The Sweet Sounds Of Silence...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Watch sanity crumble...

I wondered how sweet the blissful sound of silence can be...

I often pondered about the sweet, sweet sound of symphony...

But...everything changed when I...heard their screams...


When I was working a job at Ohio, people always despised me. I was a waiter, dressed in a lowly fashion of mockery.

When I looked at them, they looked back with spite. When I greeted them, there was no rebuttal of glee. Only Hate and Anger.

So, I went back to my home, thinking about this predicament of mine. ''Could they hate me that much?'' I mumbled to myself.

"No, you are wrong...They want you DEAD..." I turned around, bewildered to see behind me was a figure of a man. He had no eyes, no lips, just a formless face...

"They plot against you, conversing with assassins, THEY WILL KILL YOU." I backed away from the man, He offered me a pocket knife and a double barrel shotgun. "Two each, you only get two from that..." Then without warning, the faceless man disappeared, never to see me again.


It was Friday, I rubbed my fingers against the tip of the knife. It was cold, and lifeless, just like what I am about to do to those people. Walking in the diner, I pulled out my gun, aimed it at the nearest person…Then fired.

The other patrons screamed in horror as two distinct, aligned bullet holes were buried inside the person I shot. In a response of defense, the person next to the man charged at me, pinning me to the ground.

I wrestled with him till I had the advantage, plunging my knife deep in his throat…

It was pandemonium in the diner. People cried and begged for their lives to be spared. I barricaded all the exits to the outside world. Now, I finally can be rid of these awful people…


I don’t know why, but I feel like my whole body is burning. Never mind, the police haven’t found me, Yet…As of writing this, I began to notice that my skin is decaying. Literally. My skin is peeling off, bits of my flesh are decomposing, my eyes have become bloodshot, fatigued, I became…A rotting corpse.

Voices have entered my mind, sanity is forsaking me…My empathy and human nature have become numb and lifeless. I went to the bathroom, then turned on the light to see all of my victims, old and young, with the same, hateful eyes they had while they were alive.

“Look…at…yourself…LOOK!!!” they pointed at my reflection. I was faceless, formless, my head resembling that of a leper, my skin deceased like a carcass of the dead…

I have become him, the man who gave me those tools of murder…I have become what I saw everyone hated. A murderer. A coward. I have become a beast of hate…

The ghosts pointed to the same knife I used.

I know what to do, closing the door, I ended my hatred.

It was quick, and painless. Just like what I did to my victims. Quick, painless, full of hatred…

Submitted: November 09, 2020

© Copyright 2020 RickSanchez. All rights reserved.

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