I Hate Rabbits

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Review Chain

This is my short story I decided to write while I was at work. I actually tried to use all the prompts in it. I know one was altered slightly. I hope you all enjoy it.

She awakens with a groan of annoyance as her arm comes up covering her face. Emmett, her dog decided to assault her face with licks letting her know it’s time to get up.  He was better, and more reliable than any alarm out there. 
She pushes him away with a chuckle.  “Alright alright, I’m awake.” He tries to come back for some more kisses. She laughs and pushes his head away again.  “Alright, Emmett enough!” She exclaims with more authority.
He jumps down off the bed and goes and sits in front of her closed bedroom door. She sighs and lays there briefly looking at the mural painted on her ceiling. It’s a picture of a young woman standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking a small town below.  Leaving the city and littering the sky above are multiple hot air balloons.
She isn’t sure what this painting is supposed to represent, it was here when she bought the house. But to her, it represents freedom and escape.  Something she wants more than anything.
Finally, with a sigh she sits up. She pulls the blanket back at and turns hanging her leg off the side. She grabs the prosthetic leg leaning against her end table and slides it on, locking it in place. 
Emmett barks, getting impatient waiting for her to get moving. “I’m coming, hold your horses!” She says as she begins to stand.
She makes her way over and opens the door.  Emmett excitedly runs out and heads towards the front door.  She walks over and opens the door for him and he takes off.
He disappears into the dense woods surrounding her house.  She smiles and closes the door to let him do his thing.  She doesn’t have to worry about him, she knows he will be back.
She makes her way over and starts a pot of coffee, then heads to the restroom.  She does her morning pee then goes to wash her hands.  In the reflection looking back at her is that hideous beast.  The reminder of the pain and suffering she has went through.
She was once very attractive and was often complimented on her beauty.  She had a husband who she loved with all her heart.  A husband who promised to love and cherish her no matter what.  It all changed after that fateful day.
Half of her head and neck is extremely scarred and burned.  She has lost the sight in one of her eyes.  It has lost its beautiful amber color leaving it just a milky white orb.  And half of her head is now unable to grow hair so she decided to shave it all off.
She has become a monster.
Not long after that event everything started spiraling out of control.  She started having manic episodes scaring everyone.  There were times when her friends and family grew fearful for her life, and sometimes theirs.  She often fell into a deep depression, with her wanting to end her life.
Her husband tried sticking with her and supporting her, but it was too much for him.  Shortly after, her friends abandoned her. Afraid her family would be next, she decided to move, which caused more stress between them. She didn’t want to force anyone else to deal with her issues.
A pet was one of the suggestions her therapist gave her to help with her issues, and anxieties. She would have fallen back into her depression and suicidal ideations, if it wasn’t for Emmett.  The black dog no one wanted.
A loud whistle from the coffee pot snapped her back to the present. She makes her way back to the kitchen and turns off the stove.  While sitting down at the table she reads about the current events on her phone.  She also needs to finish the next chapter in her book.
After a while, she realizes Emmett hasn’t returned.  He would have scratched or barked at the door by now. She stands up and walks outside.
“Emmett!” She calls out for him.
After a couple minutes there still was no sight of him.  Worried he might have encountered a coyote or maybe a snake she walks further out into her yard.
“Emmett, come on boy!” She calls out again.
Suddenly, jumping out from a bush beside her is a jack rabbit.  Startled by it and having a fear of rabbits she stumbles backwards and falls.  Immediately, she begins having a flashback of that fateful night.
She was cautiously scouting her way through the enemy territory. She was one of the people who kept an eye out for landmines. She ended up finding one.
She radioed it in an began to mark it. As she crouched down beside it, she noticed a rabbit hop out from the tall grass.  Of course she ignored it, because it’s just a rabbit.  Then it hopped towards her, it was probably someone’s pet. Because they usually wouldn’t get this close.
She waved her hand at it to shoo it away. But it ignored her and hopped closer, hopping right on the landmine. Her eyes widened and she began to turn.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t fast enough.
She continued to stare at the rabbit frozen in fear.  It looked at her and took a hesitant hop closer.  She curled up, and began trembling.  Her breathing became ragged as she started to hyperventilate.
Suddenly, out of no where Emmett appears. He pounces on the rabbit, biting down and shaking it back and forth.  He then tosses it across the yard.
She continues to tremble, unable to calm herself.  Then two arms wrap around her, pulling her body up against his naked, muscular dark brown frame. “Shh, I’m here, Emmett is here.”
She hugs on to him, “I hate rabbits, I hate rabbits, man do I hate rabbits.”

Submitted: November 13, 2020

© Copyright 2020 K.Essler. All rights reserved.

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I Hate Rabbits

You did a great job using all three prompts! Your sentences are packed full of descriptions, and your phrases are so original. Your writing is alive!
Some of my favorite phrases are, "awakens a groan of annoyance" and "assault her face with licks". I also like the way you told her story, drifting in and out of her past. The only suggestion I have is to watch your grammar and punctuation; I know because I am so very bad with this. It's always easier to recognize in someone else's writing. Nicely done. Write on!

Fri, November 13th, 2020 3:28am

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