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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Journal entries mixed with commentary tell the story (set in the 1990's) of Christy, a young girl who must navigate Junior High school and her first real crush on an older boy. This sets her into a series of friendships and romantic pitfalls that will forever shape who she becomes.

Table of Contents


It all began in the seventh grade. We are talking about the early 1990’s: The age before mainstream cell phones, texting, or any hint o... Read Chapter


August 17, 1993 We continued to practice for the parade. I like this boy who is in the ninth grade- he plays the drums. His name is J... Read Chapter

Sweet Torment

October 17, 1993 I was over at Molly's after school and we were on her porch doing our homework. We are both in beginning Algebra, wh... Read Chapter

Long to Be Noticed

January 23, 1994 I had a great Christmas break with family and friends. I have talked more and more with Joey when hanging out at Mol... Read Chapter

Misreading the Room

June 9, 1994 I went over to Molly’s this afternoon and we were hanging out at Joey’s. He was showing us the driver’s learner’... Read Chapter


July 30, 1994 Things are back to normal. Joey acts really sweet and as if nothing happened (thankfully). We were all swimming in Moll... Read Chapter

First Day on a New Planet

August 28, 1994 First day of school! Molly and I don’t have the same classes this year.They separate our grade by “teams” and w... Read Chapter

Candy Canes and Ice Skates

November 24, 1994 The ice rink held an “After Thanksgiving” skate from 1:00pm until midnight. Sela and I decided to go for a few ... Read Chapter

Pale Skin and Algebra

February 10, 1995 So, the good news is that I am having a great year so far and things are going well! The down side? I am almost fai... Read Chapter

Dances and Misinterpretations

March 25, 1995 We have been hanging out at the ice rink. Ironically enough, Molly has been seeing more of Justin through another ... Read Chapter

Band Camp and Bikinis

June 15, 1995 School is out and I’m officially a Freshmen! I’m excited for the summer. Sela and I have been hanging out with Rob ... Read Chapter

Concerts and Arguments

October 15, 1995 Molly told me that Joey is now dating a tenth grader named Melissa. They met through band- she also plays the flute.... Read Chapter

Heartbreak and Memorials

January 17, 1996 Sela called me and we were catching up on things. Now that she’s in high school, we no longer ride to school toget... Read Chapter

New Crushes and Tacos

August 23, 1996 It has been a REALLY long time! So much has happened! I am officially a Sophomore in high school and in the high scho... Read Chapter


October 15, 1996 Jesse had made it known to everyone in our group that he wanted to ask me out. I had been avoidin... Read Chapter


May 1997 I went to Jesse’s Senior Prom as his date. He was a perfect gentleman and we had a great time. Blake had an after-prom par... Read Chapter

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This was a really good story. I liked how you used the dates. It almost made it feel like the events were being written in a diary or journal. It was written very well. I hope you continue to add more.

Thu, November 19th, 2020 2:40am

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