The Queens' Revenge

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

What if Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, and Katherine Howard join forces to get revenge on King Henry VIII?

Catherine of Aragon wanted to make her husband happy. When Henry leaves her for Anne Boleyn she became angry. Henry married Anne, but he became disappointed when she could not give him a son. Anne is arrested and she is sentenced to death. When Catherine heard about Anne being sentenced to die she ask her nephew Charles to help Anne. Charles is able to save Anne and help her to escape to Spain.

King Henry marry Katherine Howard after he divorces his fourth wife. Katherine and her lover are arrested when caught committing adultery.

Catherine and Anne save Katherine and her lover. All Henry's ex-wives want revenge

Table of Contents

The Enemies

Catherine of Aragon is upset with Henry. Anne and Mary are looking forward to go to the king and queen's party. Katherine and Thomas want to get married.
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The Affair

Mary Boleyn start having an affair with the king
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Madly in Love

Catherine thinks Henry wants to get a divorce
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Make Me Your Queen

Henry is divorcing his wife for Anne
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The Divorce

Henry asks Catherine for a divorce.
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You Are Not Welcome Here

Henry kick Catherine out of the castle.
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The Disappointment

Henry is disappointed when Anne gave birth to a daughter.
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Wrongfully Accused

Anne is wrongfully accused of a crime. Anne sentenced to die and she is rescued by Catherine
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A New Life

Harry and Anne Boleyn are getting marry
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The New Wife

Henry marries Katherine Howard. Mary Tudor and Anne Boleyn get married.
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A New Love

Anne of Cleves fall in love again
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A New Successor

Henry made Mary his new successor.
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The Wedding

Princess Mary gets marry. I finish this story.
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