Festive Light

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Life keeps the freshness for the home blessed for our entire adventure this Diwali invites. Let us be with Krishna who will raise this freedom for a lifetime so fulfilled in the great love.

Deep within the reply for your beloved dreams,

When it rains and the living Earth live the life you’ve imagined,

Thoughts that feel the goodness what goes around as you drive home,

Luckily this festive light came as the empress grateful for our future,

Everything you ask for illuminates us within to accept this festive blessings,

Appreciating the love and support of a good friendship here we are with Krishna,

Until it feels real the beauty of a rainforest outside your window embrace the great love,

This universe accepting a positive powerful remembrance this time when you realize,

Years from now it be wonderful if everything comes back faster than the path to peace,

In my entire lifetime the science of luck receives one prisoner who accepts the full responsibility,

How he shares this gratitude that changes something we do daily,

For new things every day shall be grateful for beloved devotedness,

I remember the next time till you receive the big picture before us,

The magic wants our dream job has stepped on the road to success,

And the winner would be you if you wish believing your imagination,

It’s possible acting as if you are thankful for the great daydreaming that can’t stop you now,

May be the dream you start to see yourself not as prey to life’s circumstances,

When the worthy life’s greatest gifts ask for what you toed beyond the limitless dream,

Life is hard for what we want for those self-imposed limits,

Living is simple for the very energy more you desire to become,

Life attracts how happily you longed for things to be different,

Life distracts what you like if the thought doesn’t attract your wish aloud,

Ask with boldness what conceive the energy you send out in your thoughts,

This exciting playground has a miracle worthy of life’s greatest gifts,

If you act in good faith that trust your deepest realized faith for the right deeds,

Believe it grandly for our roles that makes your attainable depth of our being,

Today this prisoner smartly snaps out of a dream why we want it,

It may take infinite miles anyone can restore this oneness to get back in shape,

But Alice in wonderland tells us pay attention to everything around,

Somewhere this festive light will challenge the darkness to end in everlasting hope for our living Earth,

Why my heart request this living dream made the half of my lives desire for making a difference receiving our experience into a reality?

I shall create as I translate a healthy challenge for a stranger to disappear into an invitation adventure,

May the living Earth donate the experience into a fertilizing rain listening to celebrate this invitation with my teacher wish,

Having something that saves every moment for the planet so vulnerable,

This hall of fame welcomes our destiny together to talk about the trip we never miss any chance so real,

As Krishna said this thought for a festive Diwali,

“Darkness does not come to light; light has to go to darkness”

May the upcoming Diwali illuminate us from within.

Submitted: November 13, 2020

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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