The Divided States Of Amerika

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My two cents


Divided States of Amerika 


The 2020 presidential election is barely cold in its grave and already I am hearing positioning and posturing about ELECTION 2024.


Geez Louise! Can’t we give it a rest already?! 


First of all, I have no great love or appreciation for Joe Biden, I want this to be clear from the outset. I will admit, for the record, that I was one of those who chose not to cast a presidential ballot in the 2016 contest between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.


I am no ideological purist.  But I, like so many of my contemporaries, had by that time grown weary of being forced to choose between the lesser of two evils every four years.  I recognize  and admit that, for all of our bluff and bluster, our two party political system has failed to serve the interests of the average American citizen. Our government has been bought and paid for by lobbyists and political power brokers of every ilk. 


As I say, I could not in good conscience bring myself to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. But recognizing the blatant hucksterism of candidate Trump, I wasn’t about to offer support in that direction either. So for the first time in my adult life I refrained from casting a ballot in a presidential election.  Later on, of course, I would recognize the error of my ways. But by that time the damage had been done.


 I view the 2016 election as the political equivalent of the Mercury Theater  broadcast of Orson Welles’ October 1938 radio production of “War of the Worlds”.  No one believed that the American public is and was as gullible as they have demonstrated themselves to be.


Spewing lies and placating his mindless minions with whatever empty promises they most desired to hear, Donald Trump became the 2016 incarnation of Welles’ orange menace.


But that’s all water under the bridge. Kinda. 


Now “they” are talking about a Trump 2024 run for the presidency.  It remains to be seen if it will be the same Trump or one of his spawn.


So long as Donald senior doesn’t inflict irreparable damage to his own brand with his maniacal ranting and anti-social antics, he’ll be back...and his faithful will embrace their golden calf with the reverence and supplication required. 


If Herr Trump somehow manages to bring down the wrath of the electorate by ignoring the obvious need to transition to an administration willing to lock horns with the healthcare and financial ramifications of the global pandemic or other arguable actions of abdication the dynasty may yet rise from the ashes in the guise of either Don Jr. or Ivanka. 


Having seized the reins of financial power at the RNC fundraising apparatus, thus ensuring a continuation of party loyalty from the down ticket sycophants in both the house and the senate, Trump’s children of the corn are poised to ride the pale horses of political amnesia and demagoguery into the 2024 presidential election cycle, and beyond.


Having witnessed firsthand the eagerness of both the party and the voting public to embrace and endorse a practice and policy of all out charlatanism, either of these political prodigals stand drooling at the ready to march forward with that same “let them eat cake” arrogance and absolute disdain for anything remotely resembling truth or fact to re-enter the arena of international influence to once again wield the double edged blade of corruption and cronyism that has served them so well to date.


On the DNC side of the political equation, I am of the opinion that Joe Biden’s “Vote for me. I’m not Trump” campaign is a “one of” episode in U.S. politics.  Barring some spectacular unifying event by either Kamala Harris or the Biden team, the DNC has no marketable commodity to counter the prolific popularism of a 2024 Trump machine unencumbered by any moral compass or real loyalty to the benefit of any organism or entity beyond team Trump.


The willingness of the DNC to attempt to force feed their roadkill candidate du jour to a coming of age progressive liberal block of the electorate who recognized the folly of four more years of Trumpian rape and pillage politics is a critical tactical error. It worked once.  But I do not expect that the DNC’s ideological inertia can replicate this victory four years from now.


The blue wave did NOT manifest as hoped. One would think this would serve as a wake up call to a political party desperately seeking to maintain a facade of vitality, or at the very least, relevance.


The DNC lends itself to the same deficiencies, ineptitudes, and impotence as it always has.  By taking for granted that a given demographic, whether based on gender, ethnicity or age, BELONGS to them, they ignore the fundamental issues confronting their leadership, or the lack thereof.


If the DNC was to look into the proverbial magic mirror, they would see the obstructionism, arrogance and partisan politics of the RNC staring back.  THAT is the untenable reality in which the elitist political agenda finds itself mired in at the present.  Government of the people, by the people and for the people has perished from the political scene.


Anyone who has known me for longer than just a few minutes has heard my mantra: “you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution”. Unfortunately neither of our major political parties is interested in providing any solutions.  In fact, both have demonstrated a notable propensity for perpetuating the problems.


It’s like the hypothetical cure for cancer.  There’s far too much money to be made in treatment, billion$ of dollar$ every year, for anyone to even realistically consider developing a cure.


I am not a fan of Trump. HE has been a cancer on our leadership, in my opinion. I cannot imagine a scenario wherein anyone associated with the Trump brand might be any part of any solution in 2024.


Neither the DNC nor the RNC has exhibited the ability or even an inclination  to realize that they have become the problem.


It will be up to We The People to create our own solution.


In my opinion 


Submitted: November 17, 2020

© Copyright 2021 ShadyBrady. All rights reserved.

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Serge Wlodarski

What we're seeing today is the culmination of decades of the American public not taking its civic duties seriously. The political parties aren't the problem, they are a symptom of the problem. Americans can wake up and start paying attention any time they want. I'm not going to hold my breath.

Tue, November 17th, 2020 1:26pm

88 fingers

For me, I see no difference in the Democrats or Republicans. It's like one political party with two subdivisions.
They control the money, the media, and other avenues that shut out other voices of the political spectrum.
I voted for Clinton in'96. Since 2000,I voted, but for either a Green Party or Libertarian candidate.
People say I'm wasting my vote. I say no. I'm voting for the candidate that speaks close to what I believe in. The only time a vote is wasted is when it's not cast.
I think the time has come when we have to stop voting for a particular party just because our family has been doing so for the last 50-60 yrs.
Time to vote for a candidate that has your values. Not vote for one that you will win.
And if enough people do that, then maybe someone else besides a Democrat or a Republican will be in office
Just gotta have the guts to shake off the shackles put on us by two weary old parties.

Tue, November 17th, 2020 4:22pm


You’re correct that the two parties are opposite sides of the same coin. By controlling the electoral process, the two parties insure their own influence over which candidates survive the primaries.

I’ve always voted for the person rather than the party. I’ve voted for democrats, republicans, independents and green party candidates.

I’ve reached the point where it doesn’t matter that much much to me anymore. It’s their system. They can gave it.

Tue, November 17th, 2020 10:25am

D. Thurmond aka JEF

Well written, and very professional sounding, and I have to admit that I agree with much of what you have said. Your name calling of Joe Biden, not so much. He may not be the best fish in the political pond, but I have to admire his family values, and the man's convictions. --- My family of Ok-ies and Texans have always said, you can tell a man by "the Cut of his Jib." I have no idea what that meant to land-locked farmers, but I think I know.

Tue, November 17th, 2020 10:10pm


The criticism was intended more for the party than the man. The DNC has a habit of grinding out any threat to their party designee during the early primary swing through the south, states that usually go to their opponents in the general election. It’s a well oiled machine indeed.

Tue, November 17th, 2020 5:24pm

Queenie Maud

Couldn't agree more. Thank you for sharing!

Wed, November 18th, 2020 1:39pm


These are strange days indeed.

Wed, November 18th, 2020 9:43am

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