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Vixole: The Near Future of Footwear


With the rapid advancement in technology, is there a different future for footwear? Will the footwear game change forever? To be honest, as a technology enthusiast, this topic has lurked around in my mind.


Yesterday, while scrolling through subreddits, I came across Vixole, which was marketed as the future of footwear. It is the world’s first customizable mid-top E-sneakers that comes with flexible LED screens and many such amazing features! To be honest,  I couldn’t believe if this was for real and this just led me to just dive right in and unravel everything around Vixole.


Let’s start, shall we?


Vixole: The Future of Footwear


The journey to create Vixole started in 2015, and it took almost 18 months to finish the prototype and bring it to the market. Vixole is state-of-the-art, next-gen first footwear equipped with advanced technologies that allow you to add personality to your footwear. With thousands of unique animations, designs, and photos in place, it is a revolutionary idea, that has the power to change the perspective of the World. Plus, with a simple tap on your smartphone, you have the power to capture all your imaginations. 


It is available in 3 different versions, i.e., Basic, Vixole Plus, and OLED. Since its inception, many prominent gadget sites have been talking about it. From Tech Insider, Mashable to Futurism, everyone has been quick to pick it up and talk about it. 

Now, the next question would be what are its features? 

Why Should You Get Vixole?

We all know, every gadget has values, if it has features that speak volumes. Then why wait, let’s delve right into the features of Vixole.


  1. Water-Resistant: The water-resistance properties makes up for a great addition. So, the next time, you step out wearing that in rain, you won’t have to worry.

  2. Unisex Shoes: Be it a tech enthusiast or a footwear freak, male or female, irrespective of it, this next-generation footwear is for you to try first.

  3. Customizable:  The power of unique designs, animations, and photos help you to personalize it the way you wish to portray.

  4. Wireless Charging: This is powered by a wireless charging point, that is super effective and charges your shoe fully in less than 2 hours.

  5. Limitless Designs: Be it the basic Vixole or the advanced one, you will have a blast with adding your own ideas.

What are the Different Types of Vixole?

Basic: With the flexible monochrome LED display, you can amp up your style game. You can not only customize it as per your needs but also get it in all sizes.

Vixole Plus: This type is more like your virtual assistant who won’t let you miss out on anything. This footwear is equipped with a motion sensor that makes it all the easier to navigate even without a smartphone.

OLED HD Display: This shoe displays HD images or videos and conserves more power than Vixole Plus which makes it even more stunning!

Why you need Vixole?

Getting your hands on this Vixole Footwear, not only allows you to vet it properly but also raises the expectation bar in the near future from footwear. This sneaker is one-of-its-kind and has the power to help you stand out among people. Even the Smart technology that powers these sneakers allows limitless functional possibilities to be carried out with these Vixole shoes.

The Bottom Line

The vision behind making Vixole was to combine fashion and technology to create a true gem that turns people heads. With Vixole, the future of footwear is promising and I can’t wait for it to come to market for me to get a hold on one and also for others to experience such technology. 


Chapter 2 - Is Apple iPhone 11 any good and should you buy it ?


Tech giant and global innovator Apple unveiled their new flagship smartphone, iPhone 11, on September 10, 2019. But few questions remain unanswered – what makes iphone11 better than the other models? Well, according to Marques Brownlee – ‘Most people should go for iphone11, instead of the other ones.’

This smartphone is cheaper, better, and more powerful than its predecessor and well successor as well. Be it as a tech connoisseur or to just satiate your curious mind, if you are looking for answers, we’ve got you covered with this brief guide on iPhone 11 feature.

Features of Apple iPhone 11

Without any further ado, let’s get rolling.

Design and Display

The iPhone 11 looks identical to iPhone XR except for the dual-camera (which is beyond great!) It almost has the same dimensions (150.9x75.7x8.3mm) and weight (194g) too.  There are many colour options available in Apple 11, namely purple, green, yellow, black, white, and red. The camera island at the back of the phone houses two cameras, the True Tone flash, and a mic.

The iPhone 11 display area gets you a 6.1-inch LCD panel. However, it lacks OLED panels and doesn’t support HDR viewing. However, this phone supports Apple's True Tone technology and P3 wide colour gamut, which gives out an unbelievable display.

 Specifications, performance, and battery life

The A13 Bionic chip powers this Apple’s brand new phone, and it uses 30 percent less power, and it has also managed to last over 15 hours and 20 minutes. These new improvements have helped to score a solid one. The improved chip makes playing games like Asphalt 9: Legends a breeze. The iPhone 11 comes in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB storage options with 4GB of RAM. It is rated IP68 for water and dust resistance.

This phone supports Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5, with dual-SIM support, and you can easily link your FaceTime and iMessage accounts with both your numbers. The new iPhone models support Dolby Atmos that can truly elevate both the audio and video experience. This smartphone trio also comes with identical Face ID capabilities that support the unlocking feature in a fast and secure manner. However, the iPhone 11 charging power has still been an issue as it still comes with a 5W charger and takes long hours to charge.


The cameras have been arguably the most important and improved iPhone 11 features. The new ultra-wide camera comes with an improved f/2.4 lens and a 12-megapixel sensor that is paired with an improved 12-megapixel f/1.8 standard Wide camera. Other than the stunning picture quality and polished UI, the other headline feature for this trio is the epic Night Mode.

You can get great color accuracy when you use the Night Mode feature. The ultra-wide camera integrated within the camera app is treated as a “0.5x zoom” by Apple, which enables a smooth transition from one camera to another. Now, if you long-press the capture button, it starts recording a video. Plus, the audio zoom added to the camera app is meant to match the audio to the framing of the video.

Should You Buy an Apple iPhone 11?

Yes! Apart from the low-resolution display and the ridiculously slow charger, it’s tough to pick any faults with the Apple iPhone 11. Although, we would continue complaining about the sub-par experiences in India. But, other than that, if you are a fan of this tech giant and have enough to invest over 60k for a phone, the Apple iPhone 11 would be your best bet.

The use of electric vehicles in the modern world

We all know the impact of climate change and how less time the global community has. If we continue robbing nature the way we have done in the past years, we may not even stand a chance to save it. Environmentalists have given a decade to mitigate climate change. Most of the government has acknowledged that a shift needs to be made to sustainable, green living standards from a fossil fuel-driven economy! And what better ways to start a sustainable revolution, other than cars. 

Electric Vehicles Your Way

Tesla introduced electric driven cars and took the world by storm. Other than being sleek and chic, these cars are environment-friendly. And, it's a no brainer to understand that electric cars are the future to preserve the meager fossil fuel left. ACNBC report suggested that by 2030, the number of electric cars on the road would increase to a whopping 125 million from 3 million.

What are the Benefits of electric vehicles?

Electric cars can definitely change our future and it has got a huge amount of potential over regular petrol/diesel cars. So, let’s get on with it.

Way Cheaper: Running an Electric Vehicle(EV) on electricity costs you a lot less, almost a third of the cost of petrol or diesel.

Cheaper Maintenance: While a regular car requires frequent servicing, a battery electric vehicle (BEV) needs a lot less than that as it has got a lot less moving parts. However, the batteries only last for 8 years and need to be changed frequently. Plus, the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) do need a little maintenance than a petrol engine.

Environment-Friendly: It not only promotes less pollution but by choosing EV, you are actually contributing to the betterment of the environment and using renewable energy. 

Renewable energy: The use of renewable energy helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, you can recharge your EV even with your solar system during the day, while you can also purchase GreenPower from your electricity retailer. It reduces your greenhouse gas emissions.

Eco-friendly materials: Another important trend that has led brands like Ford to focus on electric cars. They are looking to make eco-friendly padding out of bio-based materials in their new model car. Few other brands like Nissan designed their EV model Leaf’s interior and bodywork partly made out of green materials.

Safety improvements: Due to their lower center of gravity, EVs are less likely to roll over. It also reduces the risk of major explosions or fires! 

New Jobs: Although it may look like traditional motor making would be in decline. Well, that's outrightly wrong. The shift towards electric cars is going to create new and better jobs. While many conventional workers may lose their job, but there would be plenty of jobs that make up for the loss.

To Sum Up

On the other side, entirely new car markets may open up. While it can change the oil trade, it may also promote countries like Chile, for their Lithium deposits. Lithium is an essential element used to manufacture EVs. It may very well be that Chile will soon become for Lithium what Saudi Arabia is for oil.

Manufacturing electric cars will continue to rise, expand, and evolve in the next few years. With most companies focused to produce innovations at its best, there’s no doubt that electric vehicles ought to penetrate the automobile market. It will soon become the most preferred choice of transportation as the world moves to look for alternatives. 

Why are people unplugging from social media ?

Ting Tong!

  1. 36 notifications from Facebook

  2. 125 messages in Whatsapp

  3. @yourfriend tagged you in her first reels

  4. Joe Rogan's new podcast is out, check it out here.

Over 51 %  population of the world uses social media. In 2020, an estimated 3.6 billion people use social media worldwide, the expected increase in usage is 4.41 billion in 2025. Smartphone notifications for social media have become part of our life. Either we are immersed in finding out new information or investing in building connections through networking. We in the modern societal wants and needs, we users unintentionally add friends to show “see  I have more friends than you and create new accounts in the platform if the number exceeds”. Updating posts and uploading photos gives us good relaxation from routine. 


The platform rings and we get connected to it without time bounds. Communication has spread wide and easy to connect through Facebook and other networking sites. Within seconds, we get notified about the status of anything and everything. 


Powering small business: Social media is a gamechanger for most small businesses. You might have come across hundreds of small businesses that have been started by regular people with limited capital but the passion to provide the best to their audience. This not only boosts our economy but also helps these small businesses to grow steadily. 

Connections: In today’s world, social media is not limited to just connecting with people across the world, but to reinstate and build a community. It's a platform that is meant to provide you with the right means to connect, build, and support your fellow humans.


Darn reasons why you should unplug from social media. But is it really worth it to unplug from social media? Or is there a sweet spot that one can attain that helps you strike the right balance of using social media?

Let’s dig further to understand better.

Not all that shines is gold. The use of social media is bereft of a few drawbacks. Let’s take a quick look at that: 

Value of Social Media and Human Involvement

Social media was meant to be a tool to express yourself and build a world of joy. From a tool that was meant to get people closer, social media platforms become a tool for instant gratification. Now, more than connecting with a friend overseas or having meaningful conversations, most users run behind engagement.

Addiction at its Peak

Do this for yourself- just uninstall your favorite social media app and observe your behavior. Your fingers automatically tap at the place where you recently-deleted-Instagram-account. Severe social media use activates the dopamine reward pathway in your brain that sends signals to the pleasure-experiencing parts of your brain. So, when you are on social media, your brain likes it and it does want to do that more. So, now and then, your brain signals, and willingly or unwillingly you are on a social media platform scrolling mindlessly.

Happiness Quotient 

Studies show that social media harms ourlife satisfaction and subjective well-being and can even lead to depression. And being on social media also induces comparison that gets people nowhere. You should definitely run a little experiment and figure out if staying away from social media helps or not. 



The fun spot calls us to unfold contacts we had and we have, but we spend time touching each option in our smartphones, and hours fly.  Social media un-notifies us from the world of utility and never returns time. Show love to social media, never become too close with it. Be a friend, never become a slave.




Chapter 4 - Dream Psychology: Faded Actions 



The World of Dreams – The Evolution

Sleep keeps us calm , brain activity reduces, as a result our subconscious memory wakes up. The stories and scenes that flashes is out of human control. In early 1900’s, Sigmund Freud proposed that while all of our dreams, including our nightmares are collection of images from our daily conscious life. They also have symbolic meanings which relate to the fulfillment  of our subconscious wishes. Experiences we get in dream is one that we cannot get anywhere else. It feels we have traveled afar from the world and entered a new world with conscious. Events and actions are not pre-designed by our eyes open to the world of unconsciousness.

Slumber Syndrome

The faded actions dream psychology needs a study to dwell in the world of night dreams. This awaken us to lot of new environment situation that we would have not thought of. The untold fact is that we remain still to the situation and people around us perform action. The reason  being human muscles become immobile in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.  National Sleep Foundation studies prove that we dream four to six times, a night. The  magical part is we forget dream in the wake of the eye. In a study, dreams have two wings: REM sleep and NREM sleep. We humans can  remember dreams in rapid eye moment sleep up to 81. 8% but non – rapid eye movement sleep can be recorded only upto 50% . The sleep world is truly unknown and is a mystery.

Nightmare Dreams

Dreams are played at night that turns into happy events or night mares. Night mares at the REM sleep is because of post – traumatic stress disorder. Incidents that haunt us during the day winks as dream. It is more among kids. Night mares during sleep comes due to anxiety, depression or stress. It shows shades of terror during the rapid eye moment at the time of deep sleep.

Continual Activation Theory for Dreams – A  Theory that Determines Dreams

Psychiatrist Jie Zhang developed the Continual Activation Theory of Dreams in 2004. This theory states that during sleep, information is transferred into long-term memory. Dreams are a by-product of this data transfer process. The Continual Activation theory says that dreams are caused by random memories that the brain retrieves in order to keep all parts of working memory continually active during sleep.

Continual Activation Theory has two dimensions to it

  • Conscious Memory
  • Non – Conscious Memory

Both are to be active in order to make the brain function properly. Memories must be active so that brain does not stop receiving information and continues to store in sub conscious and conscious memory. In the mornings when a man wakes up from, he receives information continuously from five senses. The information is held in the sensory memory store. Later, it is passed to the conscious memory. It then retrieves information to temporary memory and then help the man to store it in the long term memory (Declarative Memory).

What Happens in Non- Rapid Eye Movement Sleep?

At the time of NREM sleep sensing abilities are reduced and subconsciously a man reaches a state of unconsciousness. The continual activation remains unmoved and stable for man to recollect and store the dream to relate events that flashed at night.

Roll into the Dream Scenes

  • Dreams that flash while sleeping are colorless.
  • Every man dreams of  weapons , chase or fight as he is borne to pressures, but a woman dreams of good situations during sleep though it can vary, according a study.
  • Lucid dream is one of its kind where it is a combination of consciousness and REM sleep.
  • Man passes through many emotions during sleep.
  • Do you know visually challenged  people dream? Yes, they do. If a person lost his/her vision at a later he/she will have the ability to visualize dreams. But at the same time if a person has no vision from birth cannot visualize dreams, a research proves.

A Fantasy Game – The Dream

Slumber comes with a package of emotions and visualization of actions so called dreams. We live a life after a day’s work unknowingly. How it feels? It brings varied situations that we may not have experienced in our lives. It calls for guts to live the next phase of  life at night. We as humans remember situation and grumble over it. But dream is the only phase where it fades away during the sun shine.


Chapter 5 - Biscuit Universe- A Delightful Treat



History of Flavors

Biscuit Universe – A Delightful Treat is 20th century ‘s welcome diet that saw biscuit as a ready to eat crunch for the affluent class. There are some that remain popular only in certain geographies. So to outgrow itself to become a global food, biscuits remain in popularity for centuries around the globe.

United States celebrates national biscuits day to commemorate snack as a substitute for food. A break -time snack that fills our stomach. Well satiated, you no longer crave for anything more. There are many types of snacks to fulfill our desire to eat. But junk food in the market has high demand. Children are attracted for stylish packages and free gifts. You would have always observed that even the humblest of biscuits are high energy  transformers. Biscuit – A Delightful Treat takes turn as the market research evolves

Cookies Traveler

Biscuits have a typical aroma, an attention grabber at anytime with a whisper in the ears and Watering taste buds demand cookies to satisfy me. No matter what brand, craving persists and tempts to take a bite. Creamy flavor pulls in a whole packet into my mouth. Crunchy zookers generate a child-like feeling within. Chocolaty cookies are yummy . The thrill of the taste rings bell to vanish in the cookies realm, but stomach boom with pain.

Delight for Elders

Marie Gold being elder by itself, delights all elders and has always received accolades for having healthier and fibrous content. We relish dipping in coffee or tea.Digestive ,a brand of Marie Gold lends supporting hand to the extra-sweet people (diabetic) in their lifetime. It is elders’ delight. The dip softens the biscuit and increases the taste of the flavor. There is no equal or better biscuit for health.So healthier we are, energetic we will be.

Newly advertised biscuits brings a kid out of me. Dipping salted cookie in the steaming coffee gives ever- lasting refreshment. The tongue rolls to all the corners of the mouth, even a small piece is sticking at the edges. The yummy biscuit invites us to pick and enjoy its flavor from the store. The rich essence added in almond biscuit gets me lost in the cookie world. But bakery cookies , the ultimate taste spreads an aroma around the arena in a baker place.

Reach of Premier Brands

Biscuit lovers welcome new flavors in market. Variety of biscuits and premier quality cookies like Baker Street gives a treat to our tongue. The industry produces biscuits having kids in mind. But elders also take part in giving kisses to flavors. Biscuit Universe – A Delightful Treat is a call of substitute food and healthy intake.

Cookies the ultimate delight that intervenes into my life every day to complete a pack. Hyderabad Cookies are mouth grabbers. Everyone who travels to the city pack loads of flavors back home. There are n number of flavors scattered in the bakery but I enjoy a bite of fruit biscuit. Taste varies from one flavor to other so all flavors are a class apart. The local biscuit stores have a typical aroma, so the crowd trembles to enter the shop. But people stand in long queues to grab the flavors. The famous biscuit shop is like a winch that goes high with the support of high profit giving customers.

Now, biscuit market has reached a different scale. But at the same time other food products are gaining its importance. Whatever may come to attract, biscuits will be given a place in global market forever. Centuries may pass without us, but biscuits will continue to make a mark for itself.



Chapter 6 - The Impact of COVID-19 on Society and the World



with social distancing

Hands down, 2020 has been a terrible year for the whole world. If asked, we would all willingly trade this year with any other year. The novel Coronavirus has taken the world by storm and kept the whole world under a literal standstill. Businesses, work, social life, traveling, and everything that needed one to be out under the sun took a halt. All of us were locked up at home and were busy either washing our hands or worrying about the virus.


In January, when the news popped up, a lot of us ignored the fear of coronavirus thinking that, this would probably never hit us. Our clear ignorance coupled with fake news on rounds made it difficult to take the whole situation seriously. Besides, the internet was overwhelmingly flooded with information about the virus and it soon got difficult to keep track of the new rules and precaution methods that were changing every single day. Among others, social distancing was probably the one that came out first and still stands true to curb the spread.


What is Social Distancing?


Well, even before we knew anything about the virus, it was clear that a minimum of 2M distance was necessary to stop the spread. Everyone who tested positive, traveled outside India, shows early symptoms of COVID-19, were asked to self-isolate, and everyone was asked to safely distance from such people. Social distancing is keeping a safe distance from anyone in public places so that there is less amount of touchdowns and people stay safe. Wearing masks and social distance not only saved lives but also added the capability of attaining herd immunity for the population. Alas, that is the new normal for us. Herd immunity not only makes you, me, and everyone safe but also helps you keep away from the asymptomatic carriers.

What’s the Impact of COVID-19 on society?


The impact of covid-19 just can’t be measured with any SI unit. From people losing jobs to some losing their closest friends or family to COVID-19, there is a surmountable amount of grief and despair associated with this virus. The impact on society has seeped down to the deepest crevices, and as much as it pains to look at the virtual destruction this virus has carried out, it makes all the more sense to talk about it.


The Steady Fall of Economy: Everyone was asked to stay back home, which meant every job that required to be present outside, was at risk. Businesses lost out big time with no form of contingency or resilient plan in place. Some research suggests that it might just take years to recover the loss. With no one out there to buy, the businesses had only two options, either close down or quickly find a workaround to stay afloat. 


Job Loss: In India alone, there have been over 20 lakh job losses across industries at various levels. From the Fortune 500 companies to startups, most employees and leadership either had to take a pay cut or get furloughed for an indefinite period. With literally every single brand closing down their recruitment, it was almost impossible to get a job. 


Mental Health: Fear, anxiety and an overbearing feeling has become the part and parcel of our life now. The constant handwash, the need to wear masks around, staying indoors, zero social life, overworking have had a huge impact on everyone's mental health. With businesses slowly gearing up to open their doors again, time will only tell, if it is going away or this virus would have a lasting effect. 


Health Crisis: Along with mental health, physical health was also at risk. More importantly, aged people and anyone with compromised immunity were at risk. The sheer amount of human loss that the world went through is unimaginable. We have lost more than a lakh people across India. 


These are the broad impact, but it is not humanly possible to list out all the probable effects the novel coronavirus had on the world. From the ability to go back to work again to losing your livelihood, everybody was left to suffer. But, all we can hope today is to fight it out and keep emergency plans in check such that if ever anything.


To Sum Up


Most people tried to stay afloat by connecting to their family and staying positive all along. People reconnected to their friends, partners, and started indulging in activities that they enjoyed. Besides, with zero social life, it was time for the world of cinema to come home in form of Netflix and Amazon. Although it has been immensely difficult for a lot of people to move forward, somehow we humans have adapted to the new normal and are also trying slowly to get back outside again but this time with enough precautions.



Chapter 7 - Drum: The Call of Wood Pecker



Wood Peckers’ Life


Wood pecker belongs to Pecidae family. The life span of the bird is 11 years. They drum 8000 -12000 times a day .These birds live world -wide except Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, Madagascar and the extreme polar regions.

It lives in forested areas and predominantly lives in Central, North and South of United States.The species lives in Eurasia and Africa. The bird is not friendly with man. .  They are omnivores. They are insect eaters.

World of Wood Pecker

There are 236 varieties of woodpecker in the world according to International Ornithological Congress.

Acorn Woodpecker

The estimated population of the bird is 2,000,000. Habitat is western forest with oak. The clown-faced woodpecker is seen in  western oak woodlands. These groups maintain and protect impressive granaries in which thousands of acorns are stored in holes drilled in tree trunks.

Gila Woodpecker


These live in deserted areas.Gila Woodpecker does not nest in dead trees. This desert-dwelling species prefers to raise its young in cavities within living Saguaro cacti. If current rates of decline persist, woodpecker populations may be halved in 50 years.

Golden fronted Woodpecker


The estimated population of the bird is 2,000,000. This clown-faced woodpecker is seen in  western oak woodlands. These groups maintain and protect impressive granaries in which thousands of acorns and are stored in holes drilled in tree trunks. It is used future consumption. A tree contains 50,000 acorn storage holes. 

Hairy Woodpecker

Hairy Woodpeckers benefit from the work of other woodpeckers. They follow Pileated Woodpeckers. They inspect the larger birds excavations for overlooked insects.

Nuttall’s Woodpecker 

Scientific Name : Picoides nuttallii

 The number of this variety is in the increasing trend. Nuttall’s Woodpecker’s nesting is in California’s oak woodland . They do not eat acorns. Their prey is insect, beetles, termites and ants.

Hispaniolan Wood Pecker

Scientific Name :  Melanerpes Sriatus

This variety of bird nests in palm grooves. They communicate in 20 different sound depending on moods. Hispaniolan bird is popular in Caribbian region.  Its restricted to Dominican Republic and Haiti. Hispaniolan woodpecker habitats in towns and villages.

Do Peckers Get Headache ?

Have you ever wondered why wood Peckers don’t get headache?

They are not aware of headache. Peckers hit its head on the tree wood 20 times per second. Woodpeckers skull is flexible. They have plate-like bones. They have a special bone that acts like a seat-belt for its skull. Hyoid bone protects its head. It wraps all the way around a woodpecker’s skull. They have a spongy material in the skull. The bird has minimal fluid between the skull and brain.

News Troll about Wood Peckers

42 varieties of woodpeckers have endangered

The bird is afraid of owls and hawks  and prey for snakes, feral cats etc.

Woodpeckers do not like  pine cone and cayenne pepper , it will relocate immediately.

Woodpecker nests in mid May.

Avian Control is the liquid that deters woodpeckers from home. It is a repellent to control woodpeckers entering home.

Woodpecker fight for acorns




Submitted: November 11, 2020

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