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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Spirit Space

Tale of a new made Un-Dead.

What is it to become awakened?

That freeing space of letting go of all remorse, regret and useless caring. As the question entered my mind, it was in the moment before that I had sensed the dark which surrounded, and with it dazed confusion had filled my being. Scattered pieces of who I'd been came together as a puzzle that was only meant to further confound.

Pushing them away I left that oblivion, feeling my eyes open to a final definition. To be awake is to know the truth of power met within.

Staring up into the black above me, for the briefest time it seemed as if I should be lost in a state of panicked terror. But I wasn't.

Blinking away the last of my muddled thoughts, those of seeking to know why I would reflect or why I should ever had been in doubt of myself or my actions at any point in my life, I smiled forward into the black. It had swallowed me as I became one with transformation, to emerge as a part of darkness, fearless in new found strength and clarity.

We'd met as usual, just as we had been for weeks, and as the memory occured in a flashing moment, my smile widened.


Meeting in the park I'd been jogging circles in, it was just after sunset that I came again to the bench she was sitting on; one that had been empty only minutes before.

The sight of her struck, holding my attention. Stopping nearby I took sips of water, giving small glances her way. As I did I thought 'someone likes the night.' Not taking notice of me she gazed up at the moon as it hung directly above; as she did I stared over taking full sight of her in.

She seemed so still and calm, it was as if serene strength flowed from the heart of who she was. In the last rays of the sun now gone, her auburn hair waved slightly in the cooling of the evening breeze. She was like a porcelain sculpture, her skin luminous, pale and falsely delicate was begging me to touch.

My thirst quenched I came to the bench feeling a sudden teenage awakward as I stood before her. 

Looking down from the moon she gave a smiling, "hello."

A warm blush came upon my face as I answered, "hi."

The progression of it was so rapid, my breath was taken by her in those first nights when we came together. The passion I felt was beyond anything I had ever known. I would use old fashioned terms to describe where I was to my friends, not knowing why I did, for the words didn't seem to be me. She was changing me.

"We want to meet her Dan."

Mentioning the request to her on yet another evening, the only time we would be together, she had smiled her sly, lovely smile as she answered, "not yet my love...for now I want to keep you to myself."

The romance. She made it real.

Our nights together flew by and in between my obsession actually had me writing a poem or three. The composition always compelled by something far beyond me, the words were much the same, and the dark poetry would begin.

'A last kiss is all I dream, to want to rise again.'

The memory left and coming back to where I was I reached up to feel the celiing of my enclosure only inches above me. The confinement bringing an intense desire to rip and claw away at anything that was holding me back from what I was meant to become.

As I began to tear apart what would never keep me I felt the pain meet my fingers, the welcomed sensation bringing focus as I carried on.

Bursting through and into the dirt where there was less resistence I met the hour before the dawning, breaking into a world I now knew. And the breath I didn't take filled me.


As I rose from the ground my thoughts were of my unearthly love, she who made me.

Leaving the grave site and then the cemetary it was under a setting moon that I went to seek the one who is forever bound in blood and eternity.




Submitted: November 10, 2020

© Copyright 2021 LE. Berry. All rights reserved.

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