Chapter 4: (v.4) Chapter 4

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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 A blink into another world that you have all in your hands, it's now your choose a dream to enter, to know and experience all the human kind life stories. - GG



Amanda looks at me suspiciously, while I walk around my room, organizing everything to its place. Another bite in the lip and Amanda starts babbling. "You're seventeen Gloria, you can literally tell you're parents that you're coming with your best friend, which is me, to the party. It's going to be fun. Plus you need a distraction for once in your life." I look at her as I move my 'layered' bangs out of my eyes. 

 I try to open my mouth, even though Amanda apparently open her mouth first. Defeated. 

 "You have to live a teenager life before becoming an adult, if you turn into an adult in instant then it will not be a memorable life." Amanda twirls her hair around her small pinky finger. 

 "When did I ever have a memorable teenage life, Amanda?" I fidget with my fingers, memories of heartbreaking, of loved ones dying in front of me. A huge lump on my throat came notice right there. I blink my tears back and scramble away from letting Amanda near me. 

 "Why do you run away? Why do you try to hide when you're hurt?" Amanda shrieks out loud. I shake my head fast. If only I had the strength to walk to her and say right in her face how much I've been through. But I got no strength. I'm just a girl waiting for the road to be built, waiting...

 "I- Amanda just- it's just- nothing." I stammered. I slam my bathroom door leaving her in my room. Making a door between us. Blocking each other. I can hear her sigh. But just as soon as she walks out of my room. I sink into the cold stoned floor. 

 "Gloria, please open the door." 

 "No." I wipe my stuffy nose.

 I hear Ambrose laugh softly. Amanda mumbles something. What are they saying? I'm kneeled down my thighs hurting much but not caring. Cause all I want to do is let myself cry out all the pain. To let it go away. 

 "Gloria, please." Ambrose pleads one more time. I open my eyes. I stand up. Slowly I open the door and launch myself to him. Why? Cause I love him. Even in the dark times. He's still here for me as I am for him. 

The soft-touch running from my cheek to my neck, it soothing amazing shock that passes through me. Ambrose has successfully calmed me down. We're going to a party right now. And Ambrose is very gentle as I still haven't had enough courage to tell him my feelings. What if he doesn't have any feelings for me? What if he actually does? Ah! I don't know!

 We walk out of Amanda's car, feeling a lot of pressure coming straight at me now. The music is loud, my ears almost bleeding out. I cringe as I see a young man and woman make out in front of the house. I look down walking beside Ambrose. 

 "Oh look at that one." I lift my head up to see two drunk teenage boys licking their lips and winking at me. I'm disgusted. I gulp my huge regret down my throat and look at myself in a nearby mirror. A black tight dress, curls around my waist, making my breast look a lot bigger. My brown-blonde hair curls up onto my shoulder.

 Ambrose didn't leave my side for a while. Just for some moment, I turn around to see a boy that I somehow manage to feel like I recognize. I squint my eyes. What the freak? The boy seems to have seen me too cause he walks to me. Lee. My heart starts to beat faster. My palms get all sweaty and tears start forming in my eyes. 

 I turn around, moving around finding a way to go to the exit before Lee finds me. His blue steady eyes left me once. And I said I won't see him or love him again. And if he comes back...then I don't know what to do then. 

 I run outside slamming the door of the house and look for Amanda's car. Freak. Amanda has the keys. I rub my forehead. 

 "Gloria?" I gasp. I standstill. 

 "What do you want?" I steady my gaze as I slowly turn around to see Lee. His gentle sad eyes look at me. 

"How are you?" I roll my eyes. 

 "None of your business, "I murmur. Lee frowns. 

 "Where did the soft gentle Gloria went?" Lee opens his mouth slightly. I lick my lips.

 "Far gone," I respond with only two words. He can try to flirt with me, but it's no use. Right?

 Lee moves his hair out of his face. I look straight at his eyes. Don't let him distract you.

 "Just wanted to see if you want a one night fun time?" I gawk at him. 

 "You never loved me!!" I yelled back at him. Fun time? Only for one night? Why is he here anyway? 

 "My friend invites me to come back. To see my old home I guess." He shrugs as if it's normal to read someone's mind. 

 "I don't care.'' I fire back. Lee raises his eyebrow. His blue eyes shine brightly. Weirdly but true they almost looked unreal. He seems to like the mini torture. I turn around only to know that Lee will talk again. 

 "I saw you're friend, he's hanging out with some girl in the corner of the living room." Lee whispers. I stop breathing. Can I believe this son of a bean stick?

 "I don't believe you.'' Actually, I kind of do. Lee chuckles.

 ''Then look for yourself." I stomp into the house leaving him alone outside. I enter the big living room only to see Ambrose laugh at every word a girl says next to him. I know Ambrose loves to do a one-night fun thing...but I don't feel like I want him to do that now. Cause I love him. 

 Ambrose must have seen me cause he backed away from her a bit and turned a little to see my horrified face. And then I ran. 

 "Gloria!" I wipe tears that rush down my face. I run past Lee that's not just smiling and meaning to say 'I do you so' but also ran past Amanda's car. I was going to run far away from all this messed up night and wait until my lungs are burning and my heart is beating a horse race. 

 I stop by a 24-hour supermarket. I sit down on one of the outside benches and take a nice deep breath. It felt nice to run. I never ever felt a little freer in my life. 

 My phone vibrates. I sigh and look at my phone. It's a text from Ambrose, even if I want to ignore this message I can't. 

 I'm going to pick you up.

 I was confused but shrugged. 

 We need to talk, Ambrose. 

 I wait. This is going to be a long night... 


 I enter the car, Ambrose's face is not seen since it's nighttime. But I know it's him. I can feel him twitch a little. Oh boy, and he's mad. 

 "Gloria, why are running away like that?" I look at my finger.

 "Why are you going around flirting with many girls, Ambrose?" I mumbled under my breath. He heard me. 

 "Cause that's why I always do." Ambrose turns to the left. We're now in his house parking lot.

 "Well, Ambrose..." Just tell him, Gloria! Ambrose turns his head towards me, his sad blue bright eyes, his brown curly hair. I unbuckle my seat belt and jump into his lap.

 "Ambrose, I love you," I murmur softly. Ambrose looked confused.

 "I love you too, Gloria." No not that kind of love.

 "Ambrose I meant, I love you too much." Ambrose smiles.

 "Yeah I love, love, love, you too much too. I just, felt like you only wanted me in the friend zone." Ambrose smiles shyly. That's my favorite smile now. Ambrose wraps his arms around me and we both get closer to each knowing that we don't have to be afraid, now that we know that we know how each other feels. 




Submitted: November 22, 2020

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