Letters From An Adulteress

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Since I am very ill, I am entitled to speak my piece about a very real experience. This is my true story. The names have been changed to protect me from the Guilty. May Jayne enjoy her Life Review once she has gone to her "Heaven" at her appointed time.

Where are those many Nasty, arrogant letters from Jayne R. Portnoy, that thin, awful, lying Dorothy Hamil looking cretin = a 19 year old slut who was still living with her parents when she met my husband, she who worked as a secretary at Star Port Transit - and later left her parent’s home, moved in with her galpal until she could shack up with MY husband, Jason Rue, even while our daughter, Stella Rue, was fighting for her life in Mason Hospital’s ICU.


They worked an hour’s drive away from me. I was pregnant when they met and he never even bothered to feel guilty about his grungy affair. I’d totally trusted him.


She wanted Jason and he wanted HER and no one thought for one second how badly their sleazy, juvenile affair would hurt all of my children, friends and family.


Never mind my complete emotional, physical and psychological devastation.


I stayed as long as I could in that awful clapboard house in the middle of the country, not two miles from his insane, possessive, cruel and gossiping hypocritical “Christian” Mother.  Naturally, as soon as I found out about his extramarital affair, I made plans to leave with my children from my first and only marriage.  His mother, who knew all along, drove back and forth in front of my home, to make sure I did not escape with my children and our baby.  Jason’s father drove all over the city trying to find out what my plans were, as if I had any friends!


Jason did NOT care if I left. He was sexually fascinated with Jayne and no matter how often he said he would stop screwing her and come home, he would drive up to our home, stay one day, (the kids were so happy to see him!) and then he’d break all of our hearts and run right back to Jayne. If he did not like what I said or did, he would run right back to her.


And of all the shocks, she always, and I mean always, took him back.


Jason did not want to pay child support. He said the “other father did not pay child support, so he did not have to.” He abandoned us - his wife and my other children. His divorce lawyer told him as long as he stopped by the shack (conveniently owned by his Viper Mother) and dropped off a bag of groceries every week, I could not sue him for abandonment.


I was beyond hysterical.  It was a total shock to me that Jason would cheat on me, especially when I was pregnant. My Precious Stella Rue was born one month premature - her lungs were not developed enough for her to get enough air to live. They put her in an incubator.  I was so depressed and frightened, I could barely function. I could not eat - I shook from head to toe constantly. I had no money and no family to help me. Every day after a sleepless, terrified night, I had to take a shower, dress,, feed and dress my other weeping children, pack them into the car and drive to Mason Hospital to feed Stella, in baby bottles the size of a chapstick, with the milk I had expressed daily so she could have Mother’s milk.


Jayne has NEVER apologized for screwing a married man, and plotting and scheming constantly how she was going to get him away from me. She has never mentioned in all of her letters she mailed me, including her cruel and heartless letters she mailed to me AFTER I left Montana, that she was sorry for her brazen and callous action which left my children without a father. She has NEVER Mentioned the fact she was screwing a man whose baby was born premature and struggling to breathe on a respirator in Mason Hospital. To this day, she has never apologized for breaking up a family, scarring my little children for life. My kids LOVED their sister Stella! Jayne has never said, I should not have done what I did because Baby Stella was fighting for her life in ICU. She has never mentioned to anyone that my darling kids and I were forced to stay in a Battered Women’s Shelter, because Stella’s father repeatedly hit me when I mocked his thoroughly ignorant mother getting involved in our divorce and threatening me.  He denied that extramarital romance with Jayne until after I managed to leave with my other children, heartbroken and broke to Chicago back in 1985.


His parents wanted Stella and they made it plain they would get her no matter the cost. They took my car and dismantled it in their backyard so I would not have any way to get to it and escape their sadistic, brutal and criminally illegal acts. They did NOT want me leaving because I came from Chicago and they knew I would cut them OFF from ever seeing any of my children.


As far as finding out about Jason’s love affair, my Sister in Law Terry told me and his entire family knew all about it.  The wife really IS the last to know.  I did not care one iota about my soon to be ex - I packed up and told him off and prepared to return to Illinois. I even managed to get to Chicago and stayed with Vicki and Randy and also Carol and Glen; but it was clear I was out of my mind with grief, my monthly periods left me more anemic than ever and people can only take so much of their Friend and her children interrupting their private lives. I had to return to that bastard, that crappy house, and put up with his torrid love affair with a scrawny, idiotic 19 year old whore.  Everyone feels sorry for me and my children to this day.


Jason talked me into returning and I had no money or place to stay in Chicago, my parents were long dead. So I returned, hoping to repair the marriage.


He went right back to Jayne, every time. He just wanted Stella in Montana, so he could try to win over me in Court and take my 18 month old baby. His lawyer did NOT feel good about the entire situation and was relieved when we called off the divorce.


Yet Jayne cajoled and begged him to continue the affair and she dared to call me, talking in a snide manner about how she and Jason were IN BED talking and how she told him, “I hate I’m causing you to get a divorce.”  <——- She’s a LIAR. She wanted him to get a divorce!


I cannot hope to understand how a woman like that would appeal to any decent man. She constantly left notes for him in his desk, our front door, his old Chevy, mailed them - she stayed right in his face, in his mind and made it 100% plain she was never going to give up on Jason. His father Martin told her to never give up. I found her letters to him in his Chevy and they were full of sexual innuendo.


I was overwhelmed, overcome, heartbroken beyond repair and weak from anemia and depression. Jayne was no dummy and knew she had a good thing going with a man who earned his kind of income. She wrote heartless letters to me and for no reason I will ever understand, continued to write them long after I left Montana and was married. She was so arrogant and so sure of herself, she could not wait to send Christmas cards signed, “Jason, Jayne and Stella.”


She is in for a  BIG surprise when she has to FEEL how she made me FEEL, how she hurt Pete, Hana and Stella because of her selfishness and the ripple effects of her sexy never-ending determination to have a married man. She is NOT reflecting my worst characteristics back to me, as some NDErs claim or idiots who have bough the Realm of Light’s propaganda. Jayne is in for a world of hurt, for there is NO life on Earth for her in her future where I will not find her Incarnation and rain Hell down on her Mind/human head.


She will have to go to Source’s “Heaven” and watch this entire drama on her Life Movie and FEEL how she made me and my children FEEL. She will HAVE TO. She will have to watch her entire Life played out before her Soul’s eyes.


Here, Jayne - read all those Near Death Experiences on nderf.org and see what is waiting for you after your own death.


I don’t give a rat’s wazoo about “Karma.” I did not agree to “play a Game on the Earth Plane” or “go to Earth School and learn lessons” or “have an adventure in the Earth Game.”


I’m human and those “Love and Light Beings” sat upstairs doing NOTHING to help me, and when I was being tortured in my own legally owned home DID NOTHING and while Jayne paraded about with my daughter and told people SHE was Stella’s mother, they DID NOTHING.


It’s all love, love, love, right?  No, it is not. Our Souls often do not like us and try to manipulate us into doing what THEY want!


My children’s father never paid child support OR alimony. What was I supposed to do? I never earned much money. The most I ever earned was 15 dollars per hour and that was long ago!


Jason’s attorney, Paul Michaels, told him to take me outside his sister’s and brother-in-law’s house and tell me he would shoot and kill me if I tried to take Stella.  Yet Jayne later gave birth to a son and I did not try to kidnap HER baby!


I had never met trashy people like the Rue family in all of my life. I could not understand why they failed to realize they were hurting my other children and showed they did not care that they were hurting Stella’s MOTHER.  I am the true Mother of that child!  That they were tearing apart the lives of three young, innocent children and I will never forgive them.


“The Source” (who is obviously either insane or Satan) has not got enough Love Bomb Opium in all the Universe to make me forget that Love and Light Guides and Teachers and Magisters and whatever else they have in their Oh-So-Holy dimension, stood back and let me be terrorized and tortured in my own home, while I was bedridden and over-medicated and had the highest blood pressure St. Agnes Hospital had ever seen, so drugged I could barely take care of my house, and did NOTHING, about their own student, who had already gone through so much after losing my baby and having a nervous breakdown (who would not have?) and been so over-medicated with multiple diagnoses - “Love” Beings had NO pity at all.


Immortals who feel NO pain - and for whom my miserable 65 year life took an hour.




*******I’ve held onto them for 20 years! How am I ever going to prove that awful beech sent me letters, horrible, mocking letters, when JAYNE has NEVER met me in her entire life! She got my husband and MY BABY, a baby who was dying in ICU while she screwed that baby’s father AND she got my baby!  They never even told her she had siblings and a Mother! How easily they erased my very existence from her life!


Is there no justice in this world???

Submitted: November 17, 2020

© Copyright 2020 RexMundi555'.-. All rights reserved.

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