Chapter 1: (v.2) A Christmas Wish

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

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 “Hi How are you...?”I am the One on your


Right My Names Devi. I am The One On your


Left and My Names Nevi...?”


We Are Twin Sisters. And we have a Great


Story to Share with


you All...?” Ever Have a Special


Christmas wish...?” 2016”

Do You Believe in Very wishes...?”


We do Know that, we Ain't Suppose to


Speak of Our Wishes Oh But We Must


Share This one with you...?”

Well You See Me and Nevi Aren't Usual Into


The same Things are No Not Usually I

Mean Yes we are But we are so


Different From One Another But for Once

in Our Life s we was Into The Same-thing


wasn't we Devi..?” Yeah Sis. But what

was it...?”

It Was The Same


Christmas Wish...?”

Yeah Sis. That's Right


we had The same

Christmas wish...?”


and that is what This


Special Christmas


Story is about.


you know when you


feel like You Going to


Have a Bad




and you want to have

A Good One.


And You Don't Know


what To Do..?”


Do what we did and?” Pray Like and to Jesus...?"


yes but always do


that Ain't That right



Yeah Nevi That is



So maybe There is


Two Things me


And sissy are Both




OH yeah That's Right


You Know Nevi I didn't


Thank Of it That Way!


Ha! Ha!


Don't worry Sissy it



Well it was actually


On Christmas Eve


The Night Before




we Baked Cookies for

Santa clause!

And placed the plate of Cookies and a Big Glass of Milk on the little table by The

Fire Place where our stockings Hung and then me and Nevi went to our Window and we held hands and as we was looking outside the window....

And we seen the Bright Christmas Star and we together made a Christmas wish for a Little Angel Puppy with wings and can talk Named Silver...?”

and then we went to bed and grabbed our teddy Bears held them said our Prayer's and finally Fail a sleep.

Early that morning...

I was woke by with world with such a Clatter on the Roof I woke sissy, as we ran to the window to see what was a Matter

Screaming out “Ho Ho!” Marry Christmas to all and all of Good Knight and we watched him disappear...?”

Me and Sis Looked at each other Santa ate all our Homemade cookies and drink the big Glass of Milk and we woke our Parents to open our Christmas Presents we was very Happy for what we got but after we opened our Last Presents we realized and we didn't get our Christmas wish...?”

our Mom said hey! Girls what is this...?”

for she had found a Letter from Santa Rolled up and tied with a Red ribbon and we asked her to Read it to us Please Mom...?”

Mom said OK...?”

She unties the Purdy Red Ribbon and unrolled the letter and the letter said...?”

Dear, Devi and Nevi you may want to look out on your back Port-ch Love Santa Claus!”

Me and Devi Looked at each other and we ran to the back Door where a Big Package was sitting right at the door we grabbed it and we both took it in to the fire place where it was warm and sit it down and we both opened it together and it was a Big Box with a lead on it we opened that lead and Guess what it was...?”

Yes It was our Little Angel Puppy Named Silver!” yes he could talk and he could Fly But Only if you Bleeve in which me...

and Devi did only we could hear Silver Talk so Yes me and My Sister got our Christmas Wish too and it was a Wonderful Christmas and do we have many Adventure's planed with our New Angel Puppy Silver...?” But Those are other Story's we hope to Share with you!”

so don't Give up Pray and Bleeve we Did and


so can you!”

The End



Submitted: November 13, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Babygurl38. All rights reserved.


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