Chapter 8: chapter 8

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The moment I stepped out the drawing room of Princess Celia, I went back to my previous thought. All the fun I had with Princess Celia seemed fade away, her blossomed rosary smile disappeared in my dark thought as if the rose withered by cold weather, blowing by harsh chilly wind into petals and dispensing all the way into the dark gloomy sky.  


I was on my way out of palace, in the hall while looked all of people who just passed me by, I felt like every step I took, I had taken before.  


It was a depressing feeling. Like I was a puppy, and someone was holding a leash on me and leaded on. I definitely hated it. But this feeling scared me a bit. 


I stopped my step, I had to stop, I told to myself.  


I did not wanna go the same path as I knew in my head. And I knew I had to shake off this awful feeling before I got insane.  


I made a turn.  


Good, now, things seemed to fresh up a little. I believed that I was at the north of the palace, this part of palace that I had never been before, so I thought I should make a fun exploration.  


To my surprised, I had never imagined that there was such magnificent place in the palace that I hadn't seen before. the hall was so tall, when I looked up the craved celling, it was like angels flying over my head with blooming flowers. All of these images were carefully craved and gilded, along with mosaic wall, shone like a bright sky with all the golden sunlight casting down on earth.  


If there was a heaven, this must be what heaven look like, I thought. I was so pleased that I came this way so that I could find this place.  


But why was here so quiet? I wondered. For the past ten minutes, I hadn't encountered any single person. Beside the magnificent view of ceiling, some details of this place seemed a little out of care. Leaves and dry tiny branches were scattered on the floor, it never had happened in any other parts of palace, servants always made sure the halls were clear no matter what.  


When the wind blew over from the big wide-open windows, I recognized that drapes were out of date as well. What happened to its crimson color? It supposed to be shine isn't it? 


What a waste of this wonderful place? By the way who lived in this side of residence? Definitely no someone important right? Since people did not care this place. But would this make sense? If the person was not important first, was it possible that person could have this beautiful view of hall?  


I looked up again to see this heavenly view and wondered. It was after a few minutes of walking in the hall, then I heard a vague voice. Yes, I thought, it did have people living here. I was curious, wondering who will be.  


I followed the voice, and came to a door, the door was half shut, but there still was a quite big of narrow space for me to see inside the room. 


"Why are you here?" 


It really was unexpected, I saw Prince Edward sitting in front of a gorgeous woman, she was holding her tea up, glaring at him with a super stern face.  


"Mother, you ask to have tea with me."  


Mother? I was a little shock to find out the woman was the Queen. As who came in the palace almost every day but did not recognize the face of queen, I should be ashamed of myself. But it couldn't really blame me since I did not see the Queen often these days, now it came to me I had seen her more often when I was really young, but those early memories were getting more and more blurry as time went by. I heard from mother that she had been sick for a long time, but I did not see sickness from her perfect looking face though. 


"Did I?" 


By the way, the Queen was acting really cold toward Prince Edward, what was going on here? Did he do something wrong? In fact, I was quite happy to see this which I considered as his payback for him treating people with exact coldness.  




His answer was quite concise, liked a soldier answering his commander.  


The Queen shook her head, seemed annoyed, she narrowed her eyes, lowered her head, put her hand on her forehead, liked having a headache. "You lied. Why are you lying to me? " 


"I didn't mother." 


 My eyes fixed at Prince Edward’s face. Why was it that I could sense the sadness in his face? Even though he still had an unmoved expression. 


"Stop calling me mother, it disgusts me. I don't have a son like you. " 


The Queen rose her voice, it sounds so harsh and mean. Even for me, a person who disliked Prince Edward so much, still thought that was mean. 


He did not respond on that, and his blank expression further irritated the Queen, she continued. "You are not a son to me anymore, since the day you took away my William." 


Who was William? I wondered, her William? I had never heard of this name before, hadn’t I? 


"Mother, I am sorry." 


You were still holding up, huh? His cold face seemed to shake a little, there was a faint crease between his eyebrows, and the tense line between his lips all showed that he was straining his emotion. I could only image underneath that face what a turmoil he experiencing. 'Not a son to me anymore' huh? How could a mother say this cruel thing to her child? I couldn’t help but to put myself into his shoe that if my mother said that to me. Yeah, I would definitely cry my eyes out and ran to my father, and made a bunch of complaints about her and forced her to love me once again.  


"Who care whether you sorry or not? That's your scheme, right? Using you own safety as a bait to get rid of your brother? "The Queen looked up to Prince Edward, staring at him fiercely, as if she wanted eat him alive.  


William was his brother? And he died? My heart skipped a bit feeling like I just discovered an astonishing secret.  


"I did not mother. " 


Prince Edward's respond was short, more in a robotic way as if he had answered those for a thousand time already. 


"Yes, you did, that's why are you sitting in my face right now instead of William. You are the one supposed to die. Am I right? "The Queen bit her lips hard, her hands were trembling, the tea set she was holding kept clanging. 


She was in pain, I could tell by the look of hers, liked trying to hold on something, but she couldn't control herself and had to let it out.  


"Only the last part, I should not let brother die for me. I'm the one should dead." 


What on earth was this conversation? I stunned.  Still, he acted so collected, but his words were just heartbreaking. Now I couldn't help myself but to sorry for him.  


"Oh, no, no, my Edward, my dear Edward. Why did you say such thing?" The Queen suddenly stood up, and rushed to Prince Edward's side, she held him to her arms, and cried.  


Did she finally come to her sense that she hurt him deeply? I wondered, and I kind of felt the wetness on my corner of eyes. 


"What have I done to you? You know I didn't mean it right?" The Queen's voice was breaking, and sounded so sad, and depressing.  


"Yes, I do, mother." 


Prince Edward was still expressionless, but he held his mother's arm that was tighten around him.  


"You shouldn't die, my dear Edward, I can't lose you too. " 


"Yes, mother." 


Now this at least seemed like a happy ending conversation, right? Even though the queen had said such awful words to Prince Edward, but she finally realized she was hurting him, and she admitted, and showed him her affection again.  Yes, yes, that was not all bad, right? I thought. 




"But I can stop blaming you. I can't" the queen harshly push away Prince Edward, biting her lip as if urgently resisting her mood swing. She turned away from him, and yelled "Go, get out of my face." 


This was so unbelievable.  

Submitted: November 22, 2020

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Love the dialogue. Good work

Sun, November 22nd, 2020 6:21am

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