Chapter 2: Go micheal!

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

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From then on, Lucifer had tremendous success in winning over hundreds of angels from the creator.

Sowing seeds of distrust, evil intent and treasons.

His main scoring point was that the creator was a brute tyrant spirit who could do them no good, while citing the creation of man as a sacreledge and a breach of immortality, and he promised them of a superb and better governance if they supported him. These angels bought it.

Lucifer then told his 'chosen ones' to boycott the singing of sacred hymns and praises unto the creator, instead to direct enconiums on him

Trouble reared when the archangel micheal noticed a short, drop in the numerical numbers of angels who were supposed to sing vocally to the creator

This happened after the creator had forcefully 'removed' adam's wife (first) who war obnoxiously primed for evil and disrespect, and had made eve(second) and had rested.

Micheal sensed a mischeif brewing and it was the first ever. He alerted gabriel and rachel
These were arch angels

Essentially, Lucifer could not even open trechrours talks with any of them for they were strictly loyal.
Any rumour of that kind would had spelt doom for lucifer alone

The kingdom of heaven was largly vast. The creator ofcourse was aware of the important events that happens in there.

He probably felt, there was no need to add the angel, his servants to his awareness and watchlist because he trusted each and every one of them

As the arch angels walked through the large streets of portB heaven. They witness a gathering not approved by the above. They were curious, they hastened up.

They could hear chants of "LU!" renting up the peace of the void. They met up and behold the angels who were missing, headcount in an instant, were five hundred.

Lucifer was sitted up in a make shift mounted podium. Suddenly he caught sight with the arch angels

He flinched, but concealed it. He raised his voice to welcome them

"What art thou hosting lu?" Rachel inquired.

Before lucifer could conclude on a lie for starters, his fellow and cum henchmen began to raise their voice in synergy chanting

"We want lu!"

Lucifer took a cue "Yes, they want me, not the creator, think about it!"

The archangels were bemused. Lucifer saw that they were silent and try to drive his point home

"The creator hast enslaved us, forcing us as servants when we could be gods"

Gabriel turned his back "enough, i will have no more of this!"

"Treason, this is!" Rachel spat out

"Lucifer, you're arrested!" micheal said

"Well" Lucifer began with pride as he stood on the podium "Thats if you can get to me!" he boasted

Lucifer's hench angels drew out their swords. "This is out of place" Rachel was lived.

"Gabriel?" micheal called, and gabriel looked at him signifling acceptance.

In an instant, even lucifer was daft, he wasn't even expecting. He had always underrated micheal.

Micheal had already caught lucifer in the neck. Lucifer struggled to glance at the hench angels.

They were already sprawling on the diamond floor. Immediately, they sprang up, they had rachel and gabriel to contend with.

Lucifer, in a flash, forced away micheal's grip and kicked him in the adominal region, while also sending a super punch to his jawline.

Micheal found himself crashing into a ruby wall, leaving a crack in the precious stone

This ends!" Micheal sprang up in an instant, he's catching lucifer's punches and countering it.

Until he gave him a head job which made lucifer felt like his angelic power had been obliterated from the top of his head.

He fell down like a dead fish

His hench-angels stopped wrestling as they saw that lucifer was now down

He was then taken away to council to be tried upon



Submitted: November 21, 2020

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