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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Review Chain

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Ten years ago...Backyard of Hillsong London Church...

Sam is clearing the snow from the street of the church. It is one of his part time jobs. Running away from home and living alone in a whole new country can be tiresome. But he does not feel a bit of tired. Giving up in his dreams is more painful for him than these part time jobs. Being a playback singer has always been Sam's dream from his childhood. His family has been in Indonesian army for three generations. So it was given that he has to take part in the army too. And being the grandson of the war hero, Major Keelson, has given too much pressure to him. So he just took all his savings and ran away at the age of twenty one.


A black sedan car stops in front of the church. From a glance, you can say that this belongs to some big shot family's young master or mistress.

From that car, a very young lady comes down. She is amazingly beautiful. Her structure is long, fine figure, brunette long hair, pink lips and wonderful elegance. From a look, anyone can say that she has an overwhelming background. She is wearing a long red gown followed by a fur coat. After coming down from the car, she starts to trot towards the church entrance with a bright smile like if she is meeting with someone very dear to her after a long time. But in the middle of her way, her eyes meet with Sam who is standing on the ground with a shovel in his right hand. She suddenly stops and changes her posterior. With a calm face and elegance, she now walks slowly towards the large gate. Sam feels very awkward in this situation. He wants to laugh loudly but can't. The lady enters in the church and stands in front of Christ.

"Did you have to make the snowfall now? Could you not wait even for 15 minutes because of me? This is my new gown and fur coat. But because of you this expensive dress is now totally wet!"

Sam actually followed her inside the church out of curiosity. But he is shocked to see that, this lady is actually talking to a sculpture of Christ like that.

"But anyway my results have come yesterday night and I have topped in the university. Dad was very happy. He was saying that if mom was alive today, she would have been very proud of me! So thank you very much for your blessing! Oh yes! As I have promised, from today on I will never eat any chocolates anymore."

"Now I have a very important job for you today. Actually I have a ball party in Mrs. John's house and that Mrs. Bella who is a business partner of my dad, wants to hook up me with his useless son. Please make sure that he does not like me and I am not his type. Well, I will try my best to avoid him. You know what Christ, these men behaves so stupidly in front of me. This gives me creeps. So I have decided that I will not marry in this life. Christ, you have to make sure that this guy does not get my dad's approval. As you know, I can't fight against my dad. So please protect me and I promise that I will never wear my favourite golden fur coat ever. Okay! Deal! Please make sure everything! But I know, you will hear my prey, after all you are my best friend!"

Saying everything she wants, the lady again starts trotting and leaves the church. Until now Sam was watching the whole drama silently with a normal face. But as soon as the lady leaves the place, he bursts in laughter. It is his first time seeing a lady act so differently outside and inside. In normal environment, she is elegant but without anyone's presence, she is like a little child.

Sam comes out of church. Max, his employer is waiting outside. Seeing Sam, he bursts in anger.

Max: Just where have you been?

Sam: Sorry Max! I will finish it immediately.

Max: Do it in 30 minutes or else I cut money from your salary.

Sam: Okay sir!

After finishing the job, Sam comes back to his rented apartment. In this apartment, he lives with Harry. Harry is an American guy who came to London with a hope to open a restaurant. But as everyone knows, reality is very harsh. Finding a place, good workers and everything else is very tough in London with a little money. So he ended up a failure and just doing part time jobs to make savings. Sam and Harry maybe not blood related but they care for each other like real brothers. Sam does everything he can to support Harry. Harry is very great full for that too.

Sam starts preparing breakfast. Today he is making omelette with toasted bread. After preparing he goes to Harry's room. Harry is still sleeping like a log.

Sam: Wake up sleeping beauty! What a fine day!

Harry: Um! Please 5 minutes more!

Sam: No way! Your 5 minutes means at least half an hour. See the whole London is calling you to wake up.

Harry: As if! What is for breakfast today?

Sam: Your favourite omelette! Oh yeah! I am going out for a street concert now. So make sure to lock up the door when you go out and leave the key under the flower pot beside the door.

Harry: Okay! Have a good performance today!

Sam: Thanks! Okay bye!

Sam leaves the house. Harry is eating peacefully his omelette. Then he notices a letter case beneath the plate. He opens it. There is some money inside it. Harry's face is flushed. Sam has again left this month's pocket money for him. Sam always does this. Whatever he earns extra, he just gives it to Harry.


Submitted: November 22, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Shreyasi Hati. All rights reserved.


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