The Bird She Longs To Be

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Bird She longs To Be


Pay attention to the person you see, She loves so large and longs to be free, 

Free from her burden that holds her back. 

Free from the cage that she's entrapped. 

A promised paradise she dreams of at night, 

When she closes her eyes she's like a bird in the night. 

So wild and free as she spreads her wings, 

Able to see the world with no limitations. 


So peaceful would her mind be if she wasn't haunted by her demons, 

So confident would she be if it wasn't haunted by her fears,

That have a strong hold of her from within. 

A magical paradise is what she dreams, 

A paradise not many people would ever dream. 


A paradise of happiness with no tears to be cried, 

A paradise where pain holds no limits, 

Where it doesn't haunt her through day and night. 

A paradise with no sickness where she can be herself 

With the person she loves beside her as they brace themselves. 


Brace themselves for the adventures that they intend to seek, 

For all the fun and laughter that they know they're going to meet. 

Brace themselves for a love that lasts longer than a life time, 

Never leaving each others sides in their magical paradise. 


Pay attention to the person you see, She longs for no more darkness, 

She longs for no more sickness as it rushes through her veins. 

She fears the lost adventures that they'll never get to lead, 

Because the illness stops her doing the things they long to do with another. 


Flying through the dark skies with the stars lighting up the sky, 

The Skies that brought her so much hope, 

That guided her throughout her life. 


Because although she feels so much happiness in the life she lives, 

she wishes there was no sickess that haunted her through her days. 

Wishing she wasn't held back from the adventures she longs to do, 

Wanting to release herself from the cage that has entrapped her. 

Wishing to be better for the ones she loves, 

Because in her mind she's so far from perfect, 

She doesn't understand how she is loved. 

Submitted: November 16, 2020

© Copyright 2021 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.

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