November 8th, 2020 5:04pm

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