Chapter 1: Welcome Little One

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

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“Ah dear, let me warm your hands.”


Despite the gloves the woman was freezing, very much as her husband was. Yet, being the type of man he is, he did not want to watch her suffer. It had been a horrid few weeks- the snow that covered the land seemed to grasp the wind quite strongly and she, Mary, did not do well at the doctors. It had been a bit since the miscarriage and many in the village blamed the harvest. It was rather tough this year, not many traveled to the village to sell the usual salt and flour. They were starving and no matter how much snow one puts in their mouth it never quenches the thirst.


The two were moving steadily- taking a stroll through the woods and for once were being adventurous. The couple wandered off the path and it seemed the icy influence of the area bathed in hardship. No animal, no plant but many of tree lay before the family unit.


The man, Albert, took his wife hands into his own as a gentle smile caressed his face. Usually they stay on the path but having the burden of losing the child caused Mary to become not her usual self these days. But perhaps, he questioned in his mind if this was the right idea to take a new route this time. They take a walk once a week, sometimes twice to take the mind of suffering off their noggins.


Suddenly, as if God were punishing them, the two began to hear soft whimpering. With each step they were taking it seemed the area had been disheveled. Twigs sprinkled with crimson with rocks had been kicked up, the ground hinting at fresh dirt as if some sort of struggle took place. The couple halted at the sight, looking at each other with such caution.


“Did… can you hear??“


Mary’s once somber hues turned to panic, without much as a second thought to what she was doing. She heard it, they were both hearing it!


“Albert come quick!”


She pressed, picking up the hem of her dress to help move faster. The echo’s of the baby voice bounced against the trunks of trees, smacking them both in the face as they ran. Seconds turned to minutes and it certainly felt like hours.


“Mary! Mary slow down!”

But Mary seemed to vanish beyond the veil of white sheet, causing a branch above to move. The snow plowed onto Albert’s head, causing his hat to fall. He tripped forward, thankfully catching himself by the arm of a tree. He used his hand to lean against the wood, picking up his hat as well as the dead bark. This area seemed very dead, very dark and very…



There his wife, stood by the edge of a pond that covered itself in a sheet of ice. Blood splatter all around, foot prints leading to where Mary stood. Worse of all was the smell. Albert quickly used his inner arm to cover his nose, blinking a few times from the piercing sun above. It blocked his vision, but he swore that smell came from that pond. He was right; it was not just blood and feet patterns but looked to be human organs too. It appeared to have been ripped out from bellies.


“What in the makers name?”


Albert questioned before noting his wife who seem to take interest in something. She gingerly sat upon her knees, cooing with faint whispering. His wife were more brave than he as it seemed at least the smell did not bother her one bit. What was she doing?


As he inched closer, he could hear…


“A baby!”


Mary exclaimed, looking up at her husband with shock. It did not look like a normal baby. It was blue, head to toe with frozen joints that could break off as easily as bread. There were lacerations, deep wounds upon the lids that lay shut. It must have died from frost bite.


“Who?! Who does this to a child?!”


Mary’s eyes began to water just as Albert’s knee hit the snow. His hand took hold of his wife’s shoulder, trying to comfort her. He squeezed it gently with warm patience. They gazed into each others eyes. They knew what must be done.


With a sigh, Mary went to pick up the corpse. However when she did, it screamed! The adults jumped back, their butts landing hard as the once dead baby they dropped was crying once again.


They both stared, mesmerized as the color blue materialized into a nice pink, healthy shade. The little girl was crying, boasting about life. Her hues that sprang open were hazy, indicating there was something wrong- Mary knew.


“She… she has the eyes of an old woman.”


Mary uttered, dilatory moved over towards the infant. Mary picked her up, cradling the babe in her arms. The baby was freezing but.. it was alive?


“No.. No no!”


Albert firmly stated, standing up as he brushed off the dirt from his behind. He knew what she wanted to do and honestly…..


“But Albert! She is just a baby!”




They both stayed silent as some snowflakes wet upon the ground, it was as if the trees were pressing on this matter too.


Albert rubbed his temples as Mary instinctively pressed the baby closer to her bosom.


“My Mary, you know it is illegal to have something like this in the village. We cannot unless we want to be hung ourselves.”


Mary counteracted this thought.


“But it feels like… We were meant to find her… She is innocent. She will not become like those monsters! I will make sure of it!”


Suddenly a sneeze caused the two to look at the baby. She was grinning ear to ear, wiping her noes with her tiny fingers.


“What monster smiles? None is what I say!”


Now was Mary hysterical? Perhaps; but it wasn’t as if the thought didn’t cross his mind. He too longed for a child and her she was free for the taking. Besides the scars and fuzzy pupil’s the infant looked normal enough.


Mary beamed, knowing she won the heart of the man, yet again. Men may be born from Earth, but woman were the rib. The one part to keep jabbing to get their way when needed the most. Albert helped his wife up as the baby began to cry, its petite fingers clinging onto the fabric of the blouse.


“What should we name her?”


Mary questioned but already knew the answer.


“Welcome Rune, it is wonderful to meet you.”


Thus Rune’s adventure began as once melancholy stricken adults eagerly made their way back to the cottage, hoping to begin a life all three would want.

Submitted: November 13, 2020

© Copyright 2021 alchiap. All rights reserved.


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