Tormented relationship. You know. The trauma.

Cut Out For You


Reverse the situation and give me your insight

Don’t talk strong and harsh words with me, so tensed

You’re so robust you think you make sense

But your robustness doesn’t define if you’re right


I can’t believe I’m being this gentle

Men lie, men manipulate, men steal

All my life, I’ve been taught to show some love

This is purely what I’m made of


And I can see through your umpteenth lie

You don’t love me the way I do

Don’t bother, that’s fine, I know why

I’m just simply not cut out for you


You reject me constantly; I know for sure

There’s another guy at your doorstep

Forgive me if I’m way too unsure

That you’ll come at me, make the first step


Everyday I hope for a better tomorrow

Even if I’m not making the moves to

Don’t drown me in your sorrow

I need someone to pull through

Submitted: November 10, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Elias Brooklyn. All rights reserved.

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