The Voice

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Song Lyrics  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a book full of song lyrics composed by myself. I’m writing the lyrics to various tunes and beats. With each song lyric, I aim to express a particular story or emotion within the lyric. If you would like to use my lyrics, feel free to message me for permission first.

Table of Contents

Move To The City (Verse)

What’s the code and the rule to survive the city? Are we forced to act happy to survive the pity?  Gotta chase a... Read Chapter

Strive (Verse)

I raise my hands in the air – God, I’m alive! Can the rest of my life be with heart and strive? I gotta face all my fears –... Read Chapter

Fine & Dine ( verse)

I got no top but my skin ink is drip  I caught her tongue then she bite me on my lip When I’m Kinging, imma pop it on the ... Read Chapter

Conscious (verse)

Overcoming my walls since my day of birth I’m still soul searching for my place in this earth I’ve been through all my pains ... Read Chapter

Thoughts (Verse)

First they bark, then they talk, then they finna stalk They’ve never been in my shoes so imma rock my walk I gotta find my own ... Read Chapter

Why’s It? (Verse)

Why’s it when I embrace myself they wanna call me a freak? Why’s it when I cage myself they wanna go and seek? Why’s it whe... Read Chapter

Focused (Verse)

Shawties be blowing my phone, ey Can I get time on my own? Chances with me is blown, ey Only got time for my throne  ... Read Chapter

Mellow Tune ( Verse)

So many ideas they all got but ain’t got no deal So many women they all got but their heart don’t feel First they want you to... Read Chapter

Late Night Sex (Verse)

Shawty gon’ meet me in the sheets I’m not gonna bore you wit’ the deets Love’s a game but it’s full of ‘em cheats ... Read Chapter

Afterthought (Verse)

Came a long way Now I gotta make things happen I’m working my socks I gotta make sure I’m on aux Now I’m old and gr... Read Chapter

Celebrate (Verse)

All these niggas be fake and they capping  I don’t mumble – I’m king of this rapping Put my sound on the beat and we t... Read Chapter

Free Spirit (Verse)

Rich fast – media all over the scoop Kicks blast – jumping all over the hoops  Is that your girl? Coz I might just hit a... Read Chapter

Questions (Verse)

Can I be on my own and dream of skies? Can I be on my own and share some cries? Can I be on my own without the lies? Can I be... Read Chapter

Freedom Thought (Chorus and Verse)

Chorus :    Got that Gucci on my sock For da walk Girl let’s talk Pass the salt Got that Gucci on my ... Read Chapter

Flex (Verse)

See I’m putting my ink on this paper, let it dry out in bleach until I retire so later   See I’m doing my childhood drea... Read Chapter

From The Heart (Verse)

Dem rainy showers   Can I reach for all my dreams – can I reach dem towers?   How many times they call it’s... Read Chapter

The Opps (Verse)

We’ll do it again    All that smack talk you don’t walk – don’t blame us when you lose more friends   ... Read Chapter

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