For 1000 Years

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Take a seat, grab a cup, for Mr. Death will tell you a short story of a being who lived for thousands years and a human warrior that fell in love with each other.

Greetings, are you lost? Or is someone guided you here, i wonder? Ah nevermind it, feel free to take a seat and get close to the campfire, night like these can get very cold. Anyway, care to listen for a story? Lovely! This story is about a being who's granted immortality and a wandering swordsman that fell in love with each other. Let us start on when the Swordsman stepped into the wrong part of the forest deep within the mountains.

"You... What is a human like you doing here?" Asked the Demon. She's fairly pretty with petite figure, white clear skin, silky brown short hair, and she has two horns with one chipped. She wore a simple clothing that dressed her well, the Swordsman's enchanted with her appearance alone.

"i'm simply taking a walk here," Answered the Swordsman, brandishing a longsword and battered armour. His muscular figure is an alibi of his countless battles along with his battered armour, he has a scar on his right eye, and messy black hair. He then continued with "So it is true, there is a Demon in this forest."

"Hmph. And what do you intend to do with that information?" She pulled out a half-broken sword from her sleeve.

"Who knows really," The Swordsman shrugged, "Although, i enjoy a good battle."

The Demon pointed her broken sword at him, with a smile on her face she announced "Then let us begin."

The Swordsman unsheathed his longsword and took a stance. Shattered steel materialize before her as they took a form with the broken sword and made it complete. The Swordsman is on the offense, he dashed and made a wide sweep that made the Demon retreated a few steps. He did not stopped, he dashed forward again with little time he had and made a heavy downward strike.

The Demon successfully blocked his strike, she kicked him to gain some distance and took a stance.The Swordsman strikes again, he thrusts his blade towards her but she managed to divert the sword's away with the dull part of her katana. She twirled her body and landed the first strike, aimed on his back. Luckily his armour managed to dampened the strike, although his back still got cut.

"Reckless, is what you are.How do you wish to defeat me with such a foolish moveset?" The Demon wiped the blood with her hands.

"Heh, finish the duel first then you can talk all you want, Lady," The Swordsman pat his wound, and shake off the blood from his hand.

"Fair enough, i shall defeat you first, then humiliate you second."

The Demon is now in turn with the offense, she delivered a graceful flurry of slashes that the Swordsman barely kept up. She did a full 360 turn with her blade aimed on the Swordsman neck but the Swordsman parried her attack with his longsword. He connected it to a kick, and did two slashes with one of them landed a hit on her cheek.

She wiped her bleeding cheek and examine the blood, "I may have gone a little hasty, you were lucky you can block those hits and made an opportunity from my mistake."

"You're over-crediting me here Lady, i can barely catch-up with you there," The Swordsman replied, putting a cheeky smile.

"Hmph, say what you wish, you're still going to be defeated."

"By all means Lady, bring it."

Both of them dashes at the same time, their clashing blades fills the quiet forest as the moon shines bright over their duel. The Demon finally used some of her power, her strikes now went faster and harder. The Swordsman doesn't falter either, he finally got a read on her and on equal ground despite the Demon having massive advantage with her strength. The Swordsman knocked back into a tree, and within short second he ducked to avoid the Demon strike.

The tree fell over and katana shattered once more, thanks to the monstrous strike from the Demon. The Swordsman take chance of the short time he have and pushed her on to the ground. With both participant on the ground, the Swordsman grabbed his blade as the Demon regain back the full form of her katana. Hastily, the Swordsman aimed his end of the blade at her chest and the Demon's katana on his neck.

"Did you know that a Demon like myself can mend our wounds no matter how fatal it is?" She asked, now she's the one with the cheeky smile.

"I know, what a bull," He answered, looking straight on her eyes with a confident smile.

"I can end your life right here and now, you know? Aren't you a little scared?"

"What, dying? Come on now, i faced death many times. I'm fully prepared to die, especially in the hands of a cute Demon."

The Demon blushed, she tried to cover it with her left hand but the Swordsman still can see it in all her glory. He chuckled and lay down his sword with the Demon do the same, although still hiding her blushing face. The sun slowly rise, as they both sit on a spacious field. The Demon's cheek wound instantly healed as she wiped off the blush on her face. The Swordsman changed his view from the sun back to the Demon again.

"So, what's your name, Demon Lady?" Asked the Swordsman.

"Why should i answer your question?" The Demon, still irritated from before, replied with a question.

"I always asked the name of my opponents that i cannot defeat, so..." He leaned forward, getting closer to her face, "And you're the first person i asked that question."

Her face slowly turns red, as she divert her gaze away from his face, "M-my name is Chekiel, the only surviving Demon from Yornsted bloodline."

He chuckled at her sight, "Chekiel? What an adorable name, fitting for you i dare say."

The Demon turned her body away from his sight so he cannot witness her embarassed face, "Sh-shut up! You... What's your name, human?"

"Oh, you're asking for my name? Sure. My name is Phobos Minstrial," He answered, pointing both thumbs at his chest.

"P-Phobos huh? That's a horrid and intimidating name, benefitting for a person that loves to pick fight," She replied and stood up to face the sun.

"It sure is~" Phobos followed her and stood by her side to face the sun.

"You should go back you know? It's bad for a human to stay for long with me."

"Hmm... No. I want to stick around with you, i hope you don't mind~"

"Sh-shut it human. Ugh, whatever! If you annoy me so much, i shall end you myself."

"I'd love to see you try, i'd love to be ended at your side."

"Your manner of speaking ills me, human. Can you shut up?"

"Will do, Lady Chekiel."

The Demon, although at first look she's unwilling, let the Swordsman stayed at her humble abode. A simple house made of stones and woods, with a spacious courtyard for physical training along with small garden on the side. The Demon went to one of the room, she took a few items and materials from the storage room.  The Swordsman were looking at the garden, its filled with beautiful flowers like the one in the field before and neatly placed rocks.

"Don't touch any of that, Human. You will soil my garden," Hissed the Demon, still irritated as ever.

"Okay, i won't touch it. Still, your hobby seems pretty delicate despite your inhumane strength," Replied the Swordsman that's still inspecting the garden.

"Are you degrading me to be as equal as a muscle-brain creature just because of my strength? You insolent fool."

"It was meant to be a compliment, Lady Chekiel. Do you hate me that much?"

"Tie your mouth, Human. And go take a bath, you reek of mud and sweat."

"Oh, can i? Thank you then."

"Hmph, i shall depart to the local forest residents community gathering. Do not make any mess while i'm gone."

"Will do Lady Chekiel, take care and good luck!"

The Swordsman waved his good bye to the Demon. She trusts that he won't make any trouble while she's gone to do her biddings. The community gatherings are a place where the local inhabitant exchange conversation, barter items, buying or selling, and many more. It is also a source for a lot of rumour, and looks like the Demon will be the center of one of it.

A fox spirit dropped from a tree right beside the Demon, it seems she's sniffing her for scent, "Oooooo, i sniff... Human scent."

The Demon, embarassed kicked away the fox to the middle of the crowds. The fox changed to her humanoid form, then stood up while shouted, "Everyone, looks like our Chekiel got herself a human!"

Suddenly, every eyes are targeted to her, "Sh-shut it you... You foulmouthed fox!"

"Yohooo, our Lady Chekiel got herself a human?" Said another humanoid tree creature.

"Woah, really? That's rare for a human to enter this forest!" A fairy added.

"Is it one of the villagers? If yes, we should lead him back ASAP," A small rat sounds worried of the human.

The Demon were flustered, she couldn't speak up due to the crowd's murmur and so the fox girl took the lead,"Everyone shut up! No, the scent weren't from one of the villagers. No, it isn't blood so she didn't kill him, and yes the scent is really human. My nose never fails!"

With the help of the fox girl, the crowd's murmur dispersed. And with it the Demon regain her voice to shout, "Just ignore her okay! I came here to trade and talk, not to get harassed by you folks chatters!"

"Ahahahaha, classic Lady Chekiel. As you wish, we won't speak of it," The tree creature replied, and so the crowds turned to normal. Though a few whispers still can be heard about the relations of the Demon and Human.

The moment went by quite fast, she traded for a few things and bought what's necessary, and with that she went home. unbeknownst to her, some of the residents went and followed her back home. Curious if it's true, that the Demon took in a human to her home. And it was true! The Swordsman were practicing in the courtyard. Bare chested, his muscles are shown well and with it many scars of past battles. The Demon turned red at the sight, and averted her gaze elsewhere.

"You fool, put on some clothing for God's sake!" She shouted irritate at his action.

"My clothes haven't dried yet, so i'm only wearing the lower parts only," He answered innocently.

"Why didn't you say so! Fine, i shall made a new one for you at later date."

"A handmade clothing from you? I'm in so much joy that i can die right now."

"Tch, what's the point of me making you some clothes if you die now, you insolent brat!"

"Eheheh, fair point. Then i shall not die until you made me the clothing!"

The Demon silently whispered, "Just don't die ever, moron."

"D'awww how sweet!" The residents group jumped out from their hiding.

"Wh- YOU FOLLOWED ME?!?!?" The Demon sounds furious.

"Oh come on, we're just tippy toe-ing you, we bring no h-"  A whip of flame almost hit the fox girl's head.

"Leave. NOW!"

"Ahahahahahahah, were Lady Chekiel always this violent?" The Swordsman asked.

"My, my! You told him your name, Chekiel? How rare of yo- HEY STOP! STOP!" The Demon intensified her attacks and started to chase the fox.

"Oh, no. Miss Demon usually pretty reserved, i suppose the fox teasing and you're being here made her flustered," The Rat answered, he now stood up looking at the Swordsman.

"Lady Chekiel does not treat you harshly, hasn't she?" The tree creature asked, checking if he's alright.

"Yeah don't worry. Are you sure that fox girl will be fine getting chased around?" They all changed their view towards the fox girl and the Demon.

"No worries about her, Mister. She's pretty nimble and quick." The Rat answered.

"I see, oh yeah. My name is Phobos, i'm a wandering Swordsman, nice to meet you two."

"My name is Graham, i'm the forest Rat Spirit. Nice to meet you too Mr. Phobos."

"And mine is Treant, i'm a tree creature. A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Phobos."

The Demon carried the fox girl on her shoulder, she walked with such fury befitting to the demons. "Treant, Graham. Take this walnut-brained vermin out of my property," Ordered the Demon, the fox girl is quite stunned by the Demon's punishment.

"Will do, Lady Chekiel," Answered Treant, he took the fox girl, and with sudden burst the fox girl is active again.

"Sike, fake death!" Announced the fox girl as she leaped out from Treant's grasps.

"Why you..." The Demon's fury is accumulating once more.

"Okay, okay i'll stop! No need to get violent, psh. So barbaric," The fox girl scoffed.

"Barb- YOU were the one spying on ME!" The Demon replied, pointing her finger at the fox girl's forehead.

"Lady Chekiel sure have a lot of strength and temper despite her size," The Swordsman said, her gaze immediately locked on to him.

"And you! Say something fool! Are you not fine with these creatures intruding?"

"I don't know Lady Chekiel, more the merrier isn't it?"

"Yeah! More the merrier, good saying human!" Shouted the fox girl.

"Why thank you, Miss Fox," The Swordsman bowed at her.

"The name's Eli. Still though, it's rare to see Chekiel gave out her name like that. Especially to a human, you must be quite exceptional then!"

"Well, i'm not sure about that Miss Eli, i clashed blade with her and i almost died."

"Wait, you're saying that you fought with this forest's most adored champion Lady Chekiel and you lived? What a feat," Treant is amazed of what the Swordsman achieved.

"Huh, then Lady Chekiel must've been  one of the best then," The Swordsman looked at the Demon, this time she hid her face.

"Even for a Demon, she is still one of the strongest. Miss Chekiel is this forest's guardian and her skill is quite unmatched," Graham added.

"Stop it you people! Remove yourself from my property!" The Demon's flustered, her face turned red even.

"Okay, okaaaaay. We'll visit you 2 again someday, not tomorrow though because she'll roasts me alive," Eli replied and the three went out of the Demon's home.

"You sure have amazing friends, Lady Chekiel," Said the Swordsman, looking at her in the eyes.

"Th-they're quite the troublemakers. And now that they knew, they'll make one hell of a ruckus for me later," The Demon covered half of her face, avoiding the Swordsman gaze.

"Ahahahaha, i'm sorry for being such a trouble magnet then Lady Chekiel."

"Y-you're fine."

"Hm? Did you said something?"

"Just go away okay!"

They continued with their activities. When the sun starting to settle, the Swordsman stopped his practice and sat down in the terrace. The Demon came, she brought a tea set with her along with multiple variant of cookies. She put it down, pour the tea to both cups, and offered the Swordsman one.

"Here, drink it. This tea have restorative property that helps with fatigue," She offered in which the Swordsman happily took it.

"Thanks," He slowly slurped it, "The sunset sure is beautiful."

"Hmph, of course. I specifically made my home here so i can see them at their most wonderful moment," The Demon put on a smug smile in which the Swordsman replied with a chuckle.

"As expected of The Great Lady Chekiel."

"Shut it, human. Just enjoy the sight and the drink."

"As you wish, Lady Chekiel."

They watch the sunsets while sipping on their tea, it feels peaceful somewhat. The night came, after they finished their tea-time, The Demon flicked her fingers and the lantern around her house lighted up. The Swordsman's amazed, "Guess that's why they called you The Forest's Guardian for a reason."

"Of course you fool, my demon bloodline is known for having various power. Mine is fire, fast regeneration, and immortality. The latter being the first of my bloodline," She shortly explained.

"Hold on, immortality?" The Swordsman turned away to properly look at the Demon.

"Yes, immortality," She stare down at her cup with a saddened expression although niftily hidden.

"That's like, a wonderful blessing from the gods!"

"Blessing huh?" Her saddened expression is now more obvious.

The Swordsman noticed, he then walked closer to the Demon and asked, "Are you okay? I apologize if what i said hurts you."

"No, no it's okay. You're not at fault," She lifted her head up, now looking at the Swordsman in the eyes.

"You do not look okay at all, your eyes are tearing up. If i can help you with anything, then do tell," The Swordsman replied with a concerned look.

"You don't have to do anything. It's just... Your face reminds me of him..." A tear ran down her cheek, the Swordsman took out a clean cloth to wiped it clean. "The moment i was born, this... Blessing doomed my bloodline. Once they know what my family kept hidden, beings all over the land wants my power," Her hands are shivering, trying to hold back the tears.
"Mother, father, my entire family died... And its because of me," She gave up holding back the tears and it came streaming down her cheeks, "After the lost of my families, i live in solitude. Hidden away from any civilization. And then i met him, giving me reasons to keep on living. Yet despite that, fate is still cruel to me and he lost his life to protect me, the same way my family died."

Her eyes is full of tears, the Swordsman continued to wipe the tears clean and then the Demon grabbed his hand, still on her cheek. "Please... Don't leave me again," With a saddened look, weak and gentle tone she begged.

The Swordsman put on a warm smile to comfort her, "I won't, i'll stay here with you."

"Thank you... Thank you..." She weakly said before breaking down in his arms.

She cried to her heart content long enough to tire her and drifted away to sleep. The Swordsman gently carried her in his arms and laid her down on her bed. He tucked her in, but before her could exit her room, the Demon pulled his leg and begged, "Stay with me until i fell asleep, please."

"Of course, until you fell asleep."

He caressed her head until she fell asleep and held her hand to calm her down. The moonlight watched over them as the Swordsman hummed a song to put her to sleep. Once that's done, he get up, silently leave her room, cleaned the tea set and went to take a bath. Then he equipped back his gears and grabbed his sword. He stand guard infront of the Demon's room, just in case she needs any help or question where he went. With his longsword in hand, he fell asleep towards the night as the calm breeze accompanied both of their sleep. Morning came, a warm sunshine woke up the Demon from her sleep. She looked around the room, the absent of the Swordsman made her to be taken aback. She immediately get up and rushed outside. And then she saw him, peacefully sleeping. She let out a sigh of relief, and sat down besides him watching the sun properly rise.

The Swordsman woke up, and he got greeted in the morning first by the Demon, "How is your sleep?"

"Pretty nice, how about you?"

"For once, i'm well beyond fully rested. It was wonderful," She replied, glanced over her shoulder and adjusted her hair so their eyes looked at each other.

"I'm glad to hear that, i was afraid after what happened last night," He leaned back and clutched his sword.

She now fully realized of what happened last night, she felt so embarassed that her face turned red. She punched his knee in which the Swordsman flinched from the pain, "Sh-shut up! Forget about anything last night, human!"

"Aw... That hurts. Eheheh, i don't think i will."

"Why you...!" She clenched her fists with face still full in red.

"You asked me to not go anymore, so i will do as you're told. For that, i need to remember it," The Swordsman then chuckled.

The Demon averted her gaze, red is her face from what the Swordsman just said. After a while, she finally controlled herself. "Nevermind that! I have things to do at the forest community gatherings," She stood up and walked to take a bath.

She prepared the necessity to do what she needed to do at the community gathering. She walked out to her front gate and saw the Swordsman already waiting for her. "What are you doing?" She asked, with a somewhat annoyed face.

"To accompany you of course, what else?" He replied with a light hearted tone.

"Tch, fine. But if you made the ruckus bigger, i'll kick you."

"Hey i can't control them if they went out on you, Lady Chekiel, don't just kick me for that."

"Move on, we're wasting out time fool. And drop the Lady honorific, i'll make an exception for you."

The Swordsman smiled and chuckled. With that said and done they both went their way, with the Demon introducing the Swordsman to the other inhabitants of the forest. Within days, the Swordsman got along and comfortable with the forest's dwellers. And they visited them more and more often, making the Demon's day louder and full of laughter. She no longer mind them making a ruckus, because she finally opened her heart thanks to the Swordsman. And so seconds turn to minutes, minutes turn to hours, hours to days, days to weeks, and weeks to months.

A couple of months had passed. The warm sunlight float above the Demon's house, she's watching the Swordsman practicing as always. Well-disciplined to his schedule, it seems. His fighting style is more reliant to counter-attack and reckless charging. As opposed to the Demon's offensive style, utilizing her strength and abilities.

"Your fighting style is rather meek, really differ from your personality, Human," Said the Demon sitting in the veranda while sipping her tea.

"You're the one to talk Chekiel. Despite your size, you sure hold offensive and inhumane strength with your swings," The Swordsman stopped for a while, moving his shoulders to get comfy again.

"Hmph, us demons are build differently from you human. There is a reason why most stories potray us the way they are," She put down her cup to fill it again.

"True, i'm less confident to defeat you now," He said with a light smile then continue his practice.

The Demon stopped pouring midway then look at him, "Is that all? You're training day and night only to defeat me?"

"Although that is my main reason to train, i also have another reason," He said in a playful tone.

She placed down the kettle, then stood up facing at him, "Oh yeah? What is this... Another reason of yours?"

The Swordsman stopped then he faced the Demon with his longsword clutched to his chest, "To protect you, of course."

It catches her off guard, she averted her gaze and also hid half of her face from him. "Tch, you're annoying!" She glanced from her shoulder.

"I'll be anything you want, Chekiel. Eheh."

"You...! Fine, you want to defeat me or protect me, you'll be needing more than swings and steps. I shall teach you how to be better!"

"Ooo, special private training from Chekiel herself, i'm honored."

"Shut it! Save your breath for our training fool."

They practiced and practiced until night came, the Swordsman fell on his back, tired of the intense training he just had. The Demon however, she doesn't look a bit tired, hell she can even do it 10 times in a row without breaking a sweat. The Demon sighed at the sight of the Swordsman, but it seems she is satisfied by the result of the training. She went back to grab both of them drinks and then she handed 1 to the Swordsman.

"Here, i've made a special brew for this occassion. This should recover your fatigue much faster," She gave him a cup which he happily took.

"A specially made tea from Chekiel herself, what a treat," He said with a smile on his face.

"Just drink it," The both took a sip while watching the full moon above them, "I'm satisfied with the result, if i have to be honest. You learnt rather fast."

"Oh, thank you. I do not know why, but it feels rather familiar so that's why i learnt it faster, i suppose."

"I see, that's fortunate."

"Yep, and with this tea i'm no longer worn-out! Think i can go for more."

"Don't overexert yourself fool, you'll only make your body sore tomorrow."

"Hm... True, then i suppose i'll take a break for tonight."

"Good, you're getting closer to be worthy of my guardian."

"What a joy to hear!" He said, seemingly happy of what she just told, "Oh, also. I heard from Treant that a festival of the forest spirits is near. What say you if i have a duel in the event?"

"Hmph, you wish to see your pathetic defeat in front of everyone, Human?"

"Heh, a bit too early to say that, don't you think Chekiel?"

"The result is as clear as day, Human. But fine, i want to see your humiliating defeat in front of everyone."

"Sure, sure. As long as it makes you happy to hear it, dear Chekiel~"

"Your voice is getting annoying, Human!"

With that they continued on with their days, slowly approaching the festival. The Demon trained the Swordsman until then, their relation growing closer and closer by the passing time. The inhabitants came to see them train once in a while, cheering for the Swordsman. The Swordsman even made a plan that has been accepted by the inhabitants for the festival, they're on full support for him. Then the awaited day finally came, the Demon and the Swordsman is in high spirit to enjoy the festival.

The festival is filled with fun activities and many food, ranging from pastries to meats. Safe to eat for even a human of course. For once the forest's inhabitants can see the Forest Guardian Chekiel enjoyed her time in the festival, because they often saw her around her house in solitude than joining in the festivities. The night felt much brighter, the event is now much more happier than the one before, all thanks to the Demon joining in. Wonderful how a single person can make the crowd's day a lot more brighter. Finally the long-awaited secret plan the Swordsman came up is being executed.

"Attention my friends from aaaaall over the forest!" Eli announced with happy and joyfully bright tone, successfully catched their attention. "Tonight, our new friend has made a secret mini-event that i'm sure will entertaint you lot!" She said, winking once at both the Demon and Swordsman. "Bet you people are curious, eh? Well i shall not delay any longer then! Mr. Phobos, and our dear Lady Chekiel. Would you please stand facing each other in the middle of the field?" Some of the forest spirits help them set up the lights on the field so everyone can see them.

The Swordsman happily complied, even gestured at the Demon to went along with him. Although reluctant at first, she sighed and went on with what they said. And now they stood still, facing each other in the middle of the field. The Demon chuckled, "So is this how you want to be defeated, Human?"

"Who knows, maybe i just want to win this way," The Swordsman shrugged, putting a confident smile.

"Mhm. I see how it is, then sure. Go ahead, i'll comply," She pulled out her Katana, the crowds cheered a little watching them.

"Right, i have a request if i win this fight, will you listen to it?" The Swordsman asked, still holding his sword at his waist.

"I'll humour you, go ahead," She extend her katana to the side.

He inhaled a deep breath and exhaled it slowly, "Get married with me."

His request caught her off guard once again, she quickly cover half of her face behind her sleeve. The crowds however, they cheered louder than before, both of them chuckled at the sight. After regaining her composure, she stepped forward and said "That is if you win. If i win, you must obey my request. Though i will only say it after the outcome of this duel, are you fine with that?"

"Of course, i'll do my best to win then," The Swordsman pointed his longsword at her.

The Demon's katana now fully formed but now with an added flame, "I've told you how to be worthy as my protector, now i want to see if you are worthy enough for me."

The Swordsman gulped, but he is still confident in his skill so he took a stance. The Demon gripped her katana with both hands, the blade extended a bit. The Swordsman charged first, but the Demon made a wide sweep with her katana and flames bursted out from it. The Swordsman slid through the fire then made a 360 swing in which the Demon blocked with her sword. He didn't stop there, he shoulder bashed her to break her out of the guard then did in quick 2 slashes.

"Impressive, most people would be disoriented from the fire, but you did well," The Demon complimented the Swordsman, the crowd's getting excited.

"You're the one that teached me anyway, i'll just do what i've been told," The Swordsman winked at her.

"Don't get too cocky, Human. You're still far from defeating me," She gets ready again.

The Swordsman did another charge, he's hoping to do another massive hit again. The Demon however have another plan in mind, she casted her fire whip and pulled him in. With him in the range and limited mobility, the Demon is free to do whatever she wants. She kicked him then do flurry of slashes to tire him out. She connected it to a punch in the face and then she cleaved downward.

The Swordsman manage to block it, resulting the ground beneat him cracks. At the sight of that, the Demon smiled, she finally found someone worthy. She simply pushed him back to let him catch his breath.

The crowds eyes widened at the sight of that, its the first time they saw someone successfully blocked a blow like that from the Demon. "Impresive, most impressive. You blocked my blow without having your arms and legs shattered," The Demon complimented him again.

The Swordsman is catching his breath then replied, "Thanks, guess your training paid off more than you expect huh?"

"Do not sell yourself short, Human. What you just did is purely from your own."

"Eheh, alright then. Now i'm a bit more confident i can win this."

"Oh do try, i'd love to see you struggle."

The crowds cheering became louder and louder, they're fully on it 'till the end it seems. At the fight went on, the crowds can clearly saw the Demon's smile. She's enjoying herself in the fight, when most of the time she always put on a serious face. It seems the Swordsman radiates happiness for her, enough to brighten her days and opened her heart to the others.

"GRAAAAH!" The Swordsman let out a battlecry, he plans this one to be the final clash.

"Ahahahahaha! Show me more!" The Demon's having fun in the fight.

Their blade clashed even more verocious than before, as each punch and kick went stronger. Until finally, the Swordsman's longsword flied off his hands because of the Demon's strike. The Swordsman put his hands in the air as the Demon pointed her katana right in front of his face. The crowds cheered, although some of them seems a bit sad that the Swordsman request won't go through.

"Ah well, that was one of the greatest fight i've ever had," Said the Swordsman as the Demon lowered her blade.

"It sure is, for once i enjoyed myself fighting. I suppose you're to be thanked for this entertainment," The Demon walked towards his longsword.

"Bit of a bummer that i failed though, now i feel embarassed after saying all those," He turned his look to the Demon.

"Don't be, at the very least you did well," The Demon grabbed the Swordsman longsword and then approached him, "After all, you haven't heard what my request is."

The crowds went silence, anticipating of what the Demon request is. She extended both her hands with the longsword towards the Swordsman and then said with a genuine, warm smile, "Take my hand in marriage Phobos, betroth me."

The Swordsman is now the one that got caught off guard, he shyly averted his face from her and smiled. The crowds went ballistic after hearing that, they cheered ever louder than before! Graham told the others to stop being loud so they can hear the Swordsman answer.

"You finally called me by my name Chekiel, that really caught me off guard. Anyway, how can i refuse such request? Of course i'll marry you," The Swordsman grabbed his longsword from her and then kissed her hand. She's not satisfied with that only, so she put both her hands on the Swordsman face, and went in for a passionate kiss. With that the crowds going even more ballistic, as loud or even louder than before.

And so they married each other, the whole forest went out of their way to have a grand and wonderful wedding ceremony for them. It is to thank the Demon for her countless days of protecting their forest and their gratitude towards the Swordsman for succeeding to made her happy. They live in prosperity, have 5 children, and their days filled with happiness. Despite the occurence of evils that tried to attack their forest, with both Phobos and Chekiel as their protectors, none can beat them.

Many years has passed, Phobos grows older and older while Chekiel stays the same. Their children inherited half of Chekiel's immortality, which enabled them to live longer than most people. Their 5 children alongside Chekiel watched over Phobos, lying down on his soon to be deathbed. The children are sad, most of them isn't even ready to see him gone, even Chekiel feels hurt from the inevitable departure of him. But she must put on a brave face, she must, for their children.

"Children, can you let father and mother to talk privately?" Phobos asked with a weak voice.

"As you wish father," Their older son said, herding the other outside, "We'll miss you."

"Heh heh, i'm glad they grow to be such a wonderful children," Phobos said, clutching Chekiel's hand.

"Me too," She sighed a bitter sigh, "I wish you and i could live in a bliss forever."

"If only, eheh. Chekiel love, can you help me with something?"

"Of course, what is it dear?"

"I have a sudden urge to lay my head on your lap."

Chekiel chuckled at his request, "As you wish then dear, you never change."

Chekiel get up on the bed and gently lay his head on her lap. Although his vision is blurry, Chekiel's face shines brightly in his eyes, "And you're even prettier than i remembered."

"Oh hush you..." She looked outside the window, the moon shines brightly above them, "Now that i think of it again, perhaps this immortality can be considered a blessing after all."

"Hm? How so?" Phobos asked, getting even more comfortable.

"Phobos dear, do you remember our first meeting?" Chekiel changed her gaze towards his face.

"Of course, how could i forget. You were there standing alone, you were beautiful back then, and even more so now."

"So you do remember, that's good then."

"Yeah... We did a promise after all."

"Indeed, and with this immortality of mine, we reunited once again."


It was a night like this, a full moon shone brightly above them. Demons, trolls, giants, they all lay dead in front of full horns Demon. Behind her, a man in tattered armour and shattered katana leaned against a tree. Coughing blood, he said, "Looks like we did it, they're all dead now..."

"You god damn fool!" She screamed with tears in her eyes, "Stay still, i will try and help you."

The man stopped her, "It's useless, my wounds are too fatal to be healed. But as long as you're safe, then it's worth it."

The Demon's tears streaming down her cheeks, "What's the point then! Without you, what's the point of me living, you idiot!"

He put his bloodied hand on her cheek to wipe off those tears, "I'm sorry. Maybe if fate is kind enough, someday we'll meet again."

"How! Fate is not kind to me, first they took my family, then you..." She held tight his hand.

"But fate granted you immortality, i believe your family will want you to keep on living, that's why they sacrifice themselves for you. The same way like i did," The Swordsman, although fatally wounded and weak, still let out a smile to comfort her.

"Please... Don't leave," She held his hand even tighter while looking at his bloodied face.

"I'm sorry. I promise i will compensate of the time we're separated from each other," He pat her head gently.

"I'll remember that promise then, i'll gladly wait 1000 years, i'll keep on loving you for 1000 years then," She stopped crying, her face is clear of tears now, and that made the man happy.

"Eheh, that's good then. Can you please do me one last favour?"

"Of course, what is it?"

"Can you please let me lay my head down on your lap?"

"Even at time like these, you still managed to joke around, you goof."

"Eheh, that is the charm that made you fall for me, no?"

"True," She let him lay down on her lap, she then gently stroking his hair.

"If we do meet again, i'll shower you with the love that i never had the chance to do in this life." The man said with a smile free of regrets.

"That sounds wonderful, i'll wait for you until then." She replied, although her eyes are tearing up she still puts on a smile for him.

And after some time, the Demon carried on, she grabbed his broken katana as a memento mori and finally she found a place to settle in.


Phobos and Chekiel chuckled at their reminiscing, it still strange that such things happens to them. And they were very grateful of their reunite. Fate does works with a strange way. They continued their chatters into the night, until Phobos finally breathe his last. The whole forrest and villages near them were sad to hear his passing. But Chekiel stayed strong, perhaps fate will reunite them once again.

The end. Well then, i guess that's enough time for stories and such. Hm? Will they reunites again? Eh, who knows really. Fate have a reeeaaally strange way of work. Where am i going? Dunno really, this place is usually the place i use to have some alone time. Far from the rest of this realm's main place. Which is why i asked you at the start, are you lost? Or are you guided here? Nonetheless, if you jump into the abyss far to the left of my direction, you'll be set into the start of this realm. Take care now, see ya!











One-horned creature came running down in the Inn hallway in such a rush, then she opened a door, "Mother, someone is looking for you."

"Sigh, can't you see i'm trying to decorate a room here?"

"But Mother, that someone is... Just go to the reception room okay."

"Fine, fine. I will. We'll hold off the decoration for a while Treant, Graham. You two can go take a break."

They walked through the hallway, a fox passed by them and said, "You are one lucky woman, eheheheh."

Until finally they reached the reception room. In there, a man is inspecting a longsword in the wall. Then he changed his view towards the woman, then he smiled a gentle and wholesome smile. The woman is surprised, then replied with a warm and genuine smile.

"I'm home, Chekiel. You look even prettier than before."

"Welcome home, Phobos. And you never change."












Submitted: November 10, 2020

© Copyright 2021 bloodr1v3r. All rights reserved.

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