Nature's Fold

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic


Nature's Fold


“Are you sure of your conviction sir?”

“As sure as any man can be.”

“This does come with a slight complication though!”

“True, but is not every bloom we see, the result of once being a delicate bud, created by nature in glorious innocence and to show signs of the beauty to come, but also with a beauty of its own?”

“Of course you are correct in what you say and I see your meaning, but should we pluck that innocent bud from its place in the sun, or allow it to bloom in nature, before it becomes an ornament of our pleasure?”

“But could we not nurture it just as well as nature; could we not give just as much warmth as the summer sun; could we not hold it in love just as nature does?”

“Your argument has merit sir, I grant, but is it our place to meddle in the affairs of nature?”

“But sir, is not nature, to some degree, of our own making; do we not cultivate nature to fit our own ideals. Nature is simple in its expectations, is it not us that makes it so complicated?”

“Yes, maybe so, I begin to see more clearly your thoughts. Will the bud respond though; will it see nature as you do; will it have the same conviction that you seem to have; can you be truly sure the bud will bloom in beauty true under your guiding hand; are you both of one mind and if so, will it continue to be always the case?”

“Oh but sir, can we ever be so sure of anything in life. Just as life itself is transient, so are the many phases through which it travels.”

“Yes I cannot argue with that. Well take your bud from its place in the sun and wrap it in your own warmth; nurture it to true beauty, but for your part, mind that you stay true to it and let not another delicate bud catch your eye!”

“How so could my eye fall upon another delicate bud, when the one I hold shall command my whole heart?”

“Because sir, to use your own words, nature is simple in its expectations!”


The End.


Submitted: November 10, 2020

© Copyright 2021 H W Lustre. All rights reserved.

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