Chapter 2: The One Eye

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

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Since the miscarriage had been bestowed upon the couple, they were able to use the breast milk Mary carried for their little Rune. She was beautiful but for the first few months of her life she lived in secret. That day they bundled her up so well she looked to be just a loaf of bread being hidden from the ice. No one questioned them, only the guard that stood watch. In these parts, many of monster hid across the line. People like Rune would be feared and for a brief moment they thought they would lose her. The guard without question tipped his hat, signifying they could continue on. Quickly they went inside their cottage, a home built by Mary’s parents. They were long dead as for the rest of their family. It was just Albert and Mary for awhile or well, until Rune came into the picture.


It was difficult to manage at first with a new baby and all, but never once did Rune make a sound. The cuts upon the babies lids disturbed the two, just enough to question can she see? It didn’t matter at first, not until she started walking. Rune grew incredibly fast, much faster than a human baby. Many a nights Albert would be in the library in town, trying to figure out how to care for their new family member. There was a hint or two, but never anything solid. It made him question if there was something more out there than what their tiny village knew? Rune always felt cold, ice touch almost but never did it hurt. Had something warm come to her lips it would cause steam. Their question had been answered as the baby seem to look around when called, eyes moving sideways as if unsure where Mamma's voice was. She would bump into furniture and fall quite a bit which gave Albert a grand idea to cover the edges of furniture with wool, so as it would not hurt as much. The smart man that he is decided to add texture to things, so she would know what is was.


Rune’s voice turned to silk as she began her sentences. Never once skipped, never once incorrect. Rune was intelligent that was evident enough, even knew when to hide. But as she grew, the little one could hear everything. A sewing needle fell downstairs while father was talking? Rune heard it. A dog barking miles away? Yes indeed. It seemed her disability granted a gift but what else was she? Albert once question if she knew what she was and all the girl did was shake her head, just continuing to beam.


Mary however was enjoying this- she made the finest dresses with the most extravagant bows. Rune loved to dress girly and when her snow colored locks reached those shoulders, prompting it to be always up in a bun. Mary started to take Rune out to the shops, shielding her frame by a sea deep cloak. Rune by then was starting to become more curious about the world around her since she can hear practically everything. To shield the eyes to not scare others, Mary gave her daughter a blindfold to wear. If anyone asked, she had sensitive eyes. It wasn’t a big lie, since it was true. The sunlight from above hurt the girls hues, the first time she stepped out she screamed. Thankfully Mary had covered her daughters mouth when that occurred, quickly rushing her inside. Would she live in darkness forever?


One day, it was just Mary and Rune walking along the trail. By then, the townsfolk question who this child was and all Mary could say it was an elder relative from a neighboring town. The next town was just a few miles away, nothing too far if by horse. Never once has anyone seen the girls face and Mary taught her daughter to bend odd when she walk; to give the illusion she was elderly. By now, with how fast Rune grew, she would be 15 in human years in just a six month span of time. That’s right, the couple only had to endure the terrible two’s for perhaps two seconds at most. Rune was very advance, always curious but never disobeyed her parents. As the two walked the trail, able to be alone, Rune had her hood off to let the sun comb her hair. It sparkled as if each snowflake crowned her head with gold- she was beautiful and Mary was proud. The two halted a moment, Rune placing her finger out as a small sparrow landed on the index. The forest just seemed to know Rune, always seem to greet her one way or another.


“I wish I had your skill to call birds.”


Mary smiled as Rune nose kissed the beak of the creature. It’s talons patted against Rune’s knuckle a moment before suddenly taking flight. Rune placed a hand up in a defensive stance.




“Shh mama.”


Mary’s hands came together in fear, watching as her daughter seem to look in a certain direction. Never had she seen Rune do this and this frighten her. As she was about to place a hand out to touch Rune’s shoulder, she quickly pulled back as snarling sounds barked at the two.


A wolf, a very large one stood in a stance. It’s one eye menacing as its canines dripped with a fresh kill. The animal was more interested in them and the ladies both knew there would be more than one. Had they gone too far from the trail? Mary’s eyes began to tear as three other wolves, smaller than the leader begin to circle them.


Mary picked up a branch that happened to be beside her foot, her hands extremely shaky like a leaf in the wind. She was terrified but she had to protect Rune!


“Get! Get out of here!”


Mary shouted, obviously not well rounded in battle. She wanted to tell Rune to run but was afraid her daughter might get lost trying to head back. She didn’t know what to do and before she could decide one of the small wolves lunged at them. Mary hit the animal like it was a stick ball but it barely did much. It bit the branch in two as it landed just inches in front of the girls. It went to bite again, but this time it was aiming towards Mary. Mary let out a scream just as it tasted flesh…


However there was no pain, no blood? Mary had instinctively had closed her eyes, arms up in defense. It didn’t bite her at all but instead…




Her daughter pushed between them just as its jaw locked on. Why was Mary not screaming? Or Rune for that matter? The wolf had succeeded in it’s attack but it did nothing? The animal was hanging on Rune’s arm, tugging aggressively and more so annoyed. Rune’s arm became frozen in a sense, it turned crystal blue and was just as hard as a rock.


Rune shoved the animal off and she was just as shocked as her mother was. When Rune pushed the wolf off, shards of ice collided at the exact moment. It seem to come from Rune’s arm!


All four wolves were struck, the one that did the actual biting had the most trauma to it. It’s teeth were completely shattered and an icicle had smashed into it’s shoulder. Hopefully it would die faster from blood loss than starvation. The pack leader seem to give the other three some sort of signal before turning; departing the area. The two woman fell to their knees, bracing each other in awe. How in heavens did they survive that? Mary planted a kiss on Rune’s forehead just as the blindfold fell off from the loose ends. Rune’s bun was a mess, they were both crying and just very confused.


“Can..Can you do that again?”

Submitted: November 24, 2020

© Copyright 2021 alchiap. All rights reserved.


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