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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

As Gloria Grey has entered a beautiful love life, only to be destroyed in the last minutes. Gloria since then tries to construct her back that she gave all to the person she loved. Only to be wasted. Ambrose Marvin is Gloria's best friend, he's tried all things to help get over the person that hurt her the most, the person that he wanted to hurt back. But not knowing that somehow he'll fall in love with Gloria, hoping that Gloria will want him, even if she's in so much pain.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Gloria, the break-up has been giving her a challenge that she never has before experience. Ambrose has been at her side lately. While the cheerleader also been there for her. Now that the fall
dance has begun, Gloria is now getting flashback of the fairy tale she used to have.
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Chapter 2

One night can change every feeling Gloria had for her best friend, Ambrose. Though she thinks that's she not ready to love someone, to have someone else in her life that can hurt her too. She knows
that this person wouldn't do such a thing.
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Chapter Three

Gloria's feelings for Ambrose, are far beyond what she expected. She fell in love with someone but still can't get over the fact she got hurt. Though she's wishing to be stronger and brave. Ambrose
is about to do that for her. To give her the wish she's been waiting for, though not sure how it's going to happen.
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Chapter 4

Gloria has faced many problems, and now letting it free with a cry is all she needed. Though the nightmare came back again to destroy her life, a dream slowly come true wrapping and turn the
nightmare into a dream come true.
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Chapter 5

Ambrose: I'd never felt happy, so happy before. As I walk past the girl, her name almost like a flower's beautiful name. Gloria. Like I say when I pass her her scent hit me like a rocket ship
landing on the moon. Her scent; smells like flowers. Flowers growing on a cold winter day. Her blushed cheeks, her bright hazel eyes look straight at me but the instant we make contact, she looks
away. I grin. I want to touch her brown hair. I want to move her bangs away and kiss her forehead, and run my lips around her. She's beautiful. But first, I guess I'll start being her friend. Even
if she's dating someone, I will find a way to get her. And it's a promise.
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