"The Return of "The Bar and Grill"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Short story with a different outcome from my previous story "The bar and Grill"









July 17th 2019 was a night I will never forget it was the night my life changed forever.

My friend Jen and I thought it would be fun if we went to our local movie theater to see the latest horror movie. We arrived to the theater and got our tickets and sat down.

 After the movie ended we were both hungry and there was a new tavern right across the street labeled “The Bar and Grill” We thought it looked nice and so we arrived and the waitress told us to sit anywhere so we sat by the fireplace it was a pretty cold night.

 The waitress came back and poured us two waters “Hello my name is Jessica I will be you’re server this evening.” We thanked her and took two menus.

Jessica came back a few moments later and asked if we were ready?” “We both said yes and ordered a burger. I didn’t notice but Jen did that we were the only people in the restraint.

 The waiters were watching us. I kind of felt weird by that. Another couple walked in and sat down. I saw the girl go to the bathroom. It must have been about twenty minutes later the girl was still gone.

 I told Jen. “Maybe she’s just having some girl issues.” The boyfriend looked worried. I convinced Jen to ask if she should check on her. “Jen walked over to the guy and asked if he would like for me to check on her?” He said yes please. “Jen walked towards the bathroom and froze in fear as she stepped on blood and saw a huge blood trail leading to the bathroom stall.

*Jen froze but then mustered up the courage to walk over to the stall and open the door up.* Jen saw a Bloody knife lying on the ground. “Here is your burger the “Sarah Sandwich” The waiter said to the guy. The bathroom light flickered on and off as Jen looked over and saw the waitress close and lock the door behind her.

 “I don’t mean to be a bother but could you please have a waitress check the women’s bathroom for my girlfriend? I am concerned. “Yes absolutely” The waiter said. The waitress grabbed Jen by her wrist and shoved her into the wall. She grabbed the knife “The Jen Burger” Sounds nice.

 Jen screamed and tried to get away but the waitress stabbed jen in the leg causing her to fall down. I’m sorry I had someone come into the bathroom but your girlfriend was not there she must have gone home. “But she would not leave without saying goodbye I know her she wouldn’t.” I looked over and the waiter walked away. “Something’s Not right he said.

I walked over yeah I don’t like this place. Something is definitely off. My girlfriend hasn’t been back in a while either. “The waitress grabbed Jen and stabbed her in the stomach and watched as she bleed out. The waitress grabbed a jar to contain some blood. “This will make for a good smoothie.” As the woman got enough blood and pressed a button in the bathroom that opened up a secret compartment and she dumped the body.

 The waitress walked out of the bathroom hiding the blood. Several minutes later and she handed me a burger here is the brand new “Jen Burger” She said to me smiling. “That’s weird was you’re girls name Jen? The man asked me. “Yes” I said. “I got a burger called “The Sarah Sand witch” You don’t think this bar and grill is run by cannibals? I said. “What?” The guy said to me. We looked up as A few waitresses held knives and were approaching us.

 I tipped the table over and ran as fast as I could out me and John had escaped. We called the police right away. They came and searched the bar and found blood in the bathroom. It wasn’t enough evidence to arrest the owners.

 They were still out there. Our girlfriends were murdered that night and turned into food. We could not prove it but there was No way Sarah or Jen would have left us.

 That was until months later I read in an article online that said a Local tavern had been shut down after a stench was reported coming from the bathrooms and two police officers found the secret room and arrested everyone. I saw on TV one of the owners was talking He said “I will Fry Matt and John! If it’s the last thing I do.

 And he laughed like a maniac. The Judge told him he would never see the light of day again none of them. Several weeks later I got a package in the mail and froze as the address was from the bar and grill it was Jen’s teeth in a tiny jar.

With a message on the back that said “I’m still out here Waiting” With that I froze as I stared around the neighborhood looking at the passing cars the birds flying by our house and our neighbors anyone could have sent that message I thought everyone was arrested but I was wrong.

Someone is out there and wants to kill me. John called me up and said he got a package but had Sarah’s Hair in it with a message “She was delicious.”

Submitted: November 17, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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