Stark White

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

My sketch for the painting "Huginn and Muninn"

Awakened by gusty howling wind,

A sure sign winter is here again.

I look out to see the light pale blue,

A predawn sheen of off white hue

The landscape frosted like a fondant,

Branches balancing snow on top

My breath on the pane frosted over,

Each lawn of grass completely covered

The Raven makes a stark silhouette, 

Where upon the roofline, sky is met.

Those sunny days now grey and soft

Will keep me huddled in my loft.

A cup of tea for warming me,

While gazing far on, out to the sea.

Where tempests frozen, break ashore,

Leaving jagged rocky coastlines torn.

And as the day has just begun,

For me it's like a setting sun,

No ventures out to test the nets,

But staying in and hedging bets.

Awakening to a winters call,

That has the will to stop us all.





Submitted: November 12, 2020

© Copyright 2021 dewey green. All rights reserved.

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A stark reminder of the coldness to come, Dewey. We've already had a couple of icy mornings, but at the moment it's back to the usual wet and windy stuff.
Loved the inclusion of the raven to give a stark contrast to the whiteness. A beautiful picture too.

Fri, November 13th, 2020 11:25am


Ta Matey! We've had a blanket of snow, melted yesterday for the most part, but tomorrow will be a solid day of snowing. I was inspired by looking out my window, a raven was perched on the rooftop. The raven sketch was a study for another painting, thought it was apropos. I'm thoroughly enjoying reading your stories as well mate !

Fri, November 13th, 2020 10:42am

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