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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

created high magi by the works of the devil or a group of devils

Creative Writing 11/13/2020

This short story, i begin in the criminal point of view, where in modern society problems are not solved but postpone or controlled, such as, there was a large group of homeless men and women, and science has not evolved to the point where the people on Earth not able to travel to the moon or outer space, it is at its primitive form in technology. Many experimentation were held secretly, and unwanted people in the urban area were heavily populated, were gotten rid of secretly by a special task force. Knowledge and power were kept for the few while the public were given only the point where they become obedient serfdom. 

My story begins with a particular out of the many abused women or children and even men, if you think more critically. Nevertheless, it begins with this particular woman, who was beaten, lie to, raped, and overall called and accused as insane, trapped in a institution, sometimes it is called mental institution or asylum, whatever you may called it but funded by the public or a hidden organization. 

The guards here who were thought to protect their patients were actually predators, there were only a few if any good men to uphold the policy, but majority had their way with all their patients. Sometimes they collaborate with the janitors, sometimes the wards, sometimes, the supervisors. In their tone of voice you can hear their arrogance, their inner voice , if you listen closely.

While, nurses who came to clean victims, sometimes they will inject sleeping syringes, because some patients were more intense then the others. This gives an opportunity and temptation for criminal nurses to commit their act and then will clean their body, to wash away any traces of DNA, or evidence in their daily routine.
People with criminal backgrounds were waived or in a loophole wiped clean, good nurses had too many routines to actually give quality family like support. 

Soon afterwards, the group of predators were becoming big, and their word of mouth was spreading wider in the dark drinking hours. There was one fool who got caught, believed the patient cannot conceived because of few beliefs, or the hour of menstruating, or believe she has menopause, or old age, but whatever the reason was, the patient conceived, due to his negligence. He was apprehended, and policy were tightened even more, and so did the other group of predators as well.

Soon, they push forward a new policy for patients to be taken care by their love ones and by that way , the philosophy of nurses from trusted family and friends were created, but that does little but only to send out fear and limited access for criminality. 

So, that leaves one of our stories today, a woman who was constantly raped by numerous people. She screamed and yelled and sometimes even complain to the higher authority , but no, they did not listen nor did she not know the authority has arranged this social satanic experiment. Her torment and torture began. i will called her Savannah. 

Each night Savannah sleeping in her cell room, and morning day, she played with other patients and socialized with them, she has this thought, not suicadal thoughts that she once had  but thoughts of committing murder, homicide tendencies, from these torments and drugs to numb her violent behavior. 

She stop eating food but when given the opportunity to eat raw steak, or raw dished she became delighted, and soon her meal has changed to raw dishes. She was happy.

Night came, she knows the same faces that would come and have sexual intercourse with her, the rape sensations has became something now consensual where she is self aware where she can control and manipulate. She would be given more bloody dishes, mainly dishes of actual human body parts and corpses. It has embed in her psyche that cannabalism is natural to her.

Her live would have cut short, but she became a liking or a pet, for an elite satanic figure. A figure with mysterious authoritative  power. 

She was one the few with no families but picked up in the street to hold many experiments with the illusion policy of helping impoverished people to regain
cognition. She was transferred into a laboratory and here many military officers were watching, to throw her into a portal where they do not know where it will take her or what will happen, for scientific knowledge. 

Once thrown to the portal, she was sent into a dimension but somewhere given in the universe, time space on Earth but a different time period, another portal opened and out came a new Savannah. She had odd clothing, but clean. Her hair was fine and body was smooth. Her expression was healthy.

Here, the new Savannah, in the times of primitive era and each world distinct religion was blossoming . 

“ Odd world. Low level humans. Cruel fates, that the Atlanteans has banished me here in this realm,” said Savannah.

Here , she found that her sensory other hidden powers are enhanced like that you often seen in modern vampire movies. 

“Here, i am stronger then my original realm, why would the crystal skull machine
sent me here, for my soul journey?”

Savannah, traveled and killed and cannibalized village after village, until she sees a man with authority and studies their ranking slowly, and killing them hidden and secretly when a new higher authority arrives. Her sexuality was prowess. Soon, she reached into the bloodline families that rules the world.

She was fascinated by his knowledge and allowed him to live until he is not necessary anymore. Soon, her identity and mischievous acts were uncovered. She ran away because the power that the family possess was collaborated in a timeline structure. Now, hidden from society, and bored she remained quiet. 

one day, she heard of a famous teacher was passing by from the people, and singing his poetry and parables. 

he was a beautiful young man. She shapeshifted into numerous classes of human beings and animals, to test his piety, and to no end he passed as a highly honest compassionate being.

Kindness and compassion did not interest her, but she was fascinated how full of light he was, his face was full of grace and knowledge. It fascinated her. 

“ i heard your flesh grants immortality to any beings who eats of you,” said Savannah.

“ Those false rumors spread has given me unwanted recognition,” said Janus, happily.  “You see my wounds, you think these mosquitos will live forever?”

“ i’ve taken a kind of liking of you.”

“ Its forbidden for me to get married,” said Janus. “ I made an oath to be celibate “

Janus and Savannah became close companion as not many can enter their own personal circle ; as Savannah ‘s hidden powers allows her to see Janus easily, while , Janus did not recognize her abilities as he did not believe such supernatural beings do not exist, but often found her to be sweet young woman. 

Savannah, now in hills, was contemplating, lost in her emotions, excitement, depression, rejection. Growing hungry, she hunted for humans to feed. She found some men, drunkard and arrogant, she remembers how disgusting humans were, her moodswing changed. 
Her sadistic nature killing and eating humans is her persona, and her powers grow and tapped because she never belong into that realm, as she was a higher being. 

Savannah, looking at the spiders crawling up to her arm. She smiled and ate the spider, and felt a great estacsy. And she jumped very high showing her abilities in the dark hour, like a jumping spider, and onto Janus.

Janus frighten of her unknown abilities, and his own insecurities and belief. Savannah with her past sexual experiences and new emotions, sadistic sexual heighten emotions, cannibalized Janus after he reach a climatic orgasm.

Janus , even onto death, still carried that beautiful smile and grace, and one last kiss from Savannah, she carried her bloody gore corpse of Janus, to her hidden home. Probably, to finish eating the remaining parts of her love one.

And many months later, she gave birth, and decided to live as a commoner with her daughter. Poverty was a new concept to her and went she cooked a nice meal for her daughter she would vomit.
In the dark hours she would go out to hunt and steal if necessary; Soon the mercenaries arrived to hunt that certain person, Savannah, a target given by the rulers of that realm, whom she escaped and murder their family.

A strong mercernary arrived and heard of a growing number  of dead and missing victims , and saw how the child of Savannah was different then among the other children, a different kind of beauty and grace that will make any man to become noble , repentful, remorseful, and towards women , become good sisters or daughter.

“ Hello, sweety, My name is Boris, what is your name, “ said the stranger.

“  My name is Carmilla”

The stranger saw her mother, and automatically knew it was her that they came to slayed.

The stranger and his men plotted to sow discord between the daughter and mother. 

“ Hello there again, that lady, is not your mother, she is a monster and will eat you one day. If you don't believe me, at night when you are sleeping follow your mother."

And nightfall came, Savannah put her daughter Carmilia to sleep, while she hear footsteps coming towards her home. She was proud and over confident not to leave, as she saw humans 
were weak. And  Carmila follow her mother . 

Savannah enters a home where the mercernaries was hiding and preparing their weapons and magic. " So you came to hunt me here?"

" You will not be leaving here alive, monster," said Boris. When Boris saw Carmila was watching at the window, he order his men to attack. And that is when 
Savannah with his vampire like but more like spider abilities killed all the soldiers and tore their limbs apart and ate their flesh, while, Boris escaped and took 
Carmilla away. 

Savannah sees her daughter being carried away, panic, for the first time or a very long time. Her compassion and tears were boiling inside of her. 
Boris men lay ambush after ambush to slow Savannah down, until she finally reached into a trap that succumbed her. 

Carmila shocking and disturbed she entrusted herself fully to Boris, where Boris is now a surrogate father to her. Boris informs his master, Lord, of his report. The rulers, and Bloodline, had great plans for Carmila as they knew of the supernatural abilities that her mother possess, where she has potential to inherit 
that power. 

Carmila enters the Bloodline royalty, as an adopted daughter, and lived in a life of luxury, and her graceful presence inherited from his unknown father,
created a noble atmosphere and inspiration in that secular bloodline royal family, which later became renowned in the inner circles. Her powers hidden away, 
because of her majestic lady like, she obtained knowledge and wisdom very fast, she knew not war or destruction until her descendents came to be, where she 
now became a symbol, an ancestral founder in the  Rosicrucian Royal family. 

" Your great ancestor had secret power only her mother knew, while, we her descendents it is unknown to us, and maybe one day grandchild you can uncover its secret,"  said an elderly Grandfather, smiled gracefully. 


Submitted: November 13, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Daniel Wren Chung . All rights reserved.

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