Blood Demon: The Fall Of The Dove (Book 1)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Milo Murray, An Orphan From Chicago, Illinois, Is On The Run From The Government, Fearing He Will Be Executed When He Meets Avery Queen, An Agent For The Government, Who Becomes A Double Agent, Protecting Milo From The Government, All The While Showing Him Who He Really Is, And What He Could Become.

Table of Contents


It Was A Cool Saturday Night During August Of 1999 In Chicago, Illinois When Milo Murray, 7 Years Old At The Time, Was Watching TV In The... Read Chapter


Milo Ran Through The Dark, Empty Streets, Ducking Behind Bushes At Any Signs Of Movement. A Voice In His Head That Wasn’t His Said,... Read Chapter


Milo Ran Through The Streets Of Chicago, Illinois As Black SUVs Followed Him, Not Even Stopping At Red Lights. “Jesus Christ, Why D... Read Chapter


After Milo And Avery Got To Know Each Other, Milo Swore That He Had Heard A Deep, Raspy Inside His Head That Seemed To Be Saying, “Milo... Read Chapter


Milo Walked On A Lonely Sidewalk In The Largely-Populated City Of Chicago, Illinois, While Cars And Trucks Bustled By On The Road Full Tr... Read Chapter


Brendon Walked Through The Alleyways, Looking Side To Side Every Couple Seconds, When He Saw A Dark-Clothed, Hooded Figure Coming Out Fro... Read Chapter


Avery Walked Back From The Cabin, Frolicking Down The Same Dirt Path Yet Again, But This Time In The Different Direction. Avery Thoug... Read Chapter


Avery Guided Milo Through The Forest, Showing Him The Way To Wherever It Was That They Were Going, And Milo Felt A Pang Of Anxiousness Ch... Read Chapter


“So This Is The Main House Here… Then We Got The Dining Building Over There. Also, The Dining Building Is Connected To The School... Read Chapter


Milo Woke Up On A Cot In A Lit Up Small White-Walled Room Filled With Other Cots, First Aid Kits, IVs And A Lot Of Other Hospital Related... Read Chapter


Milo Pulled Away From Avery’s Grasp After Telling Her The Truth About Himself, Right Before Avery Told Him, “Well, Brendon Likes Guys... Read Chapter


Everyone Went Back Inside The Main House, Besides Milo, Along With Avery And Brendon, Who Were All Sitting On A Wooden Bench On The Pavil... Read Chapter


Milo Watched As Two Girls, Who Milo Recognized From When He Drifted In And Out Of Consciousness, Entered The Main House’s Common Room T... Read Chapter


Milo, Brendon And Avery Sat In Arm Chairs In The Main House, Relaxing After A Long Day. Andrew Walked Into The Room Through The Golden Se... Read Chapter


Milo, Avery And Brendon Were Still In The Common Room, Lounging In Armchairs When Avery’s Phone Rang, Vibrating In Her Pocket. Avery To... Read Chapter


“So, Where Do I Sleep?” Milo Asked Avery, Confused, “Up There Is A Living Area.” Avery Replied To Milo’s Question, Pointing To ... Read Chapter


Avery And Brendon Left Milo In His New Room (Room Number Six) To Get Adjusted To His New Settings, Heading Back Downstairs To Check In Wi... Read Chapter


Milo, Avery, And Brendon Walked Back To The Main House While Andrew, Scarlet, And Kathy Stood At The Dining Building’s Front Door, Wait... Read Chapter


Milo Ate Dinner That Night In The Dinner Building, Shoveling Forkfuls Of Chicken Into His Mouth As He Listened To The Wind Blowing Outsid... Read Chapter


Milo Watched From Outside The Main House’s Door As A Large Crowd Of People Streamed Out Of The Dining Building And Rushed Over To Where... Read Chapter


Milo Stood On The Road In His Old Childhood Neighborhood, Staring At The Green One-Story House With Black Shingles, A Red Door, And Huge ... Read Chapter


Milo Raced Outside, Snowflakes Falling Softly Onto His Coldly Red-Colored Nose. He Adjusted His Parka Coat Hood As He Pulled On His G... Read Chapter

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