hey, it seems I had lived once

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Alice is a beloved daughter of Duck of Grandwill, she was forced to marry the Prince Edward. therefor, her marriage life become an disaster. she was miserable by his coldness and ruthless.
with a broken heart, in the end she decided to end her life.

However, God granted her second chance of her life, in a blink of eye, the miserable memory of her former life simply became a nightmare, when she wake up, will she be able to change her life with Prince Edward?

Table of Contents

chapter 1

  "Why, why did you do this to me ?"  This question had been held inside my heart for a long time, ever since we got ma... Read Chapter

chapter 2

  "Lady Alice, Lady Alice, wake up, wake up." "Lady Alice!" "Wake up!" the sound seemed to become from a place that ... Read Chapter

chapter 3

Yes, I pointed to Prince Edward, the man who was in my dream, with icy dark blue eyes staring at me, a man who was as cold as an arcti... Read Chapter

chapter 4

Adorable trick? Allen's words were insulting to me. I wasn't playing a trick or anything for god's sake. There was a shrieking fear sc... Read Chapter

chapter 5

It was a surprise to see that Prince Edward's face reddened. After all, in my impression, he was made of icy cold expression. He must ... Read Chapter

chapter 6

It was a refreshing day.  Getting off the carriage, I would feel the warm sunlight on my face.  Today was the day that Prin... Read Chapter

chapter 7

  The tea party had come to an end, all of the other girls had left. But as usual, I lingered a bit, so that Princess... Read Chapter

chapter 8

  The moment I stepped out of the drawing-room of Princess Celia, I went back to my previous thought. All the fun I h... Read Chapter

chapter 9

  In the end, Prince Edward lingered in the room for a few moments, but the Queen was just too distressed to be with him, then h... Read Chapter

chapter 10

  When I got home that day, just as Prince Edward said, Allen was super worried. He said that if I didn't come home before 6 o'c... Read Chapter

chapter 11

Even though I tried hard not to think about him, his face was always somewhere in the back of my mind. It was not the face he had right n... Read Chapter

chapter 12

As a duke's daughter, visiting the royal palace was like a common routine for me, when I was younger, I was accompanied by my parent... Read Chapter

chapter 13

I held my head up, walked straight to where Peter Louis standing, behind him all of those women were looking at me curiously. And I ... Read Chapter

chapter 14

Finally! Finally, I got away from Peter Louis with the poor girl named Mia.       It was as if I was runn... Read Chapter

chapter 15

When I saw the face of princess Celia that day, I would finally crack a smile. It gave me a feeling like I had finally finished my a... Read Chapter

chapter 16

  "Who said that lord Arden likes me?" I stood in front of them with a serious pissed face. I knew very well that for... Read Chapter

chapter 17

After the tiresome quarrel, I sat aside from the group of girls, pretending to be sulking, and enjoyed my own tea. Princess Celia no... Read Chapter

chapter 18

  When I got back to Princess Celia's residence, they still had not come back yet from the training site. Then, I jus... Read Chapter

chapter 19

  "Actually, I want to tell you one thing." I sat down on the bench in a nice mood.       ... Read Chapter

chapter 20

I was in a totally embarrassing situation, not simply because lord Christopher had seen my sleep, but as well as Allen and prince Edwa... Read Chapter

chapter 21

When the night was falling, princess Celia and I both lay down on her big fluffy bed, looking at each other with sweet smile. Af... Read Chapter

chapter 22

The second day, I woke up, outside was drizzling, not a wonderful day.       Pr... Read Chapter

chapter 23

I couldn't go outside, since there was storm out there. What a bummer.       I ... Read Chapter

chapter 24

Shh! My dress was ripped off in that instance.      I lost my breather and screamed,... Read Chapter

chapter 25

Prince Edward carried me to his place, at there, I met up with Allen. Seeing Allen made me even more vulnerable than I was, and ... Read Chapter

chapter 26

Prince Edward came in my room, Allen offered him a seat, but he refused, he was intentional keeping distance between himself and... Read Chapter

chapter 27 - Allen

As soon as prince Edward walked out the room, Allen gave Alice a goodbye kiss, and then followed prince Edward way out. He asked maid Lis... Read Chapter

chapter 28 - Edward

  Edward called his father the king in front of people most of time. It wasn't like he didn't consider the king as ... Read Chapter

chapter 29 - Edward

Peter Louis had bid his leave.      The king poured another drink, and asked his son, " d... Read Chapter

chapter 30 - Allen

It didn't take a full day for Peter Louis to hand in his son.       It was just a li... Read Chapter

chapter 31 - Allen

When they walked out of the cell together, Prince Edward patted Allen's shoulder, and asked. "Do you wanna come by my... Read Chapter

chapter 32

Today was the day for our departure, leaving the capital, and return our family duchy. Did I feel excited about it, I did ... Read Chapter

chapter 33

This was an awful, really awful situation. I was with no only one unpleasant person, but two sitting in front of me, Prince Edward and pr... Read Chapter

chapter 34

If this was not a punishment, what was it? This thought perching in my mind as I walked with prince Edward along his side. I nervously tu... Read Chapter

chapter 35

I was planning to give him a little bit of a hard time so that he might send me back to Allen, but it turned out that I was the one to su... Read Chapter

chapter 36

When the daylight starting to forsake, we arrived at our inn with a carriage. Yes, it was a carriage that brought me here, and of course ... Read Chapter

chapter 37 Edward

At midnight, a faint light lighted up the kitchen along with sounds of clatter as if mice had sneaked in and searched for food.  ... Read Chapter

chapter 38

I didn't know why I felt safe again as if I was sleeping in my own bedroom that Lisa was on my side, holding my hand, wiping my tears and... Read Chapter

chapter 39

When princess Celia saw me getting into her carriage instead of prince Edward, she was surprised.  "Alice? Why are you here?" sh... Read Chapter

chapter 40

Although it was rainy, It was a lovely day for me. Although I was tired as hell from the ride, I was full of excitement. Although... Read Chapter

chapter 41 Allen

Allen knew that he was going to be scorned furiously by his father, no doubt about it. And he had been mentally prepared during the journ... Read Chapter

chapter 42 Allen

Allen dutifully giving an account of what had transpired for the past few days, his eyes caught with awareness, but his words were delive... Read Chapter

chapter 43

An idea kept hovering over my mind, my quasi-envisioning, and my constant nightmares, all those happened to me for a reason, right? I ask... Read Chapter

chapter 44

The town Wezidon, was one of the most prosperous towns in our duchy, it was only 20minutes away from our castle, nestled just by the blac... Read Chapter

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