Knight's Advantage

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: The Imaginarium

Overall this is volume seven of The Clocks. It is volume three of four set in the 21st century, and these books (starting with Opening Knights) can be read as a stand-alone series, though the four volumes set in The City of The Bells provide a great deal of background information.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Chapter 1

INTRODUCTION "All right.  Settle down.  I see that all of you are still here, which means that, once again, the screener... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Even after all the years that Mr. Forsythe had known Jane, or more probably, because he'd known her so long,  he still had an uncons... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Fifteen minutes later Karla was having Kumiko generate fake Aztith to see if either Jane or Ian could detect them.  As she wasn't in... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Lewis-McChord Base  06:09 Major General Thaddeus Carver was in the bathroom reading his morning paper and waiting for nature to ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

On I-5 northbound, near Forest Grove  06:43 "Listen up people!  We have a lot to do and almost no time at all to get it ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Theresa and Ha-ni had their arms around each other and were soaking each other's dresses with their tears.   Karla hurried ov... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Saturday December 21, 2014  12:07 a.m. Ian stretched and yawned then looked at the clock.  Geez, it was only a few minut... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Before changing, Kumiko had one other, little thing to attend to once the girls reached their room.  She tapped her still chortling ... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Grgur surveyed the class and nodded to itself.  It looked to be about as usual.  There were eight of them with puzzled expressi... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Karla pretended to concentrate on driving.  She was pretty sure that The Lady knew that she was pretending and was herself pretendin... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Saturday, December 21, 2014  12:48 p.m. As the girls and Ian were getting started on their lunches in the cafeteria, Dok-mi p... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Once they had returned to their room they did the usual.You know.  They made sure that their hair was dry, that they had something c... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

What he also didn't know was that the twins had pulled Theresa and Ha-ni in on their brainstorming session.  They too had noticed th... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Jane checked her watch one last time and then herded the children out the door, leaving Seung-ki and Karla alone for the moment.  Ra... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Lacey wasn't feeling special as much as she was befuddled.  No girl around her age had ever wanted to be anywhere near her before, b... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Sunday  December 22, 20137:30 AM Lacey woke slowly.  She was muzzy, but she knew that something was trying to get her to wake... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Sunday, December 22, 2013 When Karla awoke, she found herself slumped over her workbench at home.  There was a rather exquisi... Read Chapter


Sunday, December 22, 2013  3:39 p.m. Karla and Theresa were hauling a final load of trash down the long, side corridor that led to... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Sunday December 22, 2013  3:51:46 PM Master Oh was angry.  No, he was beyond angry.  He was furious!  He'd bee... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Sunday, December 22, 2013  4:02 p.m. Theresa was asleep or, more likely, unconscious, and was getting some pampering of her o... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Monday, December 23, 2013  6:17 a.m. Coffee...  coffee... cof....  Karla's routine of waking up to the enticing aro... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Monday, December 23, 201307:32 There was a steady drone of helicopters passing overhead carrying the less severely wounded and those ... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Location: UnknownDate:  Unknown  Time of day: Uncertain "Oof!"  Karla collapsed over Lacey's foot as her kick impacted... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

Monday  December 23, 07:40 "There's a very good reason why you're going along Xandros."  The Lady pouted at his exaspera... Read Chapter

chapter 25

A few minutes earlier, Seung-ki had leaned over and whispered in Shelley's ear, "I just saw someone who may not belong here, or at least ... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

No power for 3 days due to the ice storm, so here's a little bit longer chapter to make up for the down time.
Read Chapter


December 23, 2013  The Bunker 5:47 p.m. Dr. Ales looked at her watch as she approached the room where Karla was ensconced.&nb... Read Chapter


Karla's Temporary Room  December 23, 2013  5:58 p.m. Soon everyone had trooped back in and settled down, though Seung-ki... Read Chapter


December 24, 2013.  7:34 a.m. THWACK!  Master Oh flinched as the coffee mug that he had just dodged shattered on the wal... Read Chapter


December 24, 2013  07:45  McChord Joint Military Base "All right, listen up.  I need 25 volunteers for a special tr... Read Chapter


It's not just Earth IV where things are coming to a head.
Read Chapter

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