"The ordeal"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

*Melissa woke up with a headache around Two in the morning.* “This sucks I really don’t need to have a headache I need my sleep. Melissa said. Melissa got out from her bed and walked over towards the hallway and turned on the lights and made her way down the stairs to the kitchen.

Melissa searched for aspirin in the medicine cabinet. Melissa dropped several pill bottles as they hit the floor with a thud. “Crap.” Melissa said as she bent down and picked them both up. Melissa opened the bottle and took two Aspirin and put the bottle back and closed the cabinet. As Melissa walked back upstairs she froze as a Knock hit the front door. Melissa turned around and looked at the door.

A few seconds passed by and another knock could be heard. Melissa slowly walked over towards the door. She could hear whispering. *Melissa put her ear up against the front door.* Seconds later a knife got jammed threw the door and into Melissa's ear.* Melissa screamed as she fell down. The front door swung open and a group of five people wearing “Goose masks” Surrounded her “Put a pillow case over her head.” One of the men said as Melissa tried to fight back but one of the men struck her with what seemed to be some kind of needle. Melissa blacked out. Melissa woke up several hours later in complete darkness. “Help.” Melissa screamed. “We should just kill her.” One of the men said. “No we can’t we are not killers.”

 “Not yet we are not but we can’t just let her go.” “We need to speak to her it’s only right.” *Suddenly a door opened and Melissa could see light. She was strapped to a cooler bed. Melissa couldn’t move her arms or legs but she looked around the room and realized she was inside a Morgue. “Hello” One of the masked men said to me. “Where am I? Who are you? I asked. “We can’t tell you that but we should let you know we apologize.

You see we thought you were someone else someone who wronged us in the past But we were wrong we kidnapped the wrong person. You can see our dilemma it’s pretty funny if you have a sense of humor that is.” “Let me go.” Melissa says. “Oh I can’t do that I’m afraid you have seen too much you have seen my face.”

“No I haven’t.” Melissa said. *The man took off his goose mask.* “Now you have. I’m sorry we can’t let you go if we did you would go to the police and that is a risk we can’t take not now not ever.” “I won’t I promise I don’t even know your names.” “My names Mathew” “I’m sorry but we must make sure you stay Here.” *Mathew shoves Melissa back inside the room.* Melissa screams and screams. Several hours later the cooler door opens and another masked man lets her out and cuts her straps. “Listen they are mad you need to escape now I’ll tell them you escaped.”

 “Why are you helping me?” “Look I’m just friends with these guys they said they wanted to do something dangerous tonight I never knew they meant kidnap someone please believe me I just got in a messed up situation I wouldn’t let them hurt you please believe me.” “It’s ok I do.” I said to the kid in the mask. I slowly opened the door and got scared as I saw the rest of this team asleep on the floor. I took several deep breaths and silently walked passed them towards the door.

I opened the door and slowly stepped out and shut the door behind me. I started to run away from the house. I heard a loud scream from behind. “SHE ESCAPED” I froze as I realized I was inside of a graveyard. I ran towards the shadows so they wouldn’t see me. I looked over and heard the sound of a chainsaw. The door broke open. I hid behind a gravestone. As one of the masked men hit a switch that lit up the entire Graveyard. I could see all five men outside looking for me two had baseball bats one had a nightstick and one with the chainsaw. They were marching down each grave looking for me. I looked over and saw a small hole big enough for me to fit in through the fence.

I took several deep breaths and looked over and saw a few men walking my direction. I took off with a sprint and crawled through the hole and made it out of the graveyard. “There she is.” One of the men said as I heard the chainsaw. I kept running down the woods as fast as I could until I hit a police officer. “Who what’s the trouble?” The officer asked me. “I was kidnapped five strangers wearing masks kidnapped me they locked me in a morgue please you need to help me! Please.” I screamed.

“The officer took out his radio I have a 216 here women in distress says she was kidnapped five men over. A few seconds later a man on the other end said “Bring her in” “Yes please. “The officer escorted her inside the police car.” The officer opened the car door when suddenly the chainsaw went right threw his stomach Blood splashed all over.

Melissa screamed. The men opened the car door and grabbed Melissa and shoved her out of the car and to the ground. The masked men held her down as the man with the chainsaw smiled “This saw cuts Nice its firm.” He laughed. Melissa kicked one of the guys holding her down and grabbed one knife that was in a boot strap and stabbed one of the guys in the leg she ripped the knife out and jabbed it into another’s eye. The man screamed as Melissa kicked the chainsaw guy in the groin.

Melissa got up and started to run away. One of the guys took out a gun and started to shoot at Melissa but missed. Melissa ran as fast as she could towards the road as a car was approaching. The guy with the gun shot at the oncoming car the car swerved and hit a tree. Melissa started to run away. She fell down a hill and landed in some mud face down. “We lost her shit.” The men yelled. Melissa waited several seconds for the men to pass by.

Melissa got up and made her way to the car that struck the tree. The driver was dead. She checked the backseat for anything useful and she found a pistol in the glove box with enough ammo. Melissa Smiled. “Okay assholes let’s play.” Melissa said. As Melissa started to walk back into the woods. She heard talking she could see two of the guys and she aimed at the head and pulled the trigger. She killed one man. “Oh shit.” The other tried to run but Melissa clipped him as well.

Another man started to run at her she shot him in the head. Two left. She heard the chainsaw. “Come here Bitch.” Melissa shouted as the man with the chainsaw ran at her swinging the saw. Melissa dodged out of the way several times and shot the man in the foot. He screamed and rushed at her. She dodged again and shot him in the head the man fell and the chainsaw landed on top of the man killing him.

“Live by the saw, Die by the Saw.” Melissa said. One person was left. It was the kid who let her go but he betrayed her. Melissa aimed the gun at him. “It’s over I’m leaving now I killed everyone. “Please you killed my entire family I have nothing left don’t leave me here.” I looked at the kid and said “No I believed you once I won’t make that mistake again you can suffer.” I started to walk away.

The kid rand at one of the bodies and grabbed the pistol and shot at me. I dodged and shot back killing the final person. *Whew* I said as I took several deep breaths. I walked back towards the police car and drove it to the local station to report what happened. The police locked me up for murder even though I was being attacked.

I had my court date the following week. The judge sentenced me to life in the killing of five men even though they tried to kill me. There was no proof but since they were all dead the police said I killed them in cold blood on purpose. Fifteen years passed and I’m still in jail I am thirty five years old and will spend my life in prison because of these men.” I stared out the window of my jail cell as a group of five Geese flew by.

Submitted: November 14, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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