Untold Secrets inside The Water

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

HI this is a Short Horror Story. About a 10 year Old Girl Named Lila. That was lied to ever since she was 5 year's Old, Why Because Lila was always told that she was the only Love Child. The thing is she finds out that She was Not the only Love child, for Her Parents did have Untold Secrets inside the pond the water in back the house what may go on from here...It's a Pond of Screams...?"


Hi! There it is October 31st How are you doing this Hallows Eve, Me I'm good just Came back from Trick or Treating with my Cousin and a few of my friend, It was some Kind of Fun Yes, It was Awesome for I kind of got two Halloween Bags Packed with Candy, anyhow Ow I am sorry, My Bad The

Name is Lila Lays... I am 10 years old, and as far as I reamer I was the only Child Born By My Parents. But somethings wrong With My Life I donno but It's Like apart of me is...

Missing, I can't Thank of why... forestine just like The waters Falling from the sky and I. just like a New star finding New Reasons why. I walk the days looking up hoping I'd find that Piece, that Piece that I'm

Missing I walk the Night Looking down and I pray. What is it that Piece, That Piece that I am Missing...?" I Donno but I hope soon that I will find it until then, I'll just Pray for it to come to me, What ever it maybe For That piece that is missing in my Life.

So OK it is October 31st on All Hallows Eve. I was Tired plus helping Mom and Dad going thru my candy. I really didn't look at the time but after me and my Mom and Dad went thru my Candy I was so Tired, so After I took a shower I went to Bed and soon I...

Was Out Like a Light Bub I reamer sleeping for awhile But then Later on I started hearing A voice It was not Mines but it sounded like mines and No it was not my inside voice it was saying LILA!, LILA!, LILA!...?" it scared me and then I jumped up looking all around Hello is anybody there, who's there.

The Voice Said Yes I am here, I have always been here...?" Lila asked who are you, you know my Name but I donno your's Plus I don't even Know who you are...?" Bleeve me Lila you Know Me we are very Close will use to be...?"

Lila said what do you mean use to be...I...I...Can't reamer. That's OK I can Remind you Listen Carefully Lila Alright...?" We was together long ago actually five years ago, My Name is Nyla. Lila said ow wow... that name rhymes with my Name.

Nyla said it was suppose to Lila. Lila said what do you mean it was suppose to rhyme with my Name...?" Nyla said because Lila fallow my Voice and I'll Show you why...?" Lila said how...?"

Nyla said follow my voice and I'll Show you, Fallow my voice Lila... Lila said OK Nyla I will Fallow your Voice. So Lila put's on her slip on shoe's she already had her White Nighty on, She fallow's her voice for it came from outside she had her bedroom window's...

Cracked so Lila Sneaks out the back door, Fallow's Nyla's voice straight to The Pond behind the house that had a Fence all around it and a big gate with a big chain and Lock so that Lila could not go into it with out a baby sitter or one her Parents with her.

Lila Said Ow... No... no...No I can not go in there my Parents told me not too biting her Pinkie are you sure Nyla that you are in there...?" Nyla said I am in here Lila I've been in here since five years ago, That is why they put a fence and a gate with big chain and Lock on it.

Lila said Why... what happen and how in the world am I going to get in there...?" Nyla said easy crawl up and over the fence I wish to see you...?" Lila said OK but then how would I see you...?"

Nyla said look into the Water Come now. Lila said OK so Lila Climbs up and over the fence tore the dark water the Pond walking slowly to it... Nyla I'm scaredet, Nyla said don't be I won't let nothing happen to you If' n I can Help it.

Lila said Nyla can we talk first before I get closer to the Pond please. Nyla said sure as she brought a log against Lila's leg's and Nyla said Have a seat took Lila's breath away Ow...Wow cool surd of surprised How in the world did you do that...?"

Don't worry about it, Lemme till you a Short story here When we was Five years old Lila me and you was playing on our tire swing Hung up on the Tree in the back yard Then we wanted to swim in the Pond here at the time we had a baby sitter Named Maria she was a teenager, When Maria was not

Watching Me and you very well instead she was in our Parents room with her Boyfriend Ted doing what ever I was a few minutes older then you but you see we was diffrent from each other I was the Opposite from you. anyway before I go there, me and you came to the Pond by our self's and...

We went Swimming, But Further ado we was playing in the pond having a good time, Until I started showing off and my foot got stuck under a tree Root at the bottom of the Pond and I could not free my foot so I asked you to go and get me help, so you got out and ran to try and get me help but by the...

Time The Help Came I had already Drouin in this Pond and Died... The help never found me for some reason and every since then Lila I've been here for five years cause when that happend we Both was only Five year's Old and on every all Hollow's Eve. My Spirit walks the Earth feeling Cold

Until I see Hope Just Like a sigh in the grave, Just Like A New life Breathing Within and I, I hope that soon you would hear my cry's calling out to you Lila. Lila said Nyla How can I see you I want to see what you look like please...?"

Nyla said sure now then come closer to the Pond and Look into the water you will then see me Lila...?" Lila said OK Nyla. So Lila comes closer to the pond and looks into the Dark water , she lookslosely, and Lila couldn't Bleeve what se was seeing come to find out she found out what The untold secrets inside The Dark Water's of the Pond, It was like a Mirror... and Lila just see One Reflection, Was it Just Lila or did she see Two...?"

Nyla in the Dark water Was standing right beside Lila, They Looked Exact ally A Like, Yes Nyla and Lila was Identical twin sister's. Lila rubbed her eye's and said Nyla is that you standing there right beside me or do I see Double...?"

Nyla said yes It is I I told you Lila we was very close. Lila said that is so cool you look just like me...?" Nyla said yes Lila that we do, you see Sis. I am your Identical twin sister, we look alike but Sis. we are not a like.

Lila said why for...?" Nyla said will you see Lila you was the Good Twin sister and I was The Evil Twin sister, come closer to the Pond I wish to see you even more if you will Please.

Lila said OK so Lila get's on her knees by the Pond is that Better Nyla...?" Why... Sure that's just Perfect. then out the Blue Nyla Why Gross and was Decaying This is where this story has a jump Scare for Nyla Jumps Up BOO! and out of the Pond grabbing her Twin sister Lila and takes Lila back in the Pond

Down in the Pond with her and Lila Never Came back up and out the Pond.

The End!

Submitted: November 13, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Babygurl38. All rights reserved.

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