Yawn Forest Searching

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A trip through Yawn Forest may help two little people, and tell a tale in the process.

 In a time before time was written, there was an island all mystical and full of magical things. And in the midst of the island there was a wondrous valley that harbored a forest so green, that many said that the forest was like a Jewel that the gods had lost; a jewel that somehow fell into the valley. The valley of Yawn, and it's Yawn Forest, certainly were things of beauty.

So it was no wonder that there were creatures, great and small, that passed that way, just for the viewing of it all.

And this story is about two such visitors, and the place they came to see.




"Lah-Dee-Dee and Lah-Dee-Do

In go the carrots in me Mulligan Stew.

Some garlic here, and some clover there,

Basil's preferred if it's tender and new!"


As we look on, we see two rather short individuals singing and skipping their way along the trail that leads into and through Yawn Forest.

It looks as though the two travelers have made their way through the Valley of Yawn and may be seeking shelter for the night; in Yawn Forest.

One of the Individuals is wearing a red square-cut coat and it is laced with gold thread. Upon his full-red bearded head is a fancy cocket-hat, and it is also red, with a green band, and lased in gold.

As far as the other small person is concerned, this one appears to be the likeness of a fairy and of the female persuasion. Oh, and I might add, she does not appear to be your garden variety fairy that are known and written about in much later years, no, she is a much earlier variation.


"Lah-Dee-Dee and Lah-Dee-Do

In go the peas in me Mulligan Stew

Some rhubarb here and some cucumber there

And a tad more garlic if it's tender and new!"


As we can tell, the two ???, we'll just call them travelers for now, are busily gathering ingredients for their evening meal. They are doing this in a rather hap-hazard way while they skip their way into the forest.


"Lah-Dee-Dee and Lah-Dee-Do

In go the mushrooms in me Mulligan Stew

Some garlic here and some clover there

Basil's preferred, if it's tender and new!"


Suddenly a voice called out from some nearby boulders, "Stop!!!"

Then a Little Man jumped out in front of them and asked, "Where are you going?"

The two travelers stopped skipping and looked at each other with smiles on their faces, then (Poof!), they disappeared.

The voice called out, again,"Hay, where did you go?"

The little man that was asking the questions wore a great big hat on his head, and the hat had two horns sticking out of it, one on each side, and the little man had a big spear in his hand.

When the little man realized that he could see the two travelers again, he pointed the spear at them and stated, "Stop in the name of the law!"

The two travelers looked at each other, again, and then they waved their hands as they said some very magic sounding words. Instantly the little man's big spear became very little, and his hat fell on the ground.

So he said, "Oh, my hat is kaput, it has fallen on the ground! Fauns is just doing his job, forest guarding is not easy, you know. Why you guys being so mean? You pranksters are all alike, you just mean." And after saying that, the little man, Fauns, retrieved his cherished hat and put it back on his head.

"That's better," said Fauns, "my head feels better now."


In a moment, one of the two travelers stated, "Look, Pointy-hat person, we mean you no harm. We are on our way to somewhere else, somewhere where we've never been, somewhere green would be nice. You know, a place to call home. But when you startled us, we may have overreacted."

Fauns thought for a moment, then he said, "Well, OK, I'll let you pass this time without paying the forest fee, but only because you seem friendly enough and because you are going to fix the shortness of my spear. Yes, you can do that, right?"

One of the little travelers spit on his hands and clapped them together, Poof! The little man's spear returned to it's previous bigness.

Then Fauns asked, "You want that I should tell you something? You want I should point you to someone wise, maybe someone wise can tell you where home is. --- Yes?"

The two traveler whispered among themselves, then they asked Fauns, "And how much is that going to cost?"

Fauns chuckled, then he stated, "Oh, no charge for advise, but the pointing will cost a bowl of your stew that I heard you singing about. --- Do we have a deal?"

So the travelers set up camp and magically set the fire-pot to cook the stew.

And during supper Fauns exchanged stories with the two travelers, and offered up some forest brew to warm their innards.

It was a kind night for the lot of them.


In the morning, as the two travelers made ready to leave, Fauns pointed and said, "One hundred and thirty skips, plus ten hops along this trail, you will see another trail to the east. Follow that trail until you come to a clearing with a bed of four-leafed clovers at it's center. When you reach the clover bed, call out this name, Milderpeed Rootlander. Call it until someone answers, then tell that someone that Fauns sent you."

After the pointing and explanation was done, Fauns seemed to disappear into the morning mist, almost like magic.


The trail to the clover was found, and after a while the calling commenced, "Milderpeed Rootlander! --- Milderpeed Rootlander!'

And after some repeating of the name, a bird flew down to the two traveler.

The bird landed in the clover and asked, "Who sends little people to seek the counsel of Milderpeed Rootlander?"

The two travelers replied, "Fauns sent us."


Well, all of a sudden two long branches reached out and scooped up the travelers. And after scooping them up, the branches set them down, very gently, right in front of Milderpeed Rootlander's bark incrusted face.

"Welcome!" Milderpeed stated. "And how is my dear friend, Fauns? I trust he is doing well in his new job."

The two Travelers didn't know what to say, talking trees were something new to them. So they replied, "Oh, he is well, pointy hat and all. He sends his best regards.

But that is not why we are here, the reason we are here is for advice. Fauns said that you were wise and that you might be able to help us with a problem."

Milderpeed Rootlander scratched his trunk with an available branch, and then asked, "What sort of problem?"

So one of the travelers stated, "We are on our way to somewhere, somewhere where we've never been. Somewhere green would be nice, you know, a place to call home."

"Might I ask where you've been, knowing what you didn't like might help in knowing where you would like to be," Milderpeed replied.

Both the travelers shook their heads in agreement, and one stated, We've been to the east, too many strange beasts, creepy crawlers and lizards, might make of us a feast.

The north was too cold, snow is too bold, it's a place to fall down, when you have nothing to hold.

Now the south's not too bad, can be hot and that's sad, for the tropical jungles aren't for this lass and lad."

"Hold on," Milderpeed stated, "I want to know about each of you. What is your story, what do you like?"

Both the travelers thought for a time, then the little man in the red square-cut coat and a fancy cocket-hat, replied, "My name is not good to mention, so just call me Chorpan for now; in later times my name will change. I am of the fairy family, and presently the only male of this mystical species.

My companion is a fairy too, but she a fairy that can fly. She is not a Chorpan, she will be Danu, mother of all the cave fairies.

But time grows short, we must find a home soon, a home with clover fields and caves aplenty. And there must be trees, of the forest kind, for forests are mystical places of Fairies and the only home where some of us can live. Yes, Home must be ripe with green and it's borders must kiss the sea."

Milderpeed had to think about all those requirements, and whenever he thinks real hard his leaves make a rustling sound as if there was a breeze moving them around.

And in a short time, Milderpeed's leaves stopped rustling and he said to the two travelers, "Look around! This place called Yawn has a forest like no other, and all along this Emerald Isle, there are caves galore.

You could join the other types of Fairies that live on the island, there are not many but they are all friendly, like Fauns.

Yes, I think Ireland has all that you need, I think you are home."



D. Thurmond / JEF


Submitted: November 15, 2020

© Copyright 2021 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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Ann Sepino

This was a fun story, and something tells me that it's rooted in the legends of old. The way it's worded makes it feel like a Labyrinth movie featurette. I like it a lot. :)

Mon, November 16th, 2020 6:58am


Thanks Ann, This is the eighth of an ongoing series of short stories about Yawn Forest and Milderpeed Rootlander, the Man-Oak. --- If you'd care to read the series, you might want to start with "Wizard in Yawn Forest", it tell how the wizard became a tree.
All the rest have "Yawn Forest in ther Title. ... The Orb in Yawn Forest --- Rodents in Yawn Forest --- Assault on Yawn Forest --- Cantankerous in Yawn Forest --- Lost in Yawn Forest --- The Wonder in Yawn Forest.
Once again, thanks for the kind comments, and happy reading. Have a great day.

Mon, November 16th, 2020 1:30pm


Haha! Beautiful writing, JE.

Wed, November 18th, 2020 7:17pm


I thought it was time to tell where Yawn was. --- Yawn. LOL

Wed, November 18th, 2020 11:27am

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