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Chapter XI- Blue stained with blood
 The very next morning Asya called a lawyer to her office. Asya: "So, this is my personal fund. (provides the paper) Get involved both you and a few other lawyers, there will be a lot of work around the obligations that I will dictate. First, help the people from the settlement with obtaining documents, which they will need later because of receiving social assistance and health care. That goes for each of them. Secondly, pay this amount of money for Ignatius and Sylvia- Ignatius will probably not go to school but will be able to start some business with that money, Sylvia will have this for schooling. She and the other children have to go to school, they are no less valuable than the other children. Get utensils for all of them with this money. (provides money and continues) Arvi's father disappeared five years ago, find out what happened to him - hire a detective for that. Emil ... I have several requests as far as he is concerned, so I wrote them down in this instruction- for a start, start from the first task and solve them one by one. Not a word about this to my father, he wouldn't understand." Lawyer:" All right, colleagues and I will start working on this today. You will be satisfied." Asya: "Great."
 Meanwhile, in Emil's house:
Emil (pours a drink into a glass): "Arvi, I'm an ill-fated man! Everyone leaves me! Okay, she didn’t leave, but they took her from me! She's so uncorrupted, she's going to be killed by these bastards for a damn drug, and she doesn't even want to do that! What do you think, let's try to get her out of there? "Arvi: "They'd find her again and maybe really hurt people, we shouldn't take any risk. Listen, I'm here for you whatever it is, and she's here with you in mind but we can't do anything to get her back. You and I are unarmed, they have two guns in their pockets. There are dozens of them, only two of us. There's nothing we can do. " Emil: "The only thing I want is for her to be well, even if far from me, I just want no one to hurt her. I lost one sister, I don't want to lose another. "
 Asya (or Eulalia, however you want) was not allowed to leave the house, she had transportation to work and back, for everything else she had an escort of a mother or at least two people who worked for her father. She was in some kind of detention, she didn't care that the detention was surrounded by gold - it was never a real golden glow for her, just a pale copy. Her father planned to hold a celebration because of her return, which did not really impress her, but she had an idea. Terrible idea, but she didn't care anymore. She remembered the words of the man from the trash when they brought her things - daddy fulfills everything. She won't look for hills and valleys, but she wants something to help her escape.
 She entered his office. Asya: "I have a suggestion for you. I want Emil and Arvi to be present at the celebration." Father: "I can possibly hire them as a servant. " Asya: "I didn't mean that, but better anything than nothing." Father: "I don't know why you are so attached to these poor people, they are not part of our society." Asya: "You're wrong - I'm not part of your society. OURS in this case does not exist." Father:" You are very stubborn ... Here, I will let you see whatever they are once again, after everything you have prepared maybe it shouldn't be but it doesn't matter, I have nothing to lose if I fulfill that miserable wish for you. "
 She got ready for the celebration, went downstairs and headed for the service, where Arvi and Emil were setting up their uniforms. They hugged Asya and praised her appearance, even though she didn't look right for herself in the clothes she was wearing and with the jewelry that stood out with its glitter. She negotiated with them.

Asya: "We're running away from here tonight, that's why I wanted you to be here. While my father is being taken to prison by the police for selling drugs, we leave by car. This will be for you just in case. (hands them the guns) Shoot only if necessary." Emil:" Are you sure about that plan? What if something goes wrong? " Asya: "I have never been good with details, but I hope that nothing will go wrong. If by any chance something goes wrong, you know where the secret passage is." Arvi: "He'll know you reported it. " Asya: "Maybe, maybe he won't ... The important thing is that he won't be there. Then comes the escape plan." Emil (worried):" It doesn't seem to work, but we will try. "
 At the party, everything went as usual, everyone was constantly hanging around Eulalia, so no one saw when Celestina called the police and said that there was a whole drug store in the basement. After a while, a familiar sound was heard - the police arrived. Knowing that they would arrest him for sure if they went to the basement, where they immediately went, Eulalia's father approached her and said angrily: "So ... this is your work, isn't it? Are you sending your own father to prison?!" Asya: "Just like you sent your own son to his death." Father (slaps her in front of several people): "You ungrateful fool... You took from me to give to those beggars and it still wasn't enough for you! I have tolerated it all and this is how you give it back to me? I will order them to kill those two and you ... (he grabs her hands and puts the gun to her neck) ... I'll deal with you on my own. "
 The shocked people just watched, while the police gave permission for the arrest because the report was true. However, they could not pass because he was holding a gun in his hands and Asya was being held as a hostage, they were not allowed to risk her life. Asya (to the policemen): "Forget me, arrest him!" Policeman: "We must not risk hurting you!" Asya: "And how many people has he killed so far?" One more or less." Father:" Shut up! Someone would do much more on your place, all you know is to give everything you have for someone who doesn't even really care. You are incapable of life, weaklings like you do not survive in this world! " Asya: "Maybe not in this world, but people at least remember them on good way, and not as they will remember you - as an ordinary tyrant!"
 Emil and Arvi wanted to get involved, but Asya showed them to run away. Emil didn't want to leave her like that, he wanted to do something at the cost of his life, even if he had to kill her father. He wanted to aim, but Arvi wouldn't let him - he knew they would attack them right away and they had no chance. He looked sadly at Asya, who reciprocated with a slight smile, and then headed for the secret exit.
 As soon as they stepped outside the yard a shot was heard behind them; they hoped it wasn't a shooting at Asya, that someone had managed to arrest her father before he hurt her. They watched from a distance as the police took her father out of the villa and took him away. Emil winced "No ... Asya! (returns)"Arvi: "Emil, are you crazy, you can't go there! Emil!"
 He entered through the same passage, running to the great hall where it all took place. Behind the crowd laid Asya in her not-so-white dress and, of the red hair and carpet beneath her body, only the blood that stained her neck, dress, and the ground beneath her was redder. The bullet went through her neck and killed her on the spot. Emil fell to his knees completely desperate, facing his worst nightmare.

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