Chapter 3: (v.3) Chapter Three

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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 Despite how much I want to regret sleeping with Ambrose. I don't. The opposite actually. I liked it. And for what I saw on Ambrose's face, I think he liked it too. And I know it wasn't any sex or kissing.

 I loved the way he grabbed hold of me. Holding me tight beneath his chest. The warmth and comfort he gave, while the song that played made me think, for a moment. Does he love me a lot? Or just love me as a friend?

 I shake the thoughts of him. It's been almost a week. And my first instincts tell me to avoid Ambrose for some more days. It's been an awkward week since our little sleep. 

 "Gloria!" I turn my face to the right seeing Amanda stare impatiently at me. 

 "Eh?" I smile innocently. 

 "What's going on?" Well, that's a nice way to say hi to your friend, I guess. 

 "Nice to see you too." Amanda shakes her head.

 "Oh now don't act innocently, Gloria, you've been acting all in love, and you've been all blushing a lot with Ambrose and Ambrose just been practically ignoring you." She blabbered to me fast. I take a nice bite of my sandwich. With a shrug, I take another bite. 

 "I told you, we've been having a lot of things to do lately." I lie. Hoping that it will cover the little secret I have. 

 Amanda doesn't believe it. "Gloria's what's going on?" she asks again. I roll my eyes. I take another bite of my sandwich without answering her question.

 With that, she stands up and walks away. Oh..okay. I can see in the corner of my eye, Amanda walking to Ambrose.

 Well, nice... I stand up, not to chase her, but to leave the cafeteria. It's useless, to know that my friend, Amanda will be going over there to what? Yell at Ambrose for ignoring me. 

 When I reach the library my phone starts buzzing. Ambrose. I look at the caller and I see the unknown phone number...but at the same, I know who it is. Lee. I shake my head, my vision getting blurring. I wipe them and took a deep breath. 

 I deny the phone call. I got to get over him. 


 I take a picture, of the flowers, trying to look for a good, pink filter to add to the flowers. I love taking pictures, but not only that. I'm the president of the journalism team that takes pictures and also work for my dad photography team that take picture of his business and interviews. 

 I swipe through some filter until I found a light orange filter that would match perfectly. It's been raining all day. And my thin-black jacket is barely keeping me covered.

 I start walking, putting the photo in my Instagram account. I wipe the light stream of raindrops that roll down my cheek. As the rain is kind of getting harder now. A notification from Instagram buzzed on my hand. I open it. Ambrose liked your picture. I smile. 

 A little message from Ambrose came. Look behind you, Gloria. I turn around. Ambrose smiles. 

 "Were you following me here?" I shrieked in shock. Ambrose raises an eyebrow.

"I wasn't following you, I just passed by, and then I saw you here," Ambrose says naturally as if it's something normal to do. 

 "And you came here to say hi?" I was kind of annoyed by the fact that he ignored me all week and now he's acting like if he hasn't done anything. 

 "No, well yes actually, but I wanted to see if you needed a ride." I chuckle to myself. 

 "You don't think I'll make it to my house?"

 "Yes you can make it, but it's raining hard now, that's the part." True. 

 "Well, I think I can make it, even if it's raining." Actually, I won't make it, but I want to ignore him as he ignores me. 

 "Oh okay then, well have fun in the cold, and don't try to slip much." Ambrose starts taunting me. 

 I bite my lip nervously. "Why were you ignoring me all week?" I cross my arms. I can hear Ambrose sigh. 

 "I needed space to think." Ambrose's voice is so close and a shiver runs down my spine. 

 "Why do you need space though, we're like best friends?" I crook my neck a little looking at the trees, as Ambrose's warm breath hits my neck. 

 "Do you know this quote called 'Best friend can't be apart maybe in distance but never in the heart'.." I blink back tears. 

 ''Yes,'' I murmur softly.

  "Then why did you think then? You know I love you." But do you love me a lot? I close my eyes. Imagining somewhere warm snuggled up in a blanket with Ambrose... I open my eyes. I'm in love, with my best friend. I bite my nail.

 "I'm sorry." I look down, my hand drops to my side. 

 "It's okay, Gloria," Ambrose says gently. 

 He takes my hand. I shake my head a little. Wondering if I've fallen in love with the right guy. 




Submitted: November 15, 2020

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