The Bridge Across Our Oceans

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The self-proclaimed nation of Marinabridge is an improbable haven: an upcycled arcology, built in international waters upon a colossal trans-oceanic bridge. It represents a last chance for nature and humanity in an increasingly ravaged and isolationist world. Here, Davis Young works as a reutilisation engineer, embodying the principles of recycling in his indispensible role in the Bridger society. His life is however irrevocably changed when a salvage trader leaves a young shipwreck survivor in his care. The improbable bond between recycler and refugee grows as he introduces her to his community and helps her integrate into this strange new world and lifestyle. But as their pasts collide, and their respective motivations fall into doubt, their precarious place among the Bridgers could be risking the futures of more than just themselves.

Table of Contents

A recycler from The Bridge

The maintenance elevator lifted Davis to the top of his world, a thousand metres above The Ocean - it was the upper limit of The Bri... Read Chapter

A child from across The Ocean

Briskly about-facing and making his way out, Davis then latched on to the railing of the walkway outside ... Read Chapter

Below The Bridge

A noise of droning hydraulic machinery accompanied the steady descent of a cr... Read Chapter


The office worker was a textbook government bureaucrat. He wore a shirt and trouser combo in neutral tones of a similar inoff... Read Chapter

A city in green

Davis hung up his overalls on a clothes hanger, gave them a quick sniff, shrugged, and slid them into his locker alo... Read Chapter

An acquired taste

The examination sounded pretty routine, but Davis still sat nervously in the doctor's room, watching the clock and occasional... Read Chapter

A welcome home

Their journey brought them to the Isaac Arcology at 18 Arthur Street, at the southern periphery of the narrow city. Standing be... Read Chapter

New Dawns

Flora's dreams offered no respite. A cold sweat clung to her tiny body. Blankets entangled her, ensnaring her in an unyielding memor... Read Chapter

Sea Temple

Much to Flora's relief, the Sea Temple was not a submerged structure lurking below the eerie waves. Quite the opposite, the temple w... Read Chapter

Garden of regret

The journey home was typical for Davis - walking from the locker room, through the industrial core walkways to the nearest Pi... Read Chapter


Flora rubbed her arm nervously, fidgeting with the small bandage on her forearm. The bee sting had begun to subside over the last da... Read Chapter


The child welfare agency based its operations in a nondescript main deck tower, slightly west along The Bridge from Centerport's har... Read Chapter

First Class

She was as nervous as any child on their first day of school. Flora knew a little about formal education, having observed it in the media... Read Chapter

What remains

Davis sat alone upon a lightly cushioned and squeaky aluminium bench in the workshop's threadbare break room. True to its local... Read Chapter

Birds and Burdens

Flora straddled the thick limbs of the sturdy apple tree. New blooms were springing to life all about her, dropping wayward p... Read Chapter

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