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To start with, I would like to bring in a quote.

"Wise men speak because they have something meaningful to say; Fools say because they have to say something foolish."Plato

There are different factors to influence a consumer's decision to purchase a product or use a service. But an important factor is astute verbal communication. All marketers are wise men to make customers feel smart taking decisions.


When you speak through one mouth, you speak limited vocabulary at the velocity of 125 words per minute with clarity. But, the listeners have two ears hearing 375 to 500 words per minute. 

I do talk this frequently because I am a communicator but not an educator.

As a key-note speaker, I believe in the time-honored tradition of speaking. I always love personal interaction with people instead of digital communication. When I make my speech, it should be just as stimulating as black coffee. And it must have a stimulating effect not only for me but also for every listener. Lastly, it is to be remembered in the minds of listeners for quite some time. The reason is precise as personal interaction embarks upon human wisdom and human relationship.

Likewise, when it comes down to operative marketing Communication, verbal messages elaborate marketers to define their products, products' benefits, instantly answer customer questions, clarify objections, and persuades prospects. This endeavor creates not only an increased customer base but also generates more sales because the target audience receives the correct messages they put out as intended. 

So, effective oral communication is the root of productivity, decreases errors with consumers, and finally enables companies to run smooth operations.

Added plus factors are clear communication reduces the churning number of salesforce's visits to customers and decreases customers' complaints. These efforts, in turn, increase customers' happiness.

My "motto" is to expand the SMEs' Business model by implementing a focus on communication along with highlighting Marketing-mix factors, real-time conversation with a customer, Post conversation analysis, customer acquisition, post-conversion analysis, and focus on customer retention. I train marketing people from this angle.

Also, I have IT experts working with me to transform traditional marketing models into the latest digital application. I can also help customizing reactivation digital marketing to re-engage canceled accounts.

I am very passionate about SMEs' growth, expanding Customer base, and marketers' personnel's career advance. Believe me that communication is the human connection, a vital key to business, and career success. But Marketing Communication has a negative effect also. My suggestion is never to believe your promoting product or service as the best. If you trust so,  your belief becomes an illusion. Then you are promoting an illusion but not the "real product or service of the Company."  Remember, the product/service you promote is not the best. They are just a means to meet the needs with few hidden flaws.

Submitted: November 17, 2020

© Copyright 2021 thai prasad. All rights reserved.

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