moving shades

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic


A single cat is moving behind ligthsources. A bird is chilping to endanger a group of minds. Do you still see the
sunrise when you write a story?

Do your birds move behind a calm empty crave of shelter? Can you envision something which moves behind a dark

Do you see the number which crushes into beautiful lines? Do you still see the number when you crush yourself into
beautiful minds?

Do you see number when you envision something to be created behind lines of shelter and agony? Do you care for a living
full of empty shelter? A crushful agony may lay behind endangeroud souls full of lines of crazy agony.

Do you envision your mind? Do you something when you move behind the lightsources? Empty shades of calm moments spring
up to create and envisioned mind of castful agony. An empty pillow might appear behind moving lightsources. Does your
springbird full of memory lines move into agony?

Do you envision something which might move into agony? Does your magical mind incline a forceful line of empty thoughts?
Does your crazy mind envision a dangerous lightlihood of agonishing fearful pain?

A landful of exploding stars might reach into calm moments of serenity. Does your mind incline a definite answer to
volumous cancellous souls.

Do you mind your cancallous inclining definite empathy of inclining moving lightsources? A might endavour might move
your empty soul into a dark spring of empty definite feelings.

As long as your moving shades of grey move into calm definite feelings a dark spirit might appear among moving shadowliness
of cancellous minds.

Is is a bird chirping its way to move behind dark secret envisioned empty pillars?

A moving shadow is envisioning a dark cluster of forgivefulnuss. Do you mind a secret passage to livelyhood or do you
still the sun when you move behind a dark cluster of forever vaguefull mindness.

A dark pillow is raising behind a grey empty shelter? Is a moving lightsource still moving as long as empty craws of
forgivefullness are moving behind shadowy minds? Does your crazy mind envision a dark soul full of last longing eternal

Submitted: November 12, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Fox Bear. All rights reserved.

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