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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Mother bought me a Scener, because Mrs Parker said it would help with my anger issues. I swear, she worships that woman. Laps up every word she mutters out of her mouth. I suppose I do understand why.

Anomalies are not tolerated, because they lower productivity rates; by the time these Anomalies turn 18, they are vaporised. All have to contribute to society, and those who don’t disappear. The parents of certified Anomalies are punished for not raising the child correctly, the punishment depending on how much a failure the child is. I am on the road to becoming one, and that’s why Mother desperately wants me to function as a normal human; I am her captor, holding the keys to her fate.


I have 2 years left of life, if I am to continue living in my current state. Luck is already on my side, with Mother being able to afford treatment. Others born as Anomalies typically are left untreated, doomed to die since their birth. According to Mrs Parker, the Scener creates a world in which I can imagine my darkest fantasies and do whatever I want in this world. She says I can use it as a release instead of affecting other students. In my eyes, my classmates all deserve to be hurt; but they are of standard, and I am not, so who am I to judge?


The sleek body of the Scener greets me as I enter my bedroom. Mother had it assembled just a few hours ago. Mrs Parker sits on my chair, MY CHAIR, HOW DARE SHE-


“Connor, release your fists. Please do this questionnaire for me, will you?”


The anger always rushes up at the tiniest things. With a sigh, I make myself do the breathing exercises Mrs Parker taught me. They do help, but sometimes the anger gets so overwhelming that I lose control. That’s when I affect others, therefore lowering productivity, therefore being a hinderance to the community.


“You will get in the Scener for 15 minutes, and then it should automatically stop. There will be a bell sounding a minute before the screen dims, serving as a reminder to end your scene. I will be here monitoring you, so don’t worry.”


I wasn’t worried at all. In fact, I was itching to see how this piece of metal would help me.


“Connor, once you get inside the Scener, the sensors will attach to your brain and soon you will be able to control your surroundings. There will be a tutorial teaching you to manipulate the world.”


I nodded and carefully stepped into the machine. Intricate wires lined the curved edges of what I could best describe as a bubble. A narrow bubble, fitting only one cushion-lined seat. Touching the seat caused the screen to light up; the words ‘Welcome’ flitting around with fervour.


“User detected. Brain data synchronised. Mr Connor Ramsden, please say Yes if you wish the simulation to start.”




“Please close your eyes. Tutorial Mode, On.”


Even before I opened my eyes, I felt the sea breeze rippling through my hair, the sharp smell of the seawater penetrating my nostrils. Upon opening my eyes, I found myself in a world different from the one I was in. I was sitting on a bench, gazing at the crashing waves. My hands moved of my own accord, trailing on the decaying wood, feeling every bump and crevice on the bench.


“Now, imagine something. Something that does not belong in this world.”


A sword. A sword would be cool.


The clanging noise was shocking as a sword appeared out of thin air, landing right beside me. I grabbed the hilt and felt its weight, slicing invisible creatures in half as the sword waltzed through the air.


“Tutorial over. Whenever you want to go anywhere else, just form the scene in your thoughts and remember, you can do anything you want here.”


Mrs Parker did say that this was for releasing pent up emotions. The scene shifted before me to a familiar corridor, as students spawned in, lingering near the lockers. It was then I saw James. My blood boiled seeing his arrogant smirk as the girls fawned over him. He treated me like dirt in school, pretending to be the perfect student in front of staff members and breaking me when they weren’t in sight. The robotic voice echoed in my head as I strode towards him.


“You can do whatever you want here…”


The gun appeared in my outstretched palm. Somehow I knew that it would never run out of ammunition. There was just enough bullets, just enough for everyone. Screams ricocheted against the walls as I repainted them red, the floor littered with the bodies of the dead. People ran, but in this world I reigned supreme, and I always caught my prey.


The alarm decided to sound. I had one minute before the session ended. But I didn’t want to leave.


“Initiate return to world… overridden.”


It was that easy to manipulate the machine? Pathetic. I revelled in the bloodbath, the shrieks of the fallen. Why would I want to go back and face Mrs Parker and Mother when I could stay?


The scene starts glitching. No. I won’t leave this place. Snippets of Mother and Mrs Parker’s conversation entered my ears.


“Connor…exit…45 minutes…too long…”


“Not sure how he did this…machine override… never seen this…”


Their voices became clearer, one filled with worry and one filled with confusion.


“There’s only one way to end this, Mrs Ramsden. Please give me permission, this is a dire emergency.”


A few seconds later, something dug into my arm. I gasped in horror as a needle was pushed into me, its contents being emptied into my body. My eyes started to droop of their own accord.


I have to stay awake… I… No…


“Scener terminated. Mr Connor Ramsden, please step out of the seat.”

Submitted: November 14, 2020

© Copyright 2021 hugthesnail. All rights reserved.

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