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Chapter III- Eulalia
 A few days earlier:
 Eulalia wakes up in her large bed with feather bedding, staring silently at the perfectly white painted ceiling. The maid draws the curtains and lets in a ray of sunshine into the room, thus further illuminating the white walls and then preparing the clothes for Miss Eulalia.
 Housekeeper: "Miss, here's your dress - take a shower, get dressed and put a makeup on, and here's the breakfast I brought you." Eulalia (looked at the tray): "You didn't have to bring me so many things, I would be full with way less. (Laughter) You want me to gain weight, obviously. " Housekeeper: "You will need strength for the whole day. Your schedule for today is going to work, going to the gym, having dinner with your father's business partners, buying new clothes for the occasion ..." Eulalia: "Why do I need new clothes when out there I have a full room of clothes that I wore once in life? And what kind of partners are they, what kind of business?" Housekeeper: "I don't know, really. I was just given this to-do list and that's it." Eulalia: "I feel like a robot that others tell what to do, I'm tired of it all. I feel like running away of all this. " Maid: "I'll go out, you get ready and go downstairs."
 She took a shower, wore a white knee-length dress with gold chains instead of sleeves and a belt, tied her medium-length red hair in two buns on the left and right, accentuated the blue of her eyes with light makeup and wore white heels. In the end, she put on a massive set of gold jewelry that she didn't like at all, she was annoyed that this whole combination she wears costs more than the average two-floored house in the center of a bigger city. She never liked these designed things and expensive jewelry, she liked to wear simple things the most, she enjoyed simple meals and walks instead of driving in a limousine. She used to think it would be better to go from there and live a simple life, but she knew they would bring her back, so she always gave up on that idea.
After the standard obligations, at least half of which were not interesting or necessary at all, arrived a dinner with her father, his partners and mother, who would only stay for a short time at such ceremonies, usually leaving as soon as possible. Eulalia didn't really wanted to have dinner with her business partners tonite - it's been exactly three years since her brother was found dead in a nearby river, so she preferred to sneak into her room and cry there all day. Unfortunatelly, obligations were more important.
 The cause of death was never investigated, they declared it suicide and did not go deeper into the interrogations. Eulalia was sure that it was something else, that scenario did not fit into reality at all. Her brother was satisfied in those days, he communicated normally and even planned obligations for the whole next week. She also remembers talking to him the day before he disappeared, leaving no doubt that he could do so.
Dinner with four unknown polished guests went smoothly, but many things were said in incomprehensible words, as if something had to be hidden from her ears. She couldn't understand what kind of job it was, she knew that her father had different companies but nothing had ever been hidden like this. At one point she politely announced her departure, but still left behind the half-open door, and began to listen to the conversation. She felt there was something she should know.
 Man 1: "How much cargo will be in this truck?" Father: "About fifty kilograms, more than that wouldn't be safe." Man 2: "Then the next one goes higher, we just got back in the game." Man 3: "Today is three years since another drug cartel wanted to intimidate us, but we didn't give up - we showed that we are stronger than them despite everything. " Father: "Yes, but the price for that was my son! (Eulalia turned pale) Be happy that I even agreed to do this job again." Man 2: "We respect that, for sure. " Man 1: "You should have prepared a boy better for that, you didn't let him know enough about the dangers of this business." Man 4: "But now ... It's time for the female part of the family to take over." Father: "Eulalia? I don't think she'll accept that." Man 1: "Neither did her brother, yet he still had to agree. There no other choice. " Father: "I'll convince her next week when we finish this current job, we don't need her before that." Man 4: "Then we'll make an appointment in a few days."
 Eulalia could no longer stand on her feet from the state of anxiety over the information she had just heard, but she slowly dragged herself to her room and collapsed over the bed. She made an escape plan, a simulation of a car accident in which she would allegedly die, and in a few days she left Eulalia behind in that burning car, getting a new life as Asya.

Submitted: November 18, 2020

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