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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

A faithful sequel to home alone 1 and 2. Disregards the others. Kevin is now grown and makes home security systems for a living. Now with two kids, Calvin and Macy, Kevin spends christmas alone after being separated from his wife. After being forced to leave the kids alone for what should be a short run to town, Kevin is held up in a blizzard! Little does anyone know, Harry and Marv, now called the smokey bandits, have been freed from prison after nearly 30 years and want one thing...revenge!

Table of Contents

Family pizza dinner

  Home alone for the holidays The story begins on December 22 at the McAllister home about 30 years after the events that ha... Read Chapter

A fire next door

A while later, everyone is starting to settle down after many pizza boxes have been emptied and thrown about. Buzz goes up to Kevin with ... Read Chapter

Leaving for Japan

The next day the family wakes up to the sound of the alarm clock and gets ready to leave. A convoy of shuttle buses wait outside as the m... Read Chapter

Decorating the new home

The song "sleigh ride" by the Ronettes is heard as Kevin drives down the road through the country outside of Chicago. Kevin is mouthing a... Read Chapter

Scary story and a surprise on the lake

Later the three are relaxing in a hot tub while drinking hot chocolate with a mountain of cream and an overflow of marshmallows! In the b... Read Chapter

A sick kid

Outside of the house late that night, all is quiet and peaceful until the sound of running is heard. Then the sound of throwing up follow... Read Chapter

Home alone at last

Inside Macy and Calvin are wondering what to do now that they are home alone. They sit together and think as memories come back to them o... Read Chapter

The Christmas fair

Cars are honking in every direction as Kevin yells out his window at an officer as he slowly drives down the road. Kevin: Hey there! ... Read Chapter

Calvin and macy escape

Macy and Calvin run as fast as they can not even thinking about getting to their boat. They run till they get to the outside of the park ... Read Chapter

Dinner with axman sam

Calvin and Macy are being driven down the road when all of a sudden the truck stops. Footsteps are heard as Macy and Calvin are frozen in... Read Chapter

Kevin needs cash

In Chicago, at about 6 pm, Kevin watches as another snow plow goes by and is making his way in bumper to bumper traffic when he sees that... Read Chapter

Kevin tells his wife the truth

Meanwhile back at Kevin's home, Calvin and Macy climb a chair and open the attic door. Calvin: Come on hurry! The two get into th... Read Chapter

Setting the traps

Meanwhile at Kevin's house, it's just a minute before seven. Macy is finishing drawing something on a large paper while Calvin is grabbin... Read Chapter

Springing the traps

Back at the house, the kids wait for the attack when Harry and Marv pull up in their van right on schedule. As soon as they stop, the Chr... Read Chapter

The trap gauntlet

Marv and Harry go to the back door when, without warning, Kevin's novelty camera-machine gun goes off! The gun shot sounds are very reali... Read Chapter

Chartering a plane

A little time passes and it is now near 11, just one hour till the deadline. In Chicago, Kevin and Ashley are driving as fast as they can... Read Chapter

Kevin to the rescue

Meanwhile Harry and Marv hold Macy and Calvin at the boat. The kids are wrapped up in the boats blanket for warmth. Macy has her helmet o... Read Chapter

A wonderful Christmas after all

"The Christmas song" is heard as the police are drying off Harry and Marv and a member of ambulance personnel is checking their injuries.... Read Chapter

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Recent Comments

Criss Sole

Hehehe... poor Anthony and Dale.
Certainly brings back great childhood memories.
The red stains on the shirt was priceless.
I thought this was a great start.

Wed, November 18th, 2020 5:17pm


Thanks so much Criss! Hope you get to read some more. Chapter one is just a taste and it keeps getting better!

Wed, November 18th, 2020 9:36am

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