Esskray #18

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Story of the Flock

Brief Introduction
The Buddha, leader of the Holo-Monks and apprentice to Gautama keeper of peace and tranquillity watches over the forest he once called home, Omni Forest.
Named after the great tragedy,  Buddha and the rest of the Holo-Monks build an internal respect for with the Buddha stating it to be a turning point in his life and has embedded that into his teachings.
The Buddha watches over Omni forest even overseeing a small group of settlers, although he never directly interacted with them, he learnt their name and they learnt his! 
They called themselves 'The Flock' led by a name Crow and his two children.
 The Flock quickly settled in, not too far from the original Aki settlement. They had heard the stories of the Omni days and the Aki now named the Holo-Monks but never realised how close they settled to the point of history. 
Crow built a society free from outside interference including the Buddha. The Buddha respected their decision and they respected the sacred ground they had built upon realising how valuable and sentimental Omni forest was.
The Flock
The constant battles and constant struggles scar the face of Infinity with those caught in the middle, locked  in a state of limbo.
The Balance falls deeper into the negative as existence becomes  twisted and  colourless with the inhabitants pushed and pulled in all directions.
A man named Crow steps up fleeing the depressing rule of the King after his wife dies, Crow and his two children Yeshua and Yualsei by his side Crow opposes the way of Infinity.
Crows ideas of a isolated self sustainable life grew some attention and was quickly followed by those who also share these ideas. They would be known as the Flock.
The Flock would renounce the ways of Infinity. They left their homes their  jobs and their past behind, as the venture in to what they believe to be a better way of life.
Crow leads the Flock deep into Omni forest where they create a beautiful handcrafted settlement they call the Nest and they go back to the basics of living.
But, humanity will always strive for more and the Flock are no exception.
Abe, ‘the feeder of words’ is one of these beings. He starts to question Crow and the direction the Flock
“to remain faceless for eternity is no way for mortality. To remain without a legacy is no way to raise a family!” 
Crow responds almost instantly insisting it was that kind of talk that pushed them here!
“To live under the radar is better then being dead!” 
Abe was a mysterious man who had extra fingers and a strange aura that caused unease With his two sons, Abe became a vocal point of the Flock who always seemed to have an opposed opinion, with well crafted words and a precise delivery Abe earned the moniker, ‘Eater of Words'.
Time goes by and  the Flock slowly grows.  Crow implements a curfew on the Nest insisting that with the growth to their homes and numbers the Nest needs to be protected and a curfew will bring some structure and security.
Abe once again steps up and opposes Crow claiming that the curfew is a form of control and accuses Crow of trying to recreate the very thing they tried to escape, insisting the curfew is the start of losing their freedom.
Crow answers back. He says to the people of the Flock 
“ freedom is yours!  freedom is the foundation of the Flock! it's  the foundation of our new life and if Abe or anyone else wants to leave, they are free to do so”.
Abe remains with the Flock but continues to challenge Crow at every opportunity.
Abe slowly starts to manipulate those around him, twisting their thoughts with well placed words, crafting a rift within the people testing Crows resolve and leadership. 
  Abes favourite subject was Yualsei, Crows very own son, but to get closer to Yualsei, Abe needed to distract Crow and for this he sets his eyes on a recluse man, a quiet man, Daicho.
 Abe fills Daichos head with powerful words of confidence and ego, Daicho becomes arrogant and and aggressive , his personality completely changes in a real short time with Abes words ringing around his head.
Daicho starts to believe he is better than everyone else and that he deserves better than everyone else.
Daicho starts to push the boundaries of what will be tolerated by Crow and when he breaks the curfew it brings them on a collision course much to Abes delight.
  Crow tries to dissolve the situation but Daicho is too fired up  like he has a point to prove.
Daicho shouts and rants calling the Flock soulless and labelling the Nest as the  cess pit of Cygnus. Crow refuses to engage until Daicho calms down but this just angers Daicho even more. 
Things come to ahead with Daicho flinging himself at Crow only to be blocked off by Jynx, Crows loyal subject.
  Jynx is a man of morals and believes Crow saved him from the lures of war, dedicating his second chance at life to protecting and serving Crow and the Flock. 
 Jynx declares his unwavering allegiance to Crow and grants Daicho the fight he is clearly looking for.
Daicho is so fired up he doesn’t care who he fights at this point and launches himself at Jynx. Jynx however has a far superior fighting style and a higher power level and simply pushes Daichos attacks aside, Daicho does not give up and gives it his all, but no matter what he tries, Jynx has an answer for it.
The longer the fight goes on the more frustrated Daicho becomes, leading to him making mistakes. He stops thinking and simply attacks blindly which Jynx is quick to capitalise on.
Daicho eventually admits defeat and flees the forest! 
Crow receives a mysterious letter but is so engulfed in the psychological war with Abe he overlooks it, not even taking a moment to realise how strange a letter being delivered to the middle of Omni forest was. 
Instead, his focus was firmly fixated on Abe and the relationship he had with his son going so far as to blame Abe for the decline of Daicho and although this may be true, Crow had no real evidence so was resigned to allow Abe to stay in the Flock Furthermore, his paranoia of Abe only pushed his son further away.
 Tensions became an all time high and the Flock started to suffer from it. Something had to give and it wouldn’t be long before it did! 
That day came when Abe approached Crows daughter Yeshua, to Crow this was the final straw, Abe had gone too far but  to Yualsei, Crows son .
 He felt it was his dad that had gone too far, accusing his dad of smothering him, Yualsei and the Flock with his super imposed over protective stature.
Crows response was that of sadness and regret as he blames his protective nature on the loss of his wife, Yeshua and Yualseis mother but Yualsei sees this as just more excuses and shoots down Crow claiming his dads sympathy vote will not work on him!
Crow goes silent refusing to speak with anyone and slowly isolating himself.
Abe was on the cusp of victory, the Flock was begging for a leader and Abe was waiting in the shadows to step up.
However, during his isolation Crow remembers the letter and whatever secrets that letter held lit a fire under Crow who had suddenly found a new lease of life. 
His first port of call was Abe! 
Crow had tolerated Abes misdemeanours and horrible mannerisms for too long, it was time to make a stand! 
Knowing what the consequences were probably going to be, Crow steps up and banishes Abe from the Flock and just as predicted Crows son Yualsei would be the first to voice his displeasure! 
Crow would not be swayed insisting he was not hurting Abe but simply protecting the Flock. This was not good enough for Yualsei and despite words from Jynx and even his twin Yeshua Yualsei had decided his place was no longer with the Flock.
Crow makes one last attempt at persuading his son to stay and continue to be the heir to the Flock but Yualsei had lost all interest in leading a group formed from his dads ideology.
The two trade words with no agreement in sight
As the argument come to an end with Yualsei walking away towards an on looking Abe.
 Yualsei slowly disappears with Abe as a shadow figure  slowly creeps up on Crow. This is when a voice calls  warning Crow who somehow manages to dodge throwing blades thrown by the shadow figure. Crow suddenly becomes composed and quickly takes down the shadowy figure.
Crow  then walks over to the where the voice came from and in a jaded emotional tone speaks
“ My name is Crow, leader of the Flock”
before the man can  respond Crown continues 
“ Your a Demonic!” 
The man  looks shocked, how did he know that? 
But once again before the man can say anything Crow continues
“ Do  not worry. If you was one of them bad ones, I would probably be dead already” he chuckles before suddenly become more serious with a stern expression he continues…. 
“My son and Heir... former Heir, has just left our Flock.  Our spirits are down and now my recluse daughter will have to take the mantel of being Heir and the way she is now she would make no leader....sorry, please come back to the Nest, there you can rest and eat, maybe your presence will wake my people up”.
The man  agrees to go with Crow, not fully trustworthy yet but the idea of food and a bed was too much of a temptation.
 It’s not long before they reach the Nest.
A clump of well made huts built within the trees using the very nature around them. At first, the mysterious man  thinks nothing of it but as they ventured further in, he soon realises the craftsmanship and planning that has gone into this beautifully entwined village. 
The people on the other hand were  sceptical and wary despite being with the leader of the Flock. Most kept a clear distance with some even refusing any sort of acknowledgement.
 Crow turns to the man and whispers “Don’t take it personally, we moved here to escape the outside world and its corrupt society, they do not know your a demonic, they just don’t like outsiders" Crow then bursts out into a loud laugh.
“My lord, you are back....and I see Yualsei is not with you”
The man  turns to see who was talking and is met by the gaze of Jynx, right hand man to Crow and protector of the Flock, Jynx had yellowish eyes and a battle ready face.
“this is Jynx. Jynx this is the man from the letter and he is a Demonic.  This is who I have chosen to train Yeshua" proudly speaks Crow leaving the man and Jynx with the same expression, an expression of shock and disbelief.Jynx goes to object when the man finally snaps and in is smooth deep voice says 
“what the hell is going on here?  I don’t even know you let alone this Yeshua! Now I appreciate you not judging me for being a Demonic and I appreciate you for offering food and rest but please don’t assume I owe you because I don’t!”
Crow is quick to defend himself “ have it all wrong, I do not think you owe me anything! I am sorry, please let us go into my house where we can talk better" .
The three walk to a small elegant building carved into the side of a towering brown and reddish tree deep in the centre of the Nest. They enter in to a wooden paradise, an elegant cabin interior that seemed to stretch on longer than expected. 
This was the beginning of a new and much like the Buddha had once done, Crow pushed on despite the difficulties surrounding him.
Yualsei was now part of the Family , led by Abe, they continued to live in Omni forest only a few miles away from the Nest and Yeshua was now a part of the Syndicate, a group created to fight for freedom and equality made up of Demonics and wanted criminals out of the Order.
These decisions divided the Flock but Crows next move caught everyone by surprise. 
Crow had tired and succeed in reaching out to the Sage, a Deus! 
With this came a new influence and a host of new faces mainly Wildings, sent to represent the Sage.  Together, the Flock grew stronger and more connected as they continue to build their life outside of the society that had caused them so much pain and grief, but with this came a new responsibility!.
To be continued.

Submitted: November 14, 2020

© Copyright 2021 L.R.Hutchings. All rights reserved.

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