Chapter 2: New Beginnings

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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“So, why did you pick me as your roommate? I meen, there are like 300 kids on this ship,” I asked.

“Alright, there are actually 13,793 kids on this ship, and I picked you because I could tell you were special. You weren’t like the rest of the idiodic scumbags out there. And I may not be the daughter of one of the main pirates, but with experience comes respect.”

“Who are your parents?”

“Well my mom was Dallas Andris. She was the most hardcore woman you would ever meet. She . . . she died when I was four. Plane crash. She was a pilate. My dad was Francis Drake. Rachel brought me her right after she died.”

“Oh, I remember him from my history class. Sir Francis Dra-,”

“Do not call him sir,” Bentlee interrupted.

I felt bad for asking about her parents. It seemed like a sensitive subject. I didn’t expect her to keep talking, but she did. 

“Her plane crashed in the ocean. She drowned, and he could have controlled the water around her to keep her head above water. She was holding me up when a big wave came. She held me up above the wave, but she knew that if she let go of me to swim up, I would have drowned. I felt her hands let go of my ankles just as I grabbed onto a seat floating by. I always refused to learn to take swimming lessons. The last words she said to me as the plane came down were ‘Lea, whatever happens, baby, remember I love you. I will always love you.’ She didn’t let go of me until her last breath. When I felt her let go of me. I swam down and tried to save her. I wasn’t strong enough and it was too late anyway. Rachel found me trying to pull her up and dragged me away from her. I kicked and screamed. It was the worst five minutes of my life.”

Now I felt even worse about bringing up the subject. Bentlee was holding back so many tears, there would have been enough to down the ship. No wonder there was an emptiness hidden in there.

“Bentlee, I am so sorry. I had no idea,” I said. ‘She just smiled at me, “If you ever need to vent, just let me know.”

“Well, where were we?” Bentlee asked, whipping her cheek, “I think it was explaining everything. Am I right?” 

I nodded.

“Well so, let’s start at the beginning. Within the last few millennia, there have been many, many pirates roaming the seas. Back in about the fourteenth century BK, or BC as you would call it, some pirates found this potion that makes you immortal. When they died, one of their buddies put a drop on their tongue and they were that age for ever, but to keep their immortality, they had to take it every millenia. It is a really big ceremony when the immortal pirates take the next dose of the liquid. The next one is in about a year! Most pirates found it. That is the buried treasure all pirates were searching for. The pirates that made it big,are known as the big 11. They have kids with landlubbers, or mortals and that makes half bloods. When two pirates have a baby, like you, they are legacies. The big 11 are Cheng I Sao, Mary Reed, Grace O’Malley, Rachel Wall, Henry Morgan, Henry Avery, Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard, Captain William Kidd, Jack Ward, aka Jack Sparrow, and Anne Bonny and Calico Jack or Jack Rackham. Aka your parents. Anne is the boss in that couple, and she has kind of lost her piracy touch. She is more into peace and harmony now. Anne and Jack haven’t had a legacie kid in about 250 years, so when she had you, she thought some of the other pirates would be too rough for you, so you got put in an adoption program. Your dad finally convinced your mom that you should come back into the pirate world, and here you are.”

I could have sworn my face looked like one of those cartoon characters when their eyes pop three feet out of the sockets and their jaw hits the floor, or at least, that’s what my face felt like.

My mom thought pirates were too rough for me?! Like school was any better. There was Allen Howard and Clara James and Brodey Dapo, whose face I would have loved to rearrange and, oh, well you get it. And I thought Lea was over protective.”

“Who’s Lea?” Asked Bentlee.

“My adopted mother. I thought she was crossing the line when she wouldn’t let me go to the movies nine blockers away.”

“I go to the movie’s every week. There is a theater on the twenty-third floor. And a McDonalds on the forty-ninth floor.”

“How many floors are on this thing?”


“How-? Oh, whatever. Everything on this ship is messed up. But how is there room for 13,700 some kids on this ship?”

“The kids that have been here the longest get the choice to have their own rooms, but most choose to have a roommate. The kids that have been here less than five years either get assigned bunkmates or a bunkhouse. When you get assigned bunkmates, you get four other people to stay with. A bunkhouse you get nine other people. There are 1000 bunkhouses, 500 bunkmate rooms, and 1500 single and roommate rooms. Inall, there is the space for fifteen thousand kids. And there is a floor with space for 500 teachers, paras, and directors. You’ll meet everyone at dinner.”

“Well . . . What about the pirates? I mean the big eleven. Where are they?”

“They live on floor fifty, the bottom floor. We can only go there if we are invited by the pirates. Sometimes they come up and visit. I bet you a million doubloons that your parents will visit at dinner. And some of them teach some of the classes” 

“What time is dinner?”

“In ten minutes, 6:30.” Bentlee glanced at the clock and smiled. How was it almost 6:30  already? How had I already been here 3 hours and not even started unpacking.

Unpacking would have to wait until later, “We should go if we want to get any of the good food. I would say the kids on this ship are pigs, but pigs doesn’t even begin to describe it. Something more like rabid-turkey-vultures-mixed with piranhas that haven’t eaten in a month.

I nodded and followed Bentlee to the cafeteria. We were in the middle of the line. We had cheeseburgers and mashed potatoes with fresh peaches. I would have preferred Lea’s cooking, but this would have to do. Bentlee was right, my parents visited at dinner. My dad was dressed in everyday clothes. He had deep brown hair and electric blue eyes. My mom, she was beautiful. She had just a little past shoulder length deep brown hair with a slight reddish tint and a thin braid curving around the back of her head. Her hazel eyes were the same color as mine. Freckles dotted her cheeks and nose. She had a wonderful honey skin tone. She wore a short, sleeveless, bright white dress that was tight in the top and flowy in the bottom with a long brown leather trench coat. She had leather boots that went half way up to her knees with a leather belt of the same color and swords connected to her belt on either side. She wore half a dozen necklaces, metal cuffs, rings from gold and silver, and huge gold hoop earrings. 

Bentlee and I sat down at a crowded table and she introduced me to everyone at the table. There was Haighly Tyler, a daughter of Cheng I Sao with electric purple hair and John Diaz, Mary Reed’s kid. There were about a dozen other kids. There was one kid that stood out. Camron McEntire. The son of Jack Sparrow. He dressed like the pirates in the movies would, swords and all, minus the jewelry and wild hair. His blonde hair was a little bit longer than average and his eyes had a slight sparkle to them. He joked like no other but was still serious. He was strong, but didn’t boast about it.

I was in the middle of a day dream of my old school and friends when my parents came over. My mom stood over me and smiled.

“Mom,” I said.

“Kimber,” she said. I stood up and looked at her. She grabbed my hand and held it tight. We embraced each other in a hug. I had hugged Lea before, and it was nice, but this was different. I know people say there is nothing like the touch of a mother, but the touch of your own mother was like warm honey dipped corn bread, or like a puppy licking your face after you’ve been crying. A reassuring feeling that couldn’t be replaced.

“Oh. Oh,my baby. I am so sorry baby girl, I love you so much” my mom held me tighter.

“Why’d you do it? Why’d you give me up if you love me so much?”

“I wanted to protect you-”

“From what? What was so important that you sent me away then suddenly wanted me back? What could have made you give up your own daughter?”

“Baby, we need to talk this out somewhere else.” She grabbed my hand and took me to my room that I shared with Bentlee. “Baby, I had children before. Eight of them. I raised them around other pirates. I thought that they would be safe,” she pursed her lips and looked away, but I could still see the tear glisten down her cheek before she turned back to me, “Six of them . . . Six of them were killed in a fight . . . Against their own side. The other two joined the other side so they wouldn’t die, and were never seen again. I was too scared that something would happen to you.”

“I had no idea, mom. I- I’m so sorry.”

“Oh. Baby, don’t be sorry.”

“What about dad? Do I get to meet him, too?”

“Oh, yes! Of course, baby. Let’s go find him. Shall we?” She stood up from my bed and grabbed my hand as we went to go meet my dad.


Submitted: November 14, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Grace Anders. All rights reserved.


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