The Stakeout

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Two cops just doing as ordered, well, kind-da.

The setting is an upscale neighborhood in a place called Beverly Hills, California.

There is a mini-van parked across the street from the gated driveway entrance to a large estate.

The house is ridiculously large, twelve bedrooms and fourteen bathrooms, with a kitchen that puts many a professional restaurants to shame.

The garden-like grounds look like a picture featured on, "House Beautiful" Magazine, because it is.


It is just about 3 a.m., and aside from an occasional muted Beep Sound, the neighborhood is eerily quiet.

The Beep is coming from the Van, which is as indescribable as it can be; just a rectangle of off-white, Blah.

It could be a delivery van, a plumber's runabout, an electrician's, pride and joy, perhaps. But it's not.

Inside the van we go, to find two people looking at a flurry of Flat-screen Monitors that are mounted on the inside wall of one side of the van. There are listening and recording devises built into shelves below a slue of computers.

Suddenly the woman says to the man seated beside her, "Are you sure this is a "Stash-house, Jordan?"

Jordan replies, "Search me, the Captain says bug the house, I bug the house. The Captain says watch the house, I watch the house. Anything other than that is above my pay grade." Then Jordan chuckled briefly.

Kaelyn turned a dial, then hit the zoom button on a camera, that is when she told Jordan, "I think I got something! There is movement along the east wall, by the rose bushes."

"Those are rose bushes?" Jordan asked disbelievingly. "Where are the flowers?"

Kaelyn replied, "It's not flowering season. Don't you know anything?"

Kaelyn continued by saying, "Oops, they just went over the wall, that's Probable Cause. Let's go get-um!"

Jordan snapped back by saying, "Hold on, you Beckett want to be, we're here to observe and report what we see and hear.

Wall climbing is not in the job description and I'm not going to let you get me in hot water with the Police Commissioner again; the last time cost me two weeks pay and a month stuck behind a desk."

"Oh come on, Jordan, it will be fun!" Kaelyn stated as she smiled. Then she said, "You know you want to, let's go out and play, Jordie."

"Don't call me that!" Jordan barked.

Kaelyn acted as if she didn't hear a word he said, instead she stated, "I'll jump the fence and open the gate so you don't get your pants dirty climbing the wall. OK?"


Well wouldn't you know it. Before Jordan could utter another word Kaelyn had him by the hand and was dragging him out of the van and across the street.

"Wait by the gate," Kaelyn said, then over the wall she went.

Even at thirty years old, her knowledge of gymnastic haven't left her lacking; she was as agile as ever.

Kaelyn moved along the wall like a cat, then she unlatched the service-gate to let Jordan in, but Jordan wasn't there.


"What the...?" Kaelyn mumbled.


Just about that time Kaelyn felt the cold from the barrel of a "Don't move or you die" Beretta against the temple of her head.

"Come on into the house, Little Lady," was the command from a tall, thin, gentleman wearing alligator skinned cowboy boots and a sterling silver bolo tie.

Kaelyn had to admit, for a potential Bad-Guy, this city-slicker cowboy looked pretty good in the all black slacks and western-cut long sleeved shirt he was wearing.

The silver accents on the bolo tie and belt buckle, along with the white-ivory buttons seemed to add class to the whole outfit.

As they came to the double doors, at the house's entrance, two rather large men stood like sentries.

As they walked up the steps, one of the two sentries asked, "Who's the pretty lady, Billy-boy?"

The man in the alligator skinned boots replied, "Check the grounds, there may be other unwanted trespassers."

The larger and meaner looking of the two door men, asked, "Need any help interrogating the lady, Billy-boy?"

Billy replied with a smile, "Nah, the questions I'm gonna ask are rather private-like, if yah know what I mean." Then they all laughed.

Then, as Billy and Kaelyn reached the doorway, Billy barked more orders, saying, "There's a van parked across the street, kill anyone in it and make the van go away. And do it quietly!"


As the two men started down the steps, the front door to the house opened and there stood Jordan with a Cheshire-Cats Grin on his face.

When Billy-boy tried to react to the surprise visitor, Jordan fired a single shot from his 38 into Billy-boy's skull.

And as the two large men turned, guns drawn, Jordan replied with two shotgun blasts. They left the porch like sacks of flour tossed to the ground.


As Kaelyn busied herself with collecting firearms and checking pulses, Jordan used his phone to report the Incident.

Then Kaelyn asked Jordan, "How did you get in the house?"

"Same way you got over the wall," Jordan replied.

So Kaelyn asked, "Did you see anything interesting while you were in there?"

Jordan replied, "Two dead bodies upstairs, not my doing, but I did leave two more as I came down the stairs; no-one takes order from a cop, seriously, anymore. We just don't get any respect, ya-know?"


After a moment of relative silence, and the increasing sounds of sirens off in the distance, Jordan stated, "I think we're gonna be in trouble."

To which Kaelyn replied, "What Do You Mean, WE? I didn't shoot anybody and I never set foot in the house!"

"Oh, so it's gonna be like that?" Jordan questioned as he laughed.


Kaelyn gave Jordan one of those smiles, then she said, "I am an office of the law and I was in imminent danger, so you had to bend the rules to save me from the Bad Guys.

Why you had to go through the house to do that is anyone's guess, but who am I to question your motives.

You're my hero, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it, partner!"

Jordan smiled, --- and then blushed just a little.



D. Thurmond / JEF


Submitted: November 11, 2020

© Copyright 2021 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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Ann Sepino

Nice story! I feel like Kaelyn and Jordan could be main characters in an action movie. :)

Thu, November 12th, 2020 2:36pm


You could be right, but I seldom write anything longer than Short Stories. --- Ah, possibly a series like my "Yawn Forest" stories, only Cop Focused? --- Good idea, thanks. And thanks for reading.

Thu, November 12th, 2020 11:31am

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