Chapter 5: (v.5) Chapter 5

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Ambrose Marvin. 

I look at Gloria, her beautiful face buried in my chest, her soft breathing sighing happily. As if she is relieved to finally tell me that she wanted me as, the love of her life. My heart is pounding happily too. I'm happy too. I smile and kiss her nose. She groans. I smile wider. 

"Wakey, wakey, sweety it's time to wake up." Gloria opens her eyes, she looks cute when she wakes up. 

 "What time is it?" I look at the clock. Nine in the morning.

 "Nine." Gloria groans again but a smile grows beneath her lips. I want to kiss her now. I go on top of her. She giggles.

 "Hey now just be very quiet and still, baby." I kiss her neck. She stops giggling and bites her lip. I'm going to kiss those lips after my little torture I'm going to give her. 

 I kiss her cheek, her jaw, her neck, her nose, her forehead, her lovely stomach. And now her lips.

 She wraps around her legs onto me as she cups her hands around my face while my lips do a dance with her lips. I love her. I love her since last year since I smiled and looked at her. 

 "Ambrose,'' Gloria whispers between our kisses. My hands are exploring her body. Wanting to touch. Every. Inch. Of. Her. She wiggles but I can feel her wanting more. Oh, I've been waiting for this moment. Hopefully, she can give me that moment. And then I want to do this with her, for the rest of our lives.  I put my hand under her shirt. A tiny gasp goes between her lips.

 "Can I?" I take a nice deep breath, she nods. I move my hand up to her bra. I look at her almost opening my mouth. But she already knows my question.

 "Do whatever you want, Ambrose, just take me with you." Oh, that sweet beautiful words she just said. Almost made me want to have her in my arms like this all day. To make love to her every single day. To never let go. 

  I unclip her bra. revealing her breast. It's perfect. I slip her leggings out of the way... now she's barely in clothes. I want to make love to her now. To remember this lovely moment. 

 I sink myself into her. Her lips slightly open with her eyes closed, she squeezes my arm, her hand travel to their destination which is to my hand. We wrap each other hands together. I do not let any part of her body untouched. She's mine. I'm her's.

 Before I ever met Gloria, it was just me. Staring and walking through a grey looking world. My thoughts were always meaning to succeed in high school, college, make a business, and never marry someone. I thought dating was just a distraction from real life. 

 Now those plans have changed. I've changed for something way better than my original plans. I want to graduate high school and college, and want to marry someone. And that someone if Gloria. She was the sunshine of my day ever since I walk past her in our science class one year ago. 

 When I walk past her that day, her smell, smile, and personality had me going crazy. I'd never met someone so perfect. I thought girls shy, sweet, and smell like flowers are made-up girl from fantasy books. But I guess I'm wrong. Cause Gloria was like those girls. 

 Too good to be true. And why didn't I notice her until then? We were both separated class, we were never together until last year. I remember the next day I notice that I wanted to be her partner, I want to be in her life. Even if she was dating some random player Lee, for a year now. I still wanted to be with her. 

 I know it was kind of mean to steal her away from her best friend Amanda, but I really wanted to know her, to be with her. After her break-up, I started being more...protected towards her. I didn't want to break her. I wanted to repair her. And I did.

  "Can I be your partner?" I ask as she turned around giving me a stunning look. She shrugs. She moves her brown bangs around while we both do our science lab. I wanted to touch those bangs. Amanda was taking a look and glared at me. For stealing her away from her for that day. But little did she know Gloria will be stolen away from her for the rest of the year. 

 "Why did you pick me for your partner." She says softly. Oh Gloria, no need to be shy. Act normal, honey, I thought. 

 ''We need a change sometimes, Gloria." I love the way her name rolled down my tongue. She blushes. 

 "So then you're going to replace me with someone else, later?" She roll her eyes and grins at me. Yes! Good job honey, you're finally acting normal towards me. Even if we were practically strangers. I don't want to be a stranger to her.

 "No, actually I feel like you're going to be my partner for the rest of the school year." I click my pen onto the lab desk. She looks down and nods.

 "Okay, sounds good then," I smirk. She smirks back. Oh just wait now baby, I'm soon going to have you. Which did come true.


Submitted: November 24, 2020

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