Loki: The Burden of the Throne

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Loki and Thor are preparing for the Asgardian festival celebrating family when while hunting together in the forests of Asgard, Thor is attacked and grievously wounded by unknown assailants. Loki is left to unravel the mystery while at the same time sensing that the event has caused a fundamental change in the universe. The events of Loki: The Burden of the Throne take place prior to those of the first Thor movie.

Table of Contents

"Remind me again why we're doing this." Loki said in a mildly irritated tone to Thor, both he and his brother dressed in Asgardian huntin... Read Chapter

There was little more that the healer, Ragna, could do. She had stabilized Thor as much as possible and he had been moved to his bedchamb... Read Chapter

Loki navigated the corridors from his own chambers to those of Thor. He had changed out of his hunting clothes and now was clad in a roya... Read Chapter

Loki lay in his bed, staring at the ornately embellished ceiling of his bedchambers, the flickering flames from the burning cauldron alon... Read Chapter

After the crowds had dispersed at the conclusion of the funeral, Loki had escorted his mother back to her chambers in the palace. He had ... Read Chapter

After being apprised of the situation on Jotunheim, Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg appeared apprehensive and uneasy upon hearing that Loki, ... Read Chapter

"We have to be getting close. We should be seeing something by now…" Jane said as she raced the vehicle down the road. Selvig in the pa... Read Chapter

"Did he mention anything more about his brother? Anything else?" Selvig asked Darcy after pulling her aside upon her and Loki's return as... Read Chapter

"That wasn't beginner's luck. Even Steve Rogers couldn't have done that…" Selvig said, no longer attempting to hide his suspicion. "Who... Read Chapter

Loki had awakened, throwing off the blanket covering him, the morning sunlight rapidly raising the temperature on the rooftop so that it ... Read Chapter

Loki assisted Verda in placing the necklace about her neck and fastening the clasp. As he had done so, he had taken note of the Midgardia... Read Chapter

"Unless he is capable of illusion, that is not the man." Verda said quietly to Loki as they left Himinbjorg which held the mechanism that... Read Chapter

"Erik….take a look at this!" Jane Foster called to Selvig as he entered the abandoned service station from the RV, his hair still sligh... Read Chapter

Ragna stood beside the soul forge, Verda lying upon it as Thor had the last time Loki had found himself in the healing room only days bef... Read Chapter

"He's not an American, but he still has rights! All I want is to see him so that I know he's ok!" Jane Foster, clearly anxious as to Selv... Read Chapter

"A place for everything and everything in its place. I think they organized it better than we did." Selvig said, Pym standing on one side... Read Chapter

"Yerrick…" Elliot Randolph's doppelganger, he who had met Verda at the cairn that fateful day nearly a year prior said as he approached... Read Chapter

The floor of the vast chamber, quadruple the size of a school gymnasium, was marked with painted white rings, two men sparring within eac... Read Chapter

Fandral, Volstagg, and Hogun approached the throne to see Loki seated upon it, so engrossed in the book he held in one hand, Gungnir, the... Read Chapter

Though one would never expect Asgard's dungeon, or any dungeon for that matter, to be a location that would engender feelings of cheerful... Read Chapter

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