Insane or Inspired? One Man’s Bid to End Patriarchy Forever

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Journalist, Melanie Rainer, investigates a strange community in Cornwall, but soon finds herself falling under its spell. Is it a cult, or the birth of a new world order?

Table of Contents

The Transparency of Truth

At first glance, there doesn’t appear to be anything unusual or noteworthy about this quaint village in the depths of Cornwall; certa... Read Chapter

Too Good to be True

I had written about cults before, and even interviewed victims of British cults, along with their families. I knew how it worked. I knew ... Read Chapter

All Things to All People

A queue of messages on my phone reminded me that I needed to leave. And, yes, a part of me did indeed want to leave, if only to put ... Read Chapter

Rude Awakening

By the end of the day, I had formed a number of perfectly rational and logical conclusions about the world, and life in general, whi... Read Chapter


I had been playing the Starship song, over and over, during the long drive back to my home city of Portsmouth. Only now, following Jay’... Read Chapter


Lucy had found an old clip of Jay’s, on YouTube, and was playing it through the car’s speakers. “We fail, as lucid dreamers,” he ... Read Chapter

New Recruits

“Are we nearly there yet?” said Lucy, for the umpteenth time. Of course, she could read the sat nav as well as anybody else, but tech... Read Chapter


Changing the way one looks at something isn’t merely an exercise in subjectivity, like an artist viewing the same object from different... Read Chapter


Jehovah’s Witnesses have suffered relentless persecution, all over the world, simply for having an alternative perspective on the Scrip... Read Chapter

Goddess Rising

I was beginning to find an authority in myself that I didn’t know existed. How could I have known? For I had blindly accepted... Read Chapter

Blood Moon Sex Magic

Lucy had apparently been taking notes, both literally and figuratively speaking. And now, following Jay’s controversial comments e... Read Chapter

The Nine Maidens

Whilst newspaper articles had scornfully highlighted the “irony” of a man being at the helm of a Goddess movement, the truth of the m... Read Chapter


One by one, the six of us began to gather in the minivan, and share our various experiences. A woman named Penelope, who was in tears, sa... Read Chapter

Let Me Be Frank

Statistically, people claim to fear public speaking more than they fear death. Why? Because they fear rejection, which in former tim... Read Chapter

Holier Than Thou

Lucy had a theory, which she was evidently eager to share with me. So eager, in fact, that she addressed me from outside of the toilet cu... Read Chapter


Over a period of sixteen hours, we had all been ritually cleansed, intellectually challenged and emotionally tested. And now, finally, it... Read Chapter

Quiet Tyranny

Quiet Tyranny Momentum is a powerful force. A loaded supertanker, for example, travelling at just sixteen knots, can take up to three... Read Chapter

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