Where Dragons Rule: Rebirth

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is a direct sequel to Where Dragons Rule: Dissent.

Aeris escaped her master, but now she has no money, status, home, or future and her days are spent combating the crippling guilt of the price she paid for her freedom. As the conflict between humans and dragons threatens to take her last remaining hope, her best chance at peace is to seize control and put an end to things herself.

Table of Contents

Cold Hearted

Chapter 1: Cold Hearted   Terran took a deep breath and sighed. He had been standing in the same spot for at least an hour... Read Chapter

A New Life

Recovering from her injuries, Aeris decides the next move to getting her life in order.
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The Next Move

Aeris continues to move forward for Janine's sake, but the simple life isn't as simple as she would have liked.
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Ghosts of the Past

As Aeris faces the consequences of her actions at the Dragon's Den, a familiar face reenters her life.
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Inner Demons

Aeris struggles to accept Windor being in her life. A new threat emerges.
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True Power

Chapter 6: True Power   “Aeris for the last time, it ain’t a trap.”   Aeris stared at the house. The bric... Read Chapter

The Matriarch's Call

Aeris finally gets a chance to catch her breath, but an unseen request puts an end to her relaxation.
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Her Newest Disciple

Aeris struggles with controlling her Call are just beginning as a new complication comes to light.
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Aeris travels deep into the heart of the Dragonlands with Sareen to begin her Matriarch Training.
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Chapter 10: The West Wing

Chapter 10: The West Wing     Aeris’ training was a disaster. She hadn’t succeeded in grabbing a single flag... Read Chapter

The Power of Her Will

Chapter 11: The Power of Her Will   Aeris couldn’t wrap her head around today’s events. She discovered a hidden tortu... Read Chapter

The Keeper's Wish

Chapter 12: A Keeper’s Wish     Aeris wasn’t sure exactly what had changed over the last few days, but her trai... Read Chapter


Chapter 13: Homecoming     Ever since learning of Milan’s demise, things quieted down. Aeris no longer went to vi... Read Chapter

Old Wounds

Chapter 14: Old Wounds   The next 3 days were very tense. She hadn’t told the others about what she planned on doing, and ... Read Chapter


Chapter 15: Missing     Aeris wasn’t sure what to do next. Her plan had failed in the worst way possible. No way ... Read Chapter


Chapter 16: Driven     Aeris didn’t know what to do. She laid on the floor for what felt like hours, hoping Janin... Read Chapter

Hostile Renegotiations

Chapter 17: Hostile Renegotiations     “So let me get this straight,” Brandy said. She gripped her chin and sta... Read Chapter

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