Chapter 2: (v.2) Chapter 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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  "Gloria Grey?" I look up from my phone. A young almost twenty-year-old woman is standing smiling sweetly at me. I nod. Not giving any expression of how I'm feeling right now. 

 "I just wanted to let you know how wonderful parents you have. They were amazing, and I just want you to let them know that I really appreciate that they contacted me to get in an application for this job." I nod at every word she said. Do you think I'm going to tell my parents about her? Nope. 

 "Yeah, it's no problem, ma'am." I try to use my British accent. Even though I'm not from any part of England. Or have a British accent. The girl has a British accent though. 

 My father is the CEO of essential business like buying some stupid business of something like that. I don't pay much attention to them. I was waiting at the office of my dad so I could talk to him.

 But he's in some meeting right now. I start texting Meredith, another friend of mine that working here at my parent's job. As the assistant of the secretary. In less than three minutes my father comes. 

 "Gloria, how you're doing today?" I shrug. 

 "Not okay, eh?" My dad removes his jacket. 

 "The same," I say. Dad nods as I enter into his main office, all-white walls with windows that you can see pretty much all the buildings here around the city. 

 "Why did you come here then?" I sit in the chair, twiddling with my fingers. 

" I don't think I want to work here when I grow up," I say softly. My dad nods, his bright blue eyes twinkle sadly. 

 "I don't want to work in an economy as you do, I don't even know what I want to do." I lick my lips before I start talking again. 

 "I just want to try to get into Harvard and see what I get." I hear my father chuckle. 

 "Gloria, you are already going to attend, you have like amazing grades, of course, Harvard will get you." I blushed a little. 

 "Thanks, father, we'll have to see. " I smile. 

 When I come out of his office, it's almost night time. The sunset shimmers lightly across the sky, red and orange with purple mixed on the bottom. I take a deep fresh breath before entering my car. 

 I enter my room, it's already night time and my parents don't come till mid-night. I move my pillows around, my phone buzzing as I try to get my pillow on the arrangement I want it to be. 

 I sigh in frustration when I grab my phone. Ambrose is the caller. 

 "Hey." I kick my blanket out of my way. 

 "Can I come in?" I gasp, I jump off my bed, opening the door, and running downstairs, opening the front door with a bang. 

 "Ambrose, again hanging out with those girls right." I grin at him

 Ambrose smirks at me. "They are pretty darn amazing." I let him in. Ambrose likes to flirt with girls. A lot of girls actually. 

 "You ate dinner?" Ambrose nods. He walks up to my rooms, landing on my bed. He's must be tired. 

  I'm already in my shorts and a t-shirt with fluffy socks. I'm used to laying next to my best friend, just not ever slept with him. I snuggle next to him, only to notice him take out his phone. 

 "Ambrose I want to sleep." The light from the phone shines brightly between our faces. I hear my Bluetooth turn on. I raise an eyebrow, even if Ambrose can't see my suspicious face, I still manage to make him see my face. 

 'Winter Bear' softly comes into the speaker, creating a soothing sound into my ears, my eyes drifting to an opening and closing, seeing Ambrose looking straight at me, moving my hair out of my face, wrapping his arms around my waist. Feeling his warm chest against me, calming all my nerves while I drift into a dreamless sleep. 

 "She looks like a blue parrot 

 Would you come fly to me? 

 I want some good day, good day, good day, good day, good day.

 Looks likes a winter bear 

 You sleep so happily

 I wish you a good night, good night, good night, good night, good night.

 Imagine your face

 Say hello to me

 Then all the bad days

 They're nothing to me

 With you

 Winter bear

 ooh, ooh, ooh, 

Sleep like a winter bear

ooh, ooh, ooh

 Sleep like a winter bear" - V (Kim-Taehyung)

 I wake up it's like six in the morning since my clock tells me there right in my face. I feel two warm hands right on top of my hip. Lee. No, it's not him. The scent is familiar though. Ambrose! I look at him. We didn't do anything at night, right? I wasn't drunk either at night, right? My brain starts to imagine stuff that probably didn't happen at night. 

 Why is he in my bed then? I try to wiggle myself out of his reach, but the more I move the more he tighten his hold. 

 "Ambrose, wake up, buddy," I whisper softly in his ear. He moans. Gah! I start to really imagine, what had happened at night, his hand reaching to touch my face giving me a soft peck in the...

 "Morning sweetie," Ambrose says hoarsely. I jump a little. I start blushing a lot. Ambrose turns on the light, he's going to see my red face. Freak...

 "Woah, Gloria, did you somehow had a hot dream or what? Ambrose touches my cheek. I blush harder. Don't think of Ambrose like that Gloria. 

 "No, it's not that." I try to hide my face away. Ambrose grins at me. 

 "What?" I ask. 

 "Who were you dreaming of?" I shake my head. 

 "It wasn't actually was thinking." Ambrose stands up. His boxer is shown, he must've dropped his jean on the ground when I was asleep. And.... 

 I bite my lip and looked down. "We didn't do anything at night right?" Ambrose starts laughing. 

 "That's what you were thinking?" I nod. I try to look at his face only. 

 "No we didn't do anything actually, we...only slept." Ambrose looked kind of disappointed. Of what? Not having sex? I looked another way. 

 "Okay." I also sound disappointed. No, way... I kind of feel weird, knowing that maybe I am starting to have feelings for him, even if I'm very hurt, even if I'm not that prepared to love someone yet. 







Submitted: November 15, 2020

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Hopefully you guys loved the chapter! On Monday or tomorrow, the next chapter will be published. Have fun! And stay safe! Also, I need to give credit to the amazing songwriter of the song 'winter bear' by Kim Taehyung (V). It's an amazing song, you should hear it. It's so soothing just like the book said.

Sun, November 15th, 2020 3:15am

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