Born to Fly

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Mory lives in a world where everyone was born with their own special set of powers from a certain animal. On the day of his graduation from the Bird Land Academy, insect warriors sneak into his homeland and carry out a surprise attack that kills his father and triggers a massive war. An infuriated Mory leaves home and dives right into the war so he can get revenge against his father's murderers.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

On the one hundred and fifty-fourth day of year 963, classes were in session at the Bird Land West Academy. It was here where the young c... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

As Mory walked home, he thought deeply about his talk with Master Metrion. In ten days he would have to embark on a new journey outside o... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Once Mory reached his home in Stork village, he entered his hut and dropped off his craftsack. Most families in stork owned about half an... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

The five feudal lords of Keanos gathered in the Land of Mammals for their spring summit. A summit was held every season of the year for t... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Three days after Mory discovered that his manek was from the flying squirrel, he was training in the woods near his village. The temperat... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

On day 164, the Bird Land West Academy held a graduation ceremony for the class of 963. There were a little more than a hundred students ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Teon zoomed towards the Bird Land Air Unit's main base at maximum speed. That is where he believed the bellbird call came from. The base ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Following the attack on the BLAU, four of the five feudal lords returned to the Land of Mammals for an emergency meeting. Hielee was excu... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Teraphon was standing in front of his bedroom window which was inside of the Spider Domain's castle. From there he had a clear view of mo... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Two days after the death of Mory's father, Marlon visited Mory at his home. Mory's mother and sister went to see his grandparents, so Mor... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Thousands of people gathered in the Arach Arena to witness the showdown between Teraphon and Ehrus. The crowd was wild with anticipation ... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Fifty men were lined up side by side as they listened closely to the words spoken by a BLAU major. Terias was one of the men who listened... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Mory was outside enjoying lunch with his mother and sister. The weather was good for an outdoor family meal. They roasted some salmon ove... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Three days after Teraphon had defeated Ehrus at Arach Arena, the Keanoan armed forces reached the western border of the Crustacean Domain... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

A few days after Mory flew with Sona in Hatchling Forest, Mory got a day off from his Sporadical duties. He decided to visit Marlon. Mory... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

All of the bird base Sporadical members assembled for an emergency meeting. Sannis and Rubi stood in front of a group of people that was ... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

It was Mory's final morning in the Land of Birds. His mother gave him an extra long hug as she said goodbye. "I'm still not so sure a... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

After a few days of traveling through the sky, Terias and the other BLAU warriors arrived at the big battle in the Land of Fish. Twenty f... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

The members of the bird base had just reached the halfway point of their journey. They were at the base that was located in Duméril vill... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

The BLAU warriors returned to the Land of Birds. With the help of the mysterious group of fighters, the Keanoans were able to win the fis... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

The Atlas River, which was the longest river in Zitonia, flowed through the city of Arach. Teraphon and Rubax were following the river's ... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

It was a warm and cloudy afternoon when Terias and Sona went flying together. They were cruising over the canopy of the forest that was r... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Teraphon felt very alive and blissful as he watched his daughter and her mother drink tea on a gorgeous summer afternoon. Just seeing the... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

Day one of Team X boot camp was underway. Everyone was assembled at their station by the eighth hour of the morning. Mory was a part of t... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

Teraphon was doing pushups in his workout room. There was nothing in the windowless room except Terephon, a lantern, and a pitcher of wat... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

Sannis and over fifteen hundred Sporadical fighters were moving through the deserts of the Myriapod Domain. They were heading toward the ... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

Led by Gryphin and Barin, Team X was on the move to Zitonia. Rubi remained in the Land of Mammals, so she could rest and give birth to he... Read Chapter

Chapter 28

The bat that grabbed Terias, pulled him far from the battle. Terias tried to break free, but the bat's feet were tightly locked around hi... Read Chapter

Chapter 29

Team X wasted no time getting their biome cruisers into the waters of the Ganchian Ocean. It took them a few hours to reach the rocky sho... Read Chapter

Chapter 30

Teraphon entered a room in the castle where the Sting Force members were waiting for him. The Sting Force was a group of five elite warri... Read Chapter

Chapter 31

It was a still and calm night when the Sting Force cruised into Keanos on their sailboat. As they moored the boat to a tree using twine r... Read Chapter

Chapter 32

The Sting Force stormed towards Linnaeus's palace. Balla and Sytilla headed straight for the two guards that were posted at the front ent... Read Chapter

Chapter 33

The shiny, black spider led Sannis and Malicus to the throne room. The large room was lit by a combination of a few wall candles and sunl... Read Chapter

Chapter 34

Mory and the other Sporadical members remained in an awkward standoff with the spiders until a long strand of web randomly shot out of on... Read Chapter

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